Rolleston Christian School

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Clearing out the weeds

I spent the majority of my day attacking weeds. I would like to say it was gardening, but in reality the activity I was involved with lacked the beauty and art that I usually associate with gardening. This was just a plain attack on the weeds that were threatening to take over my back yard.

I had noticed these weeds some time ago, but it was only when I noticed that this particularly nasty creeper had wrapped itself around my precious tomato plants (that I had grown from seed!), that I decided to do anything about them.

During the hours that I spent on my attack I again had an appreciation for the parables that Jesus shared. Analogies are such a great way of thinking about the concepts of life.

As a staff we are currently reading a book about the Kingdom of God. Chapter one was all about The Exodus and God’s intervention when His people were in a state of slavery and oppression. The author then links this to Jesus’ act on the cross and how that brings freedom to us from the things that oppress us and we are slaves to.

I think we are a bit like my precious tomato plants that I grew from seed. When God sees those creeper vines wrapping themselves around us and stopping us from flourishing he wants to break us free from them. Those creeper vines could be anything from self-criticism to greed to heart-break.

I recently found myself telling someone who doesn’t know God well, that if they felt broken they should ask God to heal their brokenness. I’ve never really been much of an evangelist. I don’t like to think that I would push my own beliefs onto someone else or have someone feel that I was ‘Bible-bashing’ them, but I have experienced the way God’s Holy Spirit can clear away those creeper vines, so when someone I love told me they feel broken by the events of life, I pointed them to God. Not because I want them to believe the same thing as me or because I think it would be good if they were a Christian, but because God is the best gardener I know and when he intervenes and takes away those creeper vines that have us trapped we can really flourish.

My hope for children who go to Christian schools is the same. Not that they will become religious fanatics or good Christians who know exactly how Christians should and shouldn’t behave, but that they will know their gardener and He will keep those vines from enslaving them, so they might flourish where they are planted and will eventually grow wonderful fruit that will bless those around them.

In my enthusiasm for my anology I have managed to burn a whole pot of rice. Perhaps I will have think of an analogy for that one too, hmmm.

Many blessing everyone.