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RCS Newsletter – Week 4


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Quick Notes:

Message from Staff – Amos Pilgrim 

Hi parents, caregivers, and supporters of Rolleston Christian School,

Welcome to week four of term 3! 

“The best way to be a good teacher is to learn. The best way to be a good learner is to teach.” Source unknown.

The above quote resonates with me on both a personal and professional level. I believe that it’s so important for me to be learning new skills and knowledge so that I can better understand learners and their needs. Likewise, an important indicator of mastery to be able to teach the concept to someone else. 

Recently I’ve been learning how to use kettlebells safely and effectively. To do this I’ve been absorbing best practise (visual and verbal) and modelling my technique on professionals. Learning off those who are more advanced than I am affirms what I’m doing but also challenges me to get better. 

Last week the leadership team went to a variety of different settings around Canterbury on Educational Tours. The purpose of these trips was to observe Modern Learning Environments (MLE) and Modern Learning Practice (MLP). I visited Pegasus Bay School and came away feeling both affirmed and challenged. I focused my trip on finding answers to my questions of “What are the learners doing and how is this achieved?” “What are the teachers doing to ensure students are set up to learn?” and “How is the space utilised?” 

I chose to visit Pegasus Bay because it’s like our school in that it’s an open learning environment and has been operational for only a short time. Similarities I saw were learners developing their own timetable and adhering to this, teachers and students working in different spaces and the environment be fluid depending on the needs of the learners. 

As a school we have already developed and achieved so much in such a short space of time. Our challenge as a school, a community and as individuals is to celebrate our successes and continue to strive for improvement.   



 What’s Happening

Enrolment Scheme

The CSN is currently working through the process of developing an Enrolment Scheme for RCS. This scheme will outline priority entry once our roll reaches capacity (300 students). The proposed enrolment scheme can be viewed in the school office. Any feedback you would like to provide about the scheme can be discussed with Liz by setting up a meeting.

Informative Morning Tea – Junior Literacy.

This week our focus for the Informative Morning Tea will be Junior Literacy and how you can assist your children’s learning at home. Come along to discover more about ways we can work together to provide the best learning experiences for your children. Tuesday morning 9.15am in the staff room. See you there! 

Food Forest Immersion Day – Please send lemons if you have some.

On Wednesday we will be holding a Food Forest Immersion Day. This will be a day for students to explore the value of producing our own fruit and vegetables. Please come along to share in the experiences with your children.

What’s Coming Up

Parent Consultation – Reporting

Now that we have completed our first round of official reporting we are interested to discuss with you what you liked, didn’t like, found useful or didn’t find useful. If you are keen to take part in a small focus group to share your ideas please let the office know, and we will be in touch to make a suitable time. 



  • Please make sure you look at the calendar that was sent out last week.
  • All uniform items that are not bought from the school should be plain black.
  • You are always welcome to join us for School Devotions first thing on a Monday morning and our School Assembly on Fridays at 12pm.

Community Notices

Refractive Music Guitar Tuition

Private Guitar Lessons with an experienced registered guitar tutor based in Rolleston.

Beginners through to advanced.
Phone Andrew Morris on 377 5611

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