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Message from Staff

Kia ora Whanau,

It is unbelievable that we are almost at the end of Term 2 and half way through the school year. Time really has been flying!

Over the next two weeks I encourage you to work through the application process for your child to receive a Love or Hope award.  In order to apply for the award the children need to reflect on the term and look at all the ways they have grown in Love and Hope. Lots of growth takes place when we make mistakes and learn from them, so the children do not need to have been perfect throughout the term to receive an award, but they do need to demonstrate that they have grown throughout the term.

Throughout the term we have been communicating to you, through this newsletter, the different concepts we have been exploring in both Living Christianly and Circle Time. There have been family questions to discuss and family challenges to do that relate directly to the learning the children are doing in class.  These discussion points are intended to strengthen the learning of the children throughout the term, but at this point in the term they should also help you to guide your child through the process of applying for their Hope award.

The application simply needs to be a letter that provides the staff with evidence that your child has reflected and grown in their attitudes and actions.  Evidence for this should be based around the topics we have covered (found in the newsletter), any home learning, and any student nominations or school certificates they have been given.

Some students may have applied for an award last term and been told they needed to work on a few points before being ready to receive the award. If this is the case for your child, be sure to encourage them to apply again with the evidence they have grown in the particular areas of feedback they received.

I look forward to reading about all the fantastic, hopeful, and loving things your children have been doing.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Many Blessings,

Liz Horn

Exploring the Values at Home

This week we are exploring how forgiveness can bring hope. We are looking at the end of the Joseph story, where Joseph has to forgive his brothers for the things they did to him.


  • What does the Bible say about forgiveness?
  • How easy is it to forgive and does that mean ‘forgive and forget’?
  • In what way(s) can you show or express forgiveness?
  • Is there more than one way to say ‘sorry’?

Family challenge of the week:
Apply for your Love or Hope award.

What’s Happening

Informative morning teas – National Standards and Reporting (Repeat as last week was cancelled)
Come along to enjoy a cup of tea and cookie, and hear about National Standards and reporting, and how to understand them and use them to help your child.

HOPE Youth – School Sausage Sizzle
Pastor Courtney and HOPE Youth would like to bless our school community by providing a free sausage sizzle next Monday, so you don’t need to send as much food to school as usual next Monday.

Health and Safety Check

Our Health and Safety Check with the students is around finding an adult to help.

I have reminded the students that they are to go to the classroom teacher or teacher on duty if they are in need of any help.  We discussed how the children need to talk to these particular teachers as their first point of call before heading to the office.  We discussed how if the students can’t find the adult they have been asked to find they should go back to the original teacher.

At our school we also have what we call a ‘Restorative Teacher’ on duty. This teacher is there to work through issues between children that can not be solved in a 30 second conversation with the duty teacher.

Please encourage your child to be finding the teacher when they feel they need help.

What’s Coming Up

40 hour famine
All money raised through the 40 hour famine can now be returned to the school office. Please make sure that all the money is in before the end of the term.

From the PCG

Second Hand Uniform Shop:

The Uniform Shop will be open to purchase or sell items, in the last week of term. Tuesday 5th July, from 9.15am till 10.45am. Please meet in the Foyer, in the Office.

Movie Night – THIS FRIDAY
This Friday 1st July at 6pm, we will be having a Family Movie Night at RCS.  This is a FREE event provided by the PCG as one of our Community Building initiatives. Everyone is invited (including parents) and you are more than welcome to invite friends from outside of the school community.  Feel free to bring along your dinner (if you haven’t already had it by 6pm).  Popcorn and drinks will be provided.  See you all there!!


  • Wheels Day is on a Wednesday – children may bring any type of ‘wheels’ they choose.
  • Now that it is getting cold, students may like to wear black thermal tops under their polo shirts. Girls may like to wear black woollen stockings. Please name all items of clothing.
  • If your child brings anything home that is not theirs please return it to school.
  • Please check your child’s head for lice regularly, and please make sure that long hair is tied up at school.

House Buying or Selling through our RCS community

I will contribute $500 to the school when any family or friends of RCS looking at buying or selling their homes use my services, resulting in a list and sell through me.
Contact me anytime to discuss your real estate needs.

Details as below,

Kind Regards


Community Notices

Encraftment Market: Sunday 3rd July, 10am-3pm:
A Winter Market with local designers and handmade products, over 90 stalls. Jewellery, toys, clothing, food, art and much more.
Website: for more information.

“Give your Dog a Job” Training: School Holidays
What jobs can your child teach their dog? Find out during the July School Holidays.
Come either the first or second week. Limited spots.
More information on: or email:


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