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Week 10 Newsletter


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Week 10 Must Knows
* Te KÄkano’s KÅhanga Kahurangi opens
* Selwyn Sports Spectacular Y3/4 – please bring sports shoes

* Kelly Sports – Te Kakano (NE – Year 2) please ensure you send sports shoes with your child
Te Kakano Teachers away

* Kelly Sports – Te Pihinga (Year 3-5) please ensure you send sports shoes with your child
Te Pihinga Teachers away
* Swimming Lesson 8

* Swimming Lesson 9
* PCG – School Disco – FREE Event 6pm-7.30pm at RCS

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Message from Staff

Dear Parents,

I trust you have had an enjoyable weekend, and are feeling refreshed and ready for the week ahead.

Last Monday evening the Te Kakano teachers and I went to a professional development session with Jill Eggleton (you may have noticed that she has written a lot of the reading books we have here at school) on teaching writing.  I have also been doing some reading about play-based learning. Both these areas of learning have led me to feeling very thankful for my parents and the upbringing I had.

The philosophy behind play-based learning is that children learn many of life’s essential skills through play. Many people believe there should therefore be more time spent playing in schools.  I found myself thinking through my own childhood and reflecting on whether I needed more time playing at school. I came to the conclusion that this type of play-based learning is something my parents brought to my life.  We were the type of family that spent hours playing.  As children, we built huts, climbed trees, ran pretend cooking shows, played in the mud, bounced for endless hours on the trampoline, sewed clothes for Barbie dolls, put on musical for our parents and much more.

One of Jill Eggleton’s points at the training was that good writers are born from quirky little kids. She highly encouraged imaginative play, exploring and experimenting, as it is these activities that children build their ideas to write from. She also talked about the need for children to be exposed to rich language experiences – listening to good books and having meaningful conversations with adults.  We know also that the development of fine motor skills comes from having the strength that comes from playing on monkey bars and climbing trees (or activities of this nature). Again I find myself thankful to my parents.  They read copious amounts of books to us, humoured us when we wanted to put on plays and musicals for them, and every night sat down for dinner with us and had meaningful conversations.

People often ask what they can be doing at home to help their children with school.  I think the answer is a lot more fun than some might imagine – read stories, have meaningful discussions, climb on monkey bars and create a home where meaningful and active play is important.  As you do all these vitally important things at home, the foundations are set for us to build on with the more formal side of learning at school. Without these foundations the formal side of learning is likely to be a struggle.

There is only two weeks now until our first school holiday break. I encourage you to think about ways that you can encourage meaningful play in your home over the holidays. Perhaps put a limit on the amount of technology used and allow your lounge to be transformed into a fortress etc? Perhaps you could sew some sock puppets together and then leave your children to create their own puppet show?

I hope you find many ways to laugh together and explore the amazing world God has blessed us with!



Exploring the Values at Home

We encourage you to do the Peace Award, read Miss Horn’s message last week regarding this.


Thank you to all who gave their feedback and participated in our Facebook poll regarding the winter school pants. We have investigated several options regarding school pants and we are confident that this is the best option for our students.

We have enough interest in the poll so we will be proceeding with this. So we can have the right sizes and have this ready by Term 2 we need you to pre-order them. If you wish to purchase them, please send Cristene (click here) an email with the following details:

Student’s Full Name:

Size: (available from 2 -14, S-XXL)


RCS Winter School Uniform:
Polar Fleece, Polo Shirt, Shorts/Skort or Pants, black socks, black shoes.
Children can wear black thermal tops under their polo shirts, black stockings/black winter woolen socks and black rain jackets.

Enrolment 2018

Do you have any pre-schoolers turning 5 in 2018?Please let us know as we need to include these in our 2018 roll projection to avoid disappointments.

Playground Activity Leaders (PALS)

PALs Training
On Thursday 23rd March, 7 of our pupils attended a workshop at the Lincoln Events Centre, that taught them the skills needed to be PALs. Our group demonstrated excellent leadership skills and also displayed the wonderful values of our school. I was very proud of the initiative they took in many of the activities and for their creative thinking.

We are planning to develop the lessons learnt at the day further and then introduce this at Rolleston Christian School.

The photos show the children coming up with a vision for our school, running an activity at the training day and lastly practising being PALs at school.

Well done to those who attended: Enytte Sisofo-Laloata, Shenaye Rowe, Hannah Muchena, Savannah Van Dyk, Dannii Chappell, Holly Millington and Amber Collishaw



Celebration Time! 

If your child has had a recent achievement inside or outside of school we would like to celebrate this. Please email with your story, photo (if you have any) and a short blurb, and we will do our best to publish it.


Facebook Page 
Reminder to follow our Rolleston Christian School Facebook page and join the Rolleston Christian School – Parent & Staff group for parent communication.LunchOnline – Wednesday & Fridays
Sydenham Bakery can not deliver early so do not order until swimming has completed. Pita Pit and Subway are ok, these will be delivered early, at 11.30am

Swimming – Wednesday & Friday 
Have you made payment in the office of $30 per child?

* Monday – Library Bus (fortnightly)
* Wednesday – Wheels Day/Swimming Lessons
* Thursday – 8.30am – 3.30pm – Uniform Sales Hours – please make an appointment
* Friday 9am – Devotional Assembly
* Friday Afternoons – Swimming Lessons/Whanau Groups

From the PCG

We just wanted to say thank you for all your support with the spellathon, we are so blessed to have such awesome parents and community. The school has made around $4260 which will be used for the children’s education and school environment. We just want to congratulate the following spellathon prize winners, namely: Asher Hoskins (The most money on his form and all his words spelled correctly), Blessing Sisifo-Laloata (Lucky draw), Thomas Steven (Lucky draw), Danielle Scheepers (Lucky draw), Ludre Steyn (First form to be back at school) and the Seniors (First group to return all their forms).Entertainment Books
The PCG will be selling The Entertainment Book again this year.  The link below allows you to buy the book all around the country, so please share it with friends and family. The school receives $13 for each book sold.

Reading with your child
Are you unsure of the best way to get through reading books your child brings home? Do you know what strategies to use? Is reading a bit of a drag for you both? Liz Horn is running an information session Tues 11th April 2-3pm in the school staff room for anyone who is interested. Questions and preschoolers are welcome!

COMMUNITY EVENT – School Disco 7th April, 6pm at RCS
Come and join us for a fun night of dancing with your child/ren. This is a community event so we encourage your child/ren to invite friends from outside the school, this is a FREE event.

Community Notices

Active After School Programme
An initiative that provides primary school children with access to sport and other structured physical activity programs in the after-school time slot from 3.30pm. More info click hereGymnastics with Flips and Tumbles for 5-7 years old. For more information click here

Kids Camp April 19th – 23rd at Woodend Christian Camp

CDN Trust Kids Camp is a 5 day Holiday Camp for Intermediate students.  If you want to be a part of it then return your registration form with $30 rego fee ASAP!

For more information click here and click here for Registration Form

Selwyn Kids provides OSCAR Holiday Programme – for more information click here

FAB Club
Fun and Bible Club FAB) is back again these holidays and is going to be better than ever. Heaps of fun games, music, craft, drama, puppets, and more.This programme is run by Hope Church Rolleston and is happening on the 18th – 21st of April at the Rolleston Community Centre. If you require any more information then please contact Courtney Forrest – details attached

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