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Message from Staff

Kia ora! 

Welcome to Week 4 of Term 3. When the staff and I were re-evaluating our values I was an advocate of ‘striving for Excellence.’ I think the challenge of being the best we can be in learning, behaviour and Christian character are all of upmost importance, and I’m looking forward to seeing this value continue to develop in our students this term.

Excellence in this day and age is often perceived as a dirty word, especially here in New Zealand with our tall poppy syndrome. We are more likely than ever before to reward participation and we seldom talk about excellence in Christian circles, but we should: From a Biblical perspective, excellence is a virtue and we should pursue it at all times. Whether we’re washing windows for a living or washing dishes at home, whether we’re running a business or running laps around a track, whether we’re driving a car or an aircraft carrier or a golf ball, we’re called to please God through our efforts. “Whatever you do,” the Apostle Paul tells us, “do it all for the glory of God” (1 Corinthians 10:31, cf. also Colossians 3:23-25, Matthew 25:14-30).

Sometimes boiling down concepts to one word can tweak our thinking and thereby, alter our behaviour. Strive is the word I like to use when teaching on this subject and it’s a word that’s resonated with my students so far this term. Our role is to strive consistently toward our potential, toward the goal of doing things as well as we can, no matter what we’re being paid and no matter what anyone else is doing (or isn’t doing).

The results of this mindset are stunning. The consummate quality of a Bach concerto or an Olympian gold medal performance or a spelling bee champ acing that last 15-letter word most can’t even pronounce may bring us to tears. When we’re in the presence of excellence, it can be an emotional experience.

With businesses, we might not cry tears of joy over outstanding quality, but the supreme ingenuity of an Apple innovation or a Pixar movie, or even the clever problem solving of the occasional customer service rep who provides extra mile service, can affect us profoundly. “Wow!” is a standard response at such moments. Sometimes what we’ve seen is so remarkable that this one syllable response is all we can manage.

So, if you don’t like strive as a word, how about WOW? Imagine what it would be like if our customers, co-workers, students and family felt that way about our efforts!

This one-word approach may even inspire excellence in those around us as well. I had a jeweler design my now wife’s engagement ring. He was really good at his job but after a few draft design ideas I still wasn’t 100% happy. In the end I said to him “I really want her to look at this ring and say wow!” After that he was on a mission and created a really beautiful ring that I’m sure contributed to my wife saying “Wow” and …….”Yes!”

Nga mihi

Amos Pilgrim 

Exploring the Values at Home

This week we will be continuing to look at the 10 Commandments, this week looking at how God tells us not to be jealous of other people’s things.  We will be looking at how Saul was jealous of David and the things he did, and we will explore what this did to Saul.

In Circle Time we will be looking at our fourth Life Rule “Sometimes life is fair and good and sometimes it isn’t.” I recommend purchasing the family resources so you are able to follow up with these rules effectively at home.

What has God blessed you with?
How can you use what God has given you?
Adults, share a story about a time when you felt jealous of something that wasn’t yours and how you worked this out? 

Family challenge of the week:
Create a display in your house of all the things you are grateful for, so you can give thanks for these instead of focussing on the things you don’t have.

What’s Happening

School Community Meeting – Bullying – TOMORROW
As mentioned in the newsletter at the end of last term we are having a school community meeting to explore bullying and our response to it as a community.  It would be great if as many people as possible were available to attend.  The meeting will be held at 7pm tomorrow night, Tuesday 16 August.

School Mum’s bible study
We are about to start a new study book, this one focuses on Parenting.  It’s called “Gospel Centred Family” and includes chapters like: Children as a Gift, Grace for a Parents heart, A Serving Family, The Word and other voices. Below is a link to an independent review. It looks pretty good.
If you would like to join us, we meet Thursday evening 7-9pm, and Friday afternoon until school pick up. Please contact Amy 021 225 4653 or see Sharon, Jacqueline or Cristene at school.

School Lunches Online
Please go to Lunch Online to set up an account and place an order.

School and Whanau Partnership Handbook
A reminder that the School and Whanau Partnership Handbook can be found on the website by clicking here.  This book gives important information about school life and also outlines the procedure for raising concerns.

Informative morning teas – CANCELLED
Dennis Marshall was going to take the Informative Morning Tea this week but will unfortunately be on bereavement leave, so it will be cancelled. Please keep Dennis and his family in your prayers.

Start Time 
A reminder that school starts at 8.55am.  If you are arriving at school after 9am please ensure you stop in at the office so we know you have arrived.  

Learning Conferences – this week 
The remaining Learning Conferences are happening this week. If you have not yet made an appointment please do so.
Code: pne6g

Health and Safety Check

Our Health and Safety Check with the students is about keeping our spaces clean and tidy.

We are emphasising this for the following reasons:

  • Keeping emergency exits clean
  • Not tripping over things that are left lying around
  • Pushing chairs in so they are not a hazard to people moving around

A good chance to encourage your children to keep your house clean too. 🙂


What’s Coming Up

Food Forest Working Bee – 3 September
The children have been working hard and dreaming big and now it is time for a woking bee to see their dreams take shape.  We are wanting those parents that have offered to use diggers and provide diggers to sign up to help on 3rd September for a great day of community effort!  We also need people who are willing to bring a wheel barrow and a shovel to come along too. Please let the office know if you are available – remember that many hands make light work!

Foster Park Planting Day
We have been asked to work with the Selwyn District Council to plant a native bush at Foster Park.  Please look at the video by clicking here to find out more.

Student Run Chess Group
A group of senior students are planning to start a Chess Club in the school. If you have a Chess board and pieces that you are currently not using and would like to donate to the school please contact the group via Mr Marshall.

RCS Pet Day – Wednesday 7th September
Pet Day is a day when you can bring your pet to school and have fun and win cool prizes. You will be judged on the best handler, cutest pet and other different awards.You will enter a category such as, dogs, cats, fish, horses, birds, bunnies, guinea pigs and if you don’t have an animal you can bring a stuffed toy.
Pet Day will start after lunch, so get your parents to bring them just before lunch so you can go home with your pets.
Please bring a gold coin donation for the SPCA.

ASB Banking in School
The ASB Children’s Banking Programme is set up to encourage good savings behaviours in schools. Each week students can bank money into their own bank account. If you are interested in having this at RCS, please see the office for more information.

From the PCG

Second Hand Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop is available by appointment only, please see the office.

Lego Event – 17 September
The PCG is running a LEGO building event on 17th September.  We have 200 tickets to sell at $5 each.  These tickets are available to anyone in the community so bring your family and friends along for 2 hours of lego fun.  Tickets are available from the office and if you would like to take some to sell around your neighbour this would be appreciated. 


A reminder that there is closed Facebook Group for school families and staff.  Please search Rolleston Christian School – Parent & Staff and request acceptance to the group.


SCHOOL UNIFORMS should we worn as prescribed in the Partnership Handbook – please send a note to school if this can not be achieved on a particular day.

  • If your child brings anything home that is not theirs please return it to school.
  • Please check your child’s head for lice regularly, and please make sure that long hair is tied up at school.

Library Bus
The Library Bus will now be coming to school every fortnight.  This will be on all the even weeks of the term. Please make sure your child has their card and library bag with them.

House Buying or Selling through our RCS community

I will contribute $500 to the school when any family or friends of RCS looking at buying or selling their homes use my services, resulting in a list and sell through me.
Contact me anytime to discuss your real estate needs.

Details as below,

Kind Regards


Community Notices

Rangi Ruru Roadshow – Rolleston
Come and meet our new Principal, Dr Sandra Hastie, and our Director of Building, Treena Ruwhiu, on Thursday 25th August, at the West Melton Winery, 6.30pm – 8.00pm.

Ball Gown and Bridal Showcase – Rolleston Netball Golden Oldies
August 27th, 7.30pm at Rolleston School Hall.
Contact us if you know any bride or young person who would love to show their ball or bridal gown to the local community.
Entry is $10 per gown.
Tickets are: $20 per adult, $10 per student.  Supper provided.
Contact Jacqui on : 021 154 3141

Women’s Christian Convention
At times the Christian life can seem like a marathon, at any time we can begin to lose sight of the end goal and the reason for our faith. There are so many things that distract or seem to get in the way of joining with our church family on Sunday, getting to Bible study group or even taking time to read the bible and pray.
You are invited to join us on 16th & 17th September for WCC216, when we will be reading from the bible to discover how and why we must keep persevering. Lesley Ramsay from Sydney will be speaking and leading us through a few chapters of the book of Hebrews.


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