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Week 11 Newsletter

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Week 11 9/04/18
Tuesday – Keeping ourselves Safe Information Afternoon for Parents

Friday – Last day of term
9am End of Term Assembly – All welcome
Mufti Day – Bring a bottle or gold coin

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Over the Holidays

Wednesday 18th – Library Working Bee 9.30am-12noon

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Message from Staff

Kiaora te whanau

It’s always a nice feeling when you get to the end of the term and can reflect back on what have been some real highlights and also where we are heading next.

Thank you so much to all who made themselves available in one way or another, to support the PCG to make approximately 12,000 cheese rolls on Saturday! What a great team! As well as an amazing fundraiser that will benefit our current and future junior school children, it is an amazing way to fellowship and enjoy each others company and get to know one another better.

The junior staff recently attended an evening course with Nathan Wallis (formerly from the Brainwave trust) who shared with us some parenting tips for ages 2-7 years. Nathan comes from a background in neuroscience and has a delightful way of presenting his ideas on parenting. I loved it when in his introduction he stated the only behaviour you need to manage is your own! Of course he was eluding to the fact that children are clever mimics of our behaviour.

Nathan suggested 3 effective ways to helping children change their behaviour:

1. Positive reward…every time you see the behaviour you want let your child know by positively reinforcing that behaviour eg “you’re playing patiently with your brotherâ€. Essentially what you pay attention to is what you are reinforcing.

2. Make the children think it’s their idea….Teach them how to do things explicitly.

3. Tell your children what you want not want you don’t want eg “sit on the chairâ€, not “don’t stand on the chairâ€

Nathan believes good behaviour is like an apprenticeship and children need training and their behaviour scaffolded. You wouldn’t expect a first day apprentice carpenter to be able to build a house without learning how to hammer a nail. He suggests we empower children with as much detail as possible by describing the behaviour you want to see and that children need this 90-100 times before it is solidified in a child’s brain.

Nathan also gave three useful steps to calming the brain when children are distressed. First, calm your child by making sympathetic, soothing comments,  then validate their emotions by saying you understand that they are feeling frustrated, angry, sad etc. Lastly and only when they are truly calm and ready to listen, offer advice on how they could approach the problem in a pro social way next time. Often we are tempted to launch into the advice part before we’ve actively listened to their problem.

Nathan also taught a technique he called ‘love bombing’. This technique he believes will grow strong resilient relational bonds between parents.

It takes about 10 minutes a day. You set aside this time with one child. You call it the their time when they are in complete control of what you and they do together. The child is allowed to choose an activity that you will do together for 10 minutes at least without any interruption or suggestions from you. They are in control. Nathan suggests that to start with children may test you and come up with things they are not normally allowed to do! He suggests that as long as its not hurting anyone or breaching your values,  you do the activity as the child wishes. As the child becomes used to this it will become a more balanced situation and the pay off is a resilient, emotionally balanced young person who can trust that you will be there for them in tough times.

Hopefully you can find the time to spend special moments with your whanau these holidays and the break from the usual school term routine will refresh you and yours.


Lynda Siave


Daghan Swanepoel

Over the HolidaysIsabella Maeder-Campbell
Moon Liu
Jack Millington
James Cavanagh

From the Board
The Board of Trustees (“the Boardâ€) is a ‘local body’ charged with governing the school, by setting its strategic direction (in partnership with our Proprietor, The Christian Schools Trust), and monitoring the school’s effectiveness in meeting the objectives set in place in order for the strategic direction to be achieved.Our Board of Trustee policies are audited by the Board on a regular cycle to ensure they are still relevant and effective in maintaining high quality learning for our children.  The Board expects the school’s management team to implement policy effectively. It is the Principal’s responsibility to lead the day-to-day operational activities of the school and to provide assurance and variance reports for the Board to consider, coupled with decision recommendations, at Board meetings.The Board is made up of elected parents, appointed Proprietor representatives, a staff representative and the school Principal. The current Board of Trustees comprises of:

  • Grant Galloway – Chairperson (Parent Representative)
  • Zane Elliott – Deputy Chairperson (Board of Proprietors Representative)
  • Nin McKay – Board of Proprietors Representative
  • Mark Larson – Board of Proprietors Representative
  • Rebekah Couper-Wain – Parent Representative
  • Fiona Gurevin – Parent Representative
  • Paul Saunders – Parent Representative
  • Liz Horn – School Principal
  • Lynda Siave – Staff Representative

A new Board is elected every 3 years on a date set by the Ministry of Education. The most recent election was in 2016.

Change in Reporting 


As you will be aware National Standards have been removed from legislation, so we no longer need to report against these or assess the children against them.

Sitting alongside the National Standards we have always had the New Zealand Curriculum Achievement Objectives, Literacy Progressions and Numeracy Progressions.  National Standards were originally implemented very quickly and with little research to support the standards.

However, some valuable lessons have come from the era of National Standards. The greatest one being how we robustly analyse the progress made by students and ensure we are well aware of the rate that students are progressing at, and make adjustments for individual children so they are able to make the rate of progress that will ultimately lead them to academic success.

As a school we will continue to analyse this progress, but we will use the New Zealand Curriculum, Literacy Progressions and Numeracy Progressions as our guide for the way children are progressing.  These sources are a solid foundation from which to make our judgements.

The biggest difference for you as parents is to know that all children will now receive their two written reports in the middle of the year and at the end of the year, so no children will receive a report at the end of Term One or Three.

The reports will continue to inform you of the progress your child has made, their next learning steps and ways you can help at home.

If you have any questions about this please feel free to drop in and see Liz on a Tuesday morning at 9am, during Drop in Hour.

General Notices

Keeping Ourselves Safe – Parent Information Afternoon with Constable Rick
TUESDAY 10th APRIL –  â€‹RCS ​ STAFF ROOM – ALL INVITED â€‹ – 2​:30pm

Next Term, all hubs will be involved in the Keeping Ourselves Safe Programme. Keeping Ourselves Safe [KOS] consists of a comprehensive range of child protection resources to help students learn and apply a range of safety skills that they can use when interacting with others. Constable Rick will be speaking about what the programme consists of and how you can support your children at home. This is an opportunity for you to ask questions and find out more information.

For further information, check out

Please remember that if your child is sick, particularly with a tummy bug, you give them a reasonable amount of time to recover before sending them back to school.  This helps to avoid the spread of sickness in the school.

Library Working Bee – Wednesday 18th April 9.30-12noon
Why not send your kids to FAB Club and come join us in getting our library books covered, shelved and entered into our library management system.

A reminder that as we get into the cooler weather the children are able to wear a black thermal under their polo shirt, and black tights or long black socks with their skorts or shorts.Are you thinking of purchasing long pants for winter? Please advise Cristene asap, stocks are low, so we are gauging interest if we need to purchase more, if the demand is high.Monday & Thursday 9-2pm or via email, for new or second hand uniforms. Ask about our layby option.

2018 Important Dates 

2018 School Term Dates

Term 1 finishes: Friday 13 April

Term 2 starts: Monday 30 April

Queens Birthday: Monday 4 June – No School

Term 2 finishes: Friday 6 July

Term 3 starts: Monday 23 July

Term 3 finishes: Friday 28 September

Term 4 starts: Monday 15 October

Labour Day:  Monday 22 October- No School

Show Day: Friday 16 November – No School

Teacher Only Day: Monday 19 November – No School

Term 4 ends: Wednesday 19 December, 2pm

PCG Notices

Thank you to all who supported the Cheese Roll fundraiser, from getting the orders, to helping set up, to rolling and packing on the day. It was heart warming to see our children helping and the staff giving their own time to help too. Your contribution really helped make a mammoth job small and we got it done in record time by 2.30pm.

Bring a bottle (value $2-$5, non-alcoholic and plastics only) or gold coin donation (this will go towards our end of year fundraising event at Rolleston Fireworks Night)

If you are new to our school family this term the PCG would like to invite you to join us for a Family Tea Night on Wednesday 11th April at 6pm at RCS.  Tea will be provided.  RSVP to Vanessa,

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