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Week 10 Newsletter


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Week 10 02/04/18

Monday – Easter Monday, No School
Tuesday – Easter Tuesday, No School
Saturday – The ‘BIG’ Roll
– Cheese rolls making day!


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Week 11 9/04/18

Friday – Last day of term
9am End of Term Assembly – All welcome

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Message from Staff

Dear Families,

As you read this newsletter I hope you will be feeling rested and refreshed from the opportunity to share a long weekend with friends and family, and the season to stop and reflect on the hope that is found through the Easter story.

The other day I shared an article on Facebook (click here for link) that I found when I was spending some time reading and thinking about the ways that we teach our children to demonstrate the values of Hope, Excellence, Love and Peace.  When I read through the article I felt it was a nice summary of many of the points that I’ve heard shared by people like Nathan Wallace and John Parsons, and through courses like Incredible Years Teaching and Parenting.

One of the things that I enjoyed about the article was the different ways that we can help children to name and visualise the types of behaviour we want to see when they are demonstrating the desired values.

Sometimes I feel a little silly when I am constantly narrating to a child about the ways that a value might look, such as “The way you just helped each other do that puzzle showed real kindness”, or “I loved the way you were looking at the person who was talking to you – that showed respect for them.”  Despite feeling silly, the courses I have been to, the articles I have read and my own experiences all show that this type of coaching is really important for children’s development.  They need to build a picture in their minds about what you want them to do, not what you don’t want to see.

This reminded me of the verse in Deuteronomy 11, talking about the scriptures and the stories of our faith “Teach them to your children. Talk about them when you are at home and when you are on the road, when you are going to bed and when you are getting up.”

I love this scripture because it really builds a picture in my mind of that constant conversation that children need from the significant adults in their lives – going round the supermarket, driving to school, cleaning up the toys at the end of the day – all enveloped in an ongoing conversation where we are teaching our children the values we want them to live by.

I loved what Nina said in her comment on the article.  I takes time for all of these conversations and modelling and debriefing to sink in with children.  Developing these types of behaviours takes months and years of coaching, but remember our goal is a long term one.

I look forward to the time when each and every child at our school is able to be a HELPer, so pray that God will give us all wisdom, patience, strength and joy as we, staff and parents, actively coach each child to reflect the Christian values we hold.

Be blessed,



Jemma Smith


Production Day: Saturday 7th April
8am -4pm

We need lots and lots of willing hands to help roll (over 10,000) of these delicious winter wonders. Please don’t feel like you need to come for the whole day. All help is welcome no matter how big or small. We have also put up a volunteer form on the notice board at school if you would like to put your name on there. There will be yummy snacks for our hard working volunteers on the day. The playground and sandpit will be available for children to play and a room with entertainment will also be available. This is a wonderful way of getting to know more parents and always turns out to be a really fun day, not to mention the sense of accomplishment when you realise how many hundreds of cheese rolls you’ve made!! We hope to see you all there.

If you can’t make it on the day but would still like to help, how about dropping off some baking or soup for our volunteers on the day to nourish them.

General Notices

Please make sure all payment has been paid into PCG Bank Account.

Please remember that if your child is sick, particularly with a tummy bug, you give them a reasonable amount of time to recover before sending them back to school.  This helps to avoid the spread of sickness in the school.

Can you Help? 
The Pukekos are learning about soil. We have looked at our soil on our Food Forest mound and decided we need to put more nutrients into it. We are conducting 6 experiments to see what is the best way to put more nutrients into the soil.

We need help with 2 of our experiments:
1. Layered Mulch
2. Manure

Layered Mulch: Over the easter break, we would love for you to collect (with your children) a rubbish bag filled with brown dried leaves/plant matter. Brown things help put carbon into our soil. This can come to school next Friday (week 10). Next term, we will need to collect up green stuff.

Manure: If you have access to horse manure we would love for you to drop off bags full at any point until the end of the term.

We also need some volunteers to establish some Bokashi bins. These a bins that create compost. They are relatively low maintenance and come with instructions. Several children have volunteered to take some home, but we would love parents in partnership with this before they get sent home. Please reply if you think you could help us with this. We will provide you with the bins/fertiliser.

Thanks for your support, Kendra Liggett

A reminder that as we get into the cooler weather the children are able to wear a black thermal under their polo shirt, and black tights or long black socks with their skorts or shorts.Are you thinking of purchasing long pants for winter? Please advise Cristene asap, stocks are low, so we are gauging interest if we need to purchase more, if the demand is high.

Monday & Thursday 9-2pm or via email, for new or second hand uniforms. Ask about our layby option.

Important Dates 

Tuesday 3rd April – No School. Easter Extra Long Weekend – please note that schools also have the Tuesday off.

Saturday 7th April – Cheeseroll production Day – Please allow for a 3 hour shift.

Friday 13 April – End of Term 1

Monday 30 April – Start of Term 2

PCG Notices

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