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RCS Newsletter – Welcome Back


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Quick Notes:

Message from Staff – Liz Horn

It has been a wonderful first day back at school. It was a delight to see all our students back at school today, eager to get back into their learning. I was very impressed with the readiness of our students to pick up where they had left off last term, as they remembered the routines and the expectations from last term, and dove into their learning today without any great reminders from us at all. As an educator, such things make me excited!

This term we will be exploring the concept of whanaungatanga (belonging). Something I have begun to appreciate more in recent years is the concept that belonging means we have both something to offer and something to receive.

When I was younger my family did not have a lot of money. I remember one Christmas my parents not being able to buy us Christmas presents, and then miraculously a huge box of toys was left on our doorstep. My mother taught me that at times we need the help of others in some ways and we can give back in different ways, then at another time in our life we might be able to pay forward what was given to us, but we might need to receive from others in a different way.

In the term just been I have seen a community develop here at RCS that both gives and receives. I have seen parents supporting one another, both in a practical and emotional sense. I have personally appreciated the great support that you, as parents, have shown the staff here as we have given our best for your children. I see the staff support one another daily too. What a wonderful witness this is to your children! They are learning what it means to flourish in community merely through the model we are all showing them.

As the children explore whanuangatanga this term I encourage you to keep building our school community. Continue to find ways you can give to our community, and at the same time allow the others in the community to bless you too.

Many Blessings,

Liz Horn

What’s Happening

Thank you
 A huge thank you to all those families that have paid their school donations. Your generosity with time, money, encouragement and baking skills is greatly appreciated.

Vision Day for Our Forest – Wednesday
On Wednesday we will be joined by our Enviro-schools facilitator, Matt, and a representative from Te Ara Kakariki, Brooke, who will be working with our students to design a forest that we will plant later in the term. A pair of gumboots may come in handy on Wednesday. Be sure to ask your children all about it on Wednesday, and watch out for more information on helping with planting day.

Bikes and Scooters
We have discussed the safety aspects of bikes and scooters at school, and would like to limit the children’s bike and scooter use to Wednesdays, when we will have Wheels Wednesday. If you use scooters or bikes to travel to or from school then please store these in the garage during the day. If your children are bringing scooters or bikes purely to use during break times, please limit this to a Wednesday.

What’s Coming Up

RCS Community Group Meeting – Tuesday 28 April
The RCS Community Group will be meeting at the school next Tuesday evening at 7pm. Come along if you are keen to be involved. 

Book Covering
We have a number of books that are needing to be covered for the library. If you are interested in setting up a working bee with a few parents, then please come and see us at the office. 



  • If your children are starting to feel a little cold at school they may wear a black thermal underneath their polo-shirt. The girls can also wear black woollen stockings and the boys can start to wear long black socks.
  • Prayer meetings are held every Friday morning at 9am. Please come along if you are keen to join us in prayer, and also feel free to send in any prayer requests.
  • You are welcome to join us for Full School Devotions first thing on a Monday morning and our Learning Celebrations on Friday.
  • The Learning at Home Programme is up on our website (link above). We are continuing with the same matrix as last term. We felt that there was still plenty of scope for children to choose from with the current matrix.

Community Notices

Action Indoor Sports Hornby;

We are bringing back our 11 aside & under indoor netball.

This will be happening Wednesday afternoons during terms 2 & 3 (excluding the school holidays) & we are hoping to start week 2 or week 3 of the new term.

Any other information, please feel free to ask or give me a call on 342 6800.

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