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RCS Newsletter – Week 10


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Quick Notes:

Message from Staff – Liz Horn 

As we come to the end of our third term there is much to celebrate.

I watched in awe as our students took to the stage last Tuesday with such courage, and again as I watched the determination on each face as they ran towards the finish line in the cross-country. I felt my heart warm as I watched children, parents, and extended family members cheer for each child as they ran past.

The learning behaviours our students are developing and the progress that each student is making is also something to celebrate. This has been a term of extremely focussed learning and this is evident in the achievements the children are making.

As we started our journey as a School Community it felt very evident to me that many people had paved the way through prayer, lifting our school and its future students to the Lord. As I observe the many great things that we see, I feel that it is important that we continue to all lift our School Community to God in prayer. There are many challenges, big and small, that we will face together and it is through prayer that we invite God into each one. I had just been thinking about this point when I walked into church this morning and heard a sermon about prayer. The Pastor made three points about praying:
1. Prayer should be God-centred.
2. We should pray trusting in God’s unconditional love for us.
3. We should be persistent in prayer.

I encourage each of you to continue to lift our School Community in prayer. Pray regularly for the Teachers that spend each day speaking into your children’s lives; pray for the BOT who make important strategic decisions about our school; pray for the Parent Community Group that work hard to support our school community; pray for the children that spend each day interacting with your children; pray for the other parents as they navigate the tricky role of parent; pray too for your children, that their time at RCS would help them to grow and mature into the very best them they can be.  Paul tells us to not be anxious in anything, but to lift everything up to God in prayer.

As a staff we pray for our School Community every Monday morning. If there is something you would like us to join you with in praying, then please don’t hesitate to ask.

Finally, I pray that you will all have a wonderful and relaxing holiday with your children. They have worked extremely hard this term and have much to be proud of!

Many blessings,

Liz Horn

Romans 12
Never give up. Eagerly follow the Holy Spirit and serve the Lord. 
12 Let your hope make you glad. Be patient in time of trouble and never stop praying.

 What’s Happening


Welcome to new staff members
We have two new staff members that have joined us. Mrs Meeling McMillan is a Specialist Teacher, working one day a week with the Middle Hub. She has a wealth of knowledge about special education and we are blessed to have her join our team.  Mrs Monica Verwoerd is a Teacher Assistant. She will be working in the Middle Hub for 12 hours per week. Please make our new staff feel welcomed here in our School Community.

Mufti Day – This Friday
This Friday we have a special mufti day. We will be having a ‘Loud Shirt’ day to raise money for children needing cochlear implants, this is a National Fundraiser. Click here for more information. One of our own students has cochlear implants and we would love to see other children benefitting from the same technology.

Informative Morning Tea – How to monitor progress 
Come along and join us for morning tea at 9.15am Tuesday morning. This week we will be discussing ways to monitor your child’s progress and how you can help your child at home. 

BOT meeting this Wednesday
We have a BOT meeting this Wednesday. These meetings are public meetings and anyone is welcome to attend. Please find the agenda here.


Children’s Art Calendars 

All the children will soon be doing a piece of art work that can then be transformed into calendars, notebooks, gift cards and diaries. This is a fundraising event for the school, but is also a lovely idea for Christmas presents. Please keep an eye open for the order form. Art work from the juniors is now up on the windows of the Junior Hub.

Cheese Rolls Fundraiser

Thank you for the fantastic response we have had so far for the Cheese Roll fundraiser. This is a School Community fundraiser, so we need the whole community involved!

  • If you have any clean tarpaulins that could be used to cover the floor during production we would appreciate it.
  • Production day will be Saturday October 31st. Sign up forms are up on the window in the Junior Hub – Please sign up and show your support for this great project.
  • Start collecting orders. This can only be a success if we have lots of orders. Remember – there will be prizes for the families that get the biggest orders.


What’s Coming Up

Swimming Lessons – Term 4

From weeks 1-5 of Term 4 all RCS children will have swimming lessons on Mondays and Wednesdays (Tuesday instead of Monday in week 3 due to Labor Day) for 30min. 

We will walk to Selwyn Aquatic Centre as a whole school at 1pm and be back at school by 3pm on Mondays and Wednesdays. Children will get changed at the Centre before their lessons. Please ensure your child has proper swimming togs e.g: no underwear while swimming, caps and goggles are encouraged but not compulsory. You are welcome to watch the lessons from week 2 onwards. 

Children will be ineligible for lessons if they’ve had diarrhoea or vomiting 24 hours prior to lessons. 

The cost of the ten 30min lessons is $30.00 per child. Please pay via cash at the office or with internet banking using your child’s surname and ‘swim’ as the reference e.g PILGRIM SWIM. Although your payment is very much appreciated, we don’t want cost to be a reason for any children not swimming. Please let us know if the cost is too great for your family to pay at this time.


End of Term Event – CHANGE OF PLAN 

We are having to change the plan that was published in the school newsletter last week. Instead we would like to invite people to bring food to share for a shared community afternoon tea straight after school on Friday. Come along and enjoy some fellowship with other members of the School Community.


  • The links to  LEARNING BLOGS are above. These are there to help you have a good understanding of the learning programmes your children are involved in. Please read them.
  • All uniform items that are not bought from the school should be plain black.
  • You are always welcome to join us for School Devotions first thing on a Monday morning and our School Assembly on Fridays at 12pm.
  • A&P Show Notice and money was due back last Friday – if you are still to return your permission slip and money please contact the office directly.

Community Notices

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