Rolleston Christian School

Through our faith we HELP bring light to the world.

Steps of Faith


When a new school is being established there are so many people that need to take a step of faith.

Some steps are small, and others are much bigger.

The CST has taken a huge step of faith as they have built this beautiful school in Rolleston, trusting that God has a special plan for this place.

I have already seen God’s faithfulness in the steps of faith I have taken. I had handed in my resignation and was planning my move to Christchurch, all while we were still waiting for the Minister of Education to sign the integration deed that had been developed by the stakeholders here in Canterbury. The form came through with a week or two to spare, and a lesson again that we can trust God for the things He has placed in our hearts. Had I not been appointed when I was, we would not have had the time to prepare for opening in February 2015. The step of faith taken, by myself and the CST, was needed.

Again, preparing the school for opening seemed like a near impossible task, but we placed our faith in God and He sent along just the right people we needed to help.

One step of faith I really admire is the step taken by the parents that have chosen to be the foundation families of our school. There are many things about the untested that can be scary, but this doesn’t seem to phase our pioneering families at all. Rolleston Christian School parents are not just taking a step of faith and putting their children into our school, they are going out of their way to support and build the school community.

I once read that the health of a community can been seen through the percentage of people that are willing to contribute into it. This fills me with such hope for the RCS community.

I pray that we continue to be a school that takes steps of faith, and that as we do we will see God’s hand lead and guide us into the wonderful things He has for us.

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