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Great Achievements – the beauty of community

Next term we will be starting to look at how we are designed to live in community and how we can flourish as we do so.  I love the Bible’s teaching about community. The Bible teaches that each individual is a precious image bearer of God, and in addition, the heart of Jesus’ message was to love God with all your heart, soul and mind, and to love others as you love yourself. I believe that living out of those three values creates a healthy platform for strong communities to develop and prosper.

One of the reasons that I love the concept of collaborative teaching so much is that children have a small community of people working humbly together for their common good, so it is being modelled to them each day what it means to live and work in community.  In the Bible it teaches that each person has been created in the image of God, but that each person has been given different gifts and talents. When we were choosing teachers for our school we looked for people that had a real heart for children and a passion for education, but within these two characteristics each teacher has different perspectives, talents and personality traits that they bring to the team of teachers they work with.

In a class with two or three teachers, the teachers can all bounce off one another to be most of the things that each child needs.  In the Bible, Paul describes this as the Body of Christ, working together to do the things that God has called us to do here on earth. What an incredible opportunity the children at our school have to see this body operating right in front of them. There are many things that can be taught to children through words, but very few things in life speak as loudly as what is modelled in front of them.

I encourage you to join me in praying for our teachers. That what our children learn about community next term will not just be theory, but that the example they see in front of them each day will inspire them to discover the unique person they are and find the part they can have to both give and take in a healthy, God-honouring, community.