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RCS Newsletter – Week 5


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Quick Notes:

Message from Staff – Dennis Marshall 

We have recently had our 60th pupil join us at Rolleston Christian School! Praise God! As with all that is new, there was some trepidation when we first opened our doors at the beginning of the year. We, (as a staff), had no idea who would come and how long it would take to grow our numbers. No doubt, as parents there was some trepidation on your part as well – what would the teachers be like? Would the children be happy? Would it be a good learning environment? Of course, God has a plan for our school and we just need to be obedient, follow His guidance and see what he has ahead for us. However, we still get quite excited when we pass significant figures. It’s been a blessing to see each new child arrive and Amos and I have been particularly pleased to recently see new pupils arriving in the Middle Hub. 

The staff are also blessed to hear some of the positive feedback that has come from the Rolleston Community. We are also amazed to hear how far our reputation has spread. Just this weekend I had a builder over to quote for some work at my house (I live in Mt Pleasant).  Amazingly, he had also heard about our school and could even describe it to me!  God is definitely at work on getting the message out there.

There have been many other exciting milestones happening with the school. Prior to the holidays we put our application in to open the school to Year 7 and 8. Over the holidays a team of parents, led by Amy Steven, put in a new sandpit for the children, (it was awesome coming back to school and seeing this). In the last week we have also seen Papa Jacks start their After School club at RCS. Another significant milestone for the growth of the school!  In some ways it’s hard to believe we have only been operating for just over 6 months. It will be very exciting to see what God has planned for us for the rest of the year and the years to come.

The success of the school is certainly a team effort and we are very appreciative for everyone who is playing a part in the growth of the school. Please keep the school in your prayers that we continue to follow all that God has planned for us and that as a community we can make this school all it can be.

God Bless


 What’s Happening

Enrolment Scheme – Last week for viewing/feedback

The CSN is currently working through the process of developing an Enrolment Scheme for RCS. This scheme will outline priority entry once our roll reaches capacity (300 students). The proposed enrolment scheme can be viewed in the school office. Any feedback you would like to provide about the scheme can be discussed with Liz by setting up a meeting.

Informative Morning Tea – How to work with teachers.

This week our focus for the Informative Morning Tea will be ‘How to work with RCS Teachers’. Come along to discover more about ways we can work together to provide the best learning experiences for your children. Tuesday morning 9.15am in the staff room. See you there! 

What’s Coming Up

Parent Consultation – Reporting

Now that we have completed our first round of official reporting we are interested to discuss with you what you liked, didn’t like, found useful or didn’t find useful. If you are keen to take part in a small focus group to share your ideas please let the office know, and we will be in touch to make a suitable time. 

School Cross Country

Save the date – the first RCS school cross country will be held on Friday 18 September in the afternoon. Come along to support your children and enjoy a time of fun and challenge with the school community.



  • All uniform items that are not bought from the school should be plain black.
  • You are always welcome to join us for School Devotions first thing on a Monday morning and our School Assembly on Fridays at 12pm.

Community Notices

Enrol now for spring at Ako Rolleston!
Ako Rolleston is a boutique, family owned and operated Early Childhood Education and Care centre for children aged 0-6 years. We have a homelike nursery, toddler group and tamariki nui (big kids preschool) with an art studio. Hours to suit your family, discounts for siblings & 3-5 year olds. Come and see our hens! For more information visit us now at 4 John Street, ph 347 4480, or view


The Court Theatre is taking auditions for children to play the roles of Jane and Michael Banks in :  Mary Poppins
Boys: playing age 9, height 142cm
Girls: playing age 11, height 147cm

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