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Middle Hub Blog – Week 1 and 2

Hello children, parents and supporters of RCS – Welcome to Term 3 2015!


I hope you all had a great holiday break and are ready to go for another term of learning. Observations from the teachers in the Middle Hub are that children are very settled and eager to contribute to a positive learning environment. It was certainly a challenge to narrow down our certificates this week!

Before I outline what we are teaching in each subject area and how you can help at home, I have a few admin matters below that could be applicable to you.

Three way conferences: This are taking place in week 2. Please ensure you have booked either online or in person to get a meeting time.

Stationery: Children are responsible for their own stationery. We have forms available for children to fill out and take home asking parents to replace whatever they need (especially pencils!)

Paint shirt – To keep our uniforms looking smart can you please send your child to school with a paint shirt. This could be an old or new t shirt or shirt – the bigger the better. Thanks.

Chapter books – On a daily basis children are required to silent read for 15min on top of our guided literacy lessons. We have lots of great chapter books at school, however if your child is engrossed in book at home and would like to bring it to school they are most welcome.

Home Learning – The teachers and I have noticed that the standard of home learning projects is improving every term. We hope this term will be no different. The earlier that children select a challenge and get started the better the outcome. The projects are designed to take the term to complete and have approximately 2 hours per week spent on them.

Reading, maths and more at home – In addition to a home learning project we are expecting daily reading and maths at home. These can take different forms including; reading to your child, with your child and reading by your child of all sorts of texts. For maths we highly recommend the Khan Academy website – all children have log ins for this already. There are also lots of other things to do at home like science experiments, learning a language, a building project, writing a journal, making art or music and the list goes on!


Subject: Literacy

Learning at school: We are learning to read and write diary entries from a variety of authors and perspectives.

Helping at home: Keep a journal detailing holiday experiences and / or daily events. Write in chronological order and remember to include emotions.


Subject: Maths

Learning at school: We are learning and maintaining multiplication and division strategies and knowledge in week one and will be learning about position, orientation and transformation of shapes after that.

Helping at home: As mentioned above use Khan Academy as it has tests, tutorials and information on all areas of mathematics.

Subject: Living Christianly 

Learning at school: We are learning about being kaitiaki (a guardian) to PEOPLE, the ENVIRONMENT and MONEY. This is a focus for the term and is broken into smaller daily lessons and related activities.

Helping at home: Discuss! have a chat about all of the above as they are real life everyday things. What does caring for others mean when your a christian? How can we as christians ensure a sustainable environment? What does being a good guardian of money mean in a christian sense?

Please don’t hesitate to come and discuss with Dennis Marshall and I anything regarding your child’s learning.

Best regards,

Amos Pilgrim