Rolleston Christian School

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Honouring our Teachers

This week I have published our Staff Handbook on our website. Some part of me wonders if this is necessary, but as firm believer in transparency and communication I decided that having our Staff Handbook for all parents, along with any other person that may come across our website, to read and understand would be a good thing.

I have been extremely encouraged by the parents at RCS so far. The encouraging comments spur me on as I work hard to create a great educational environment for the students we have. I know that the teaching staff feel similarly.

As a school we are eager to know and appreciate each parent. We are aware that parents have an abundance of knowledge about their own children, along with many other gifts and talents that we hope they will be willing to offer our school community. You will see in our Staff Handbook that we consider it to be part of our roles to build relationships with you as parents.

Teachers work exceptionally hard all over the country for the children of New Zealand. Sometimes I wonder though if in our Kiwi culture we sometimes forget the value our teachers bring and the extremely important role they have in shaping our country’s future. I want to develop a culture at RCS where as a principal and as parents we actively honour teachers for the endless hours of preparation they do for their students, the love they have for the children, and the emotional energy they pour into creating a positive atmosphere for children to learn in.

Teachers are people too. They will make mistakes, they will have good days and bad days, they will have things they are still learning and aspects of curriculum they are not as passionate about. But, as with all people, teachers thrive in an environment in which they are valued and respected. A person who is valued, respected and supported will learn from their mistakes, they will rise above the challenges, they will learn what they need to learn and they will be the very best that they can be.

As the people who are able to support, value and show respect to our teachers it is up to us to create a culture where teachers thrive, because when teachers are thriving in their roles, children will thrive in their learning.