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RCS Newsletter – Week 4, Term 4


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Message from Staff – Amos Pilgrim

Team Work

Kia Ora and welcome to Week 4 of Term 4. 

Are you a part of a team? Not necessarily a sporting one, perhaps family? Friends? School? Work? How about the Body of Christ? 

I firmly believe that team work is an essential skill to teach and to learn. One of the major differences between the traditional single cell type classrooms, and the collaborative open learning environment, is the importance placed on getting on with one another. The collaboration between the teachers, the students, and the teachers AND students are key elements of a successful ILE (Innovative Learning Environment). 

Teacher and Teacher.

As teachers we’ve completed team building activities throughout the year, as well as doing the Gallop Strength Finders assessment and training to equip us with the skills to a) recognise our strengths and b) use our strengths to best benefit RCS and bring glory to God. 

Student and Student.

Students in both hubs do weekly circle time, which is a tool that teaches children how to best get along with each other. The Middle Hub have also completed two different learning styles assessments to find out how they learn best. Over the course of a day you can expect to see children working individually, in various small groups and as a whole class. 

Teacher and Student.

With the opportunity to work collaboratively with at least three teachers plus a Whanau Group Teacher, children at RCS learn from different teachers in varying situations. Students and teachers all know one another and get the chance to interact regularly. 

By fostering and developing these team work skills we are preparing children to thrive in the world we live in. 

As you may already know I’m a sports enthusiast. I was interested to learn recently that in Ice Hockey the average time on the ice (also called a shift) is 45sec per player. The game lasts for 60min but due to the physicality, tactics and coach, each player averages approximately 45 seconds on the ice before being replaced by a fresh team mate to fill their place before going back on again later. 

God is the coach and we are His players.

God calls us to work together as the Body of Christ and this was displayed recently by the mammoth effort of spreading the bark around the playground and making over 8,000 cheese rolls. I think that it’s important to point out here that we are all expected to get into the game and to help out our team, but also that we all have different abilities and strengths. It is up to us as Christians to make sure that when God calls on us we give Him our all for however long He wants us to be in the game. 

So like the All Blacks did on Sunday morning, go out there and whatever you are doing – give it your all and do it to glorify God!

Amos Pilgrim

 What’s Happening


A very big thank you to all those people that came along and worked tirelessly at both cheese roll production and bark moving. It was a wonderful day, and heart-warming to see so many families getting involved to create a wonderful school for all RCS students present and future.

Mufti Day – Bring a Bottle

On Thursday we are holding a Mufti Day to support the Parent Community Group with their efforts for the Rolleston Fireworks Night. The theme for mufti is ‘Fireworks’, so come dressed in your brightest, most sparkly clothes. Instead of a gold coin donation please bring a bottle to contribute to the fundraiser (olive oil, shower gel, Cordial syrup etc). 

Fire Works Night – Help Needed

The Parent Community Group are running a stall at the Rolleston Fireworks event. They are having a Mystery Bottles stand. We need helpers on Thursday after school to help wrap the bottles and more helpers to run the stall on the evening. If you are able to help please see Nina Green.

Assembly Time Changed

Due to parents requesting that Assembly be held either first or last thing in the day we are changing our assembly time to 2.15pm on a Friday afternoon. We hope this means you will find it easier to attend and join us in celebrating the learning that is taking place each week.

Bible Study for RCS Mums – Tonight

There will be a Bible study running this term on Monday evenings at 7.30pm here at school. All mums are welcome, so come along and enjoy the opportunity to fellowship with one another and discuss God’s Word.

What’s Coming Up

Parent Information Meeting – Camp and Year 7 and 8

To Parents and Caregivers of Year 4-6 children,
You are invited to attend two information sessions at RCS on Monday 9/11/15. The sessions are on;
2015 RCS Camp
3:30 – 4:30pm
Come along to find out more details about our Year 4-6 camp taking place from the 7th – 9th December
2016 Year 7/8 Programme
4:30 – 5:30
Come along and find out about curriculum, technology, sport, leadership roles, physical space and teaching staff. 
Tea, coffee and biscuits are provided. Children are welcome to come and listen or play outside. We hope to see you all there! 
Amos Pilgrim and Dennis Marshall. 

Community Picnic Day – Save the date

We will be having a Community Picnic Day on 12 December. The Parent Community Group are working with the school staff to organise a day of fellowship and fun, and we would love it if you could attend. More details to come.



  • We are getting to that time of year when it is important for the children to wear their hats. Please make sure your children have the school hat. If children do not have a hat they will have to play in the shade only.
  • School lunches should be nutritious and healthy in order to maximise children’s opportunity to learn well. Please do not send lollies to school.
  • Informative Morning Teas are held every Tuesday. If you have a topic you would like to discuss let Liz know.
  • Home Learning continues to be the same – please make sure you are providing this opportunity for quality learning at home.
  • The Parent Community Group do a lot of great work around the school – if you would like to get involved please see Mana Harema.
  • It is important to read the newsletter thoroughly each week so you are aware of what is going on in the school. If you have read to this point and come to the office we have a mystery prize for you. If you have encouraged someone else to also read to this point and they mention your name when they come to get their prize you will get an extra prize!

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