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Week 2 Newsletter

Coming up this Week:

Week 2  23/10/17

Monday – Public Holiday (no school)
PCG Meeting 7pm School Staff Room

Friday – Kendra, Emma, Mandy & Liz out of school at Professional Development at Taumutu Marae

Next Week Must Knows

Week 3  30/10/17

Tuesday – Kelly Sports – Te Pihinga Only.
Please come in Whanau colour sports gear.

Saturday – PCG Fireworks Fundraising Event

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Message from Staff

Dear Parents,

I hope you have all had a lovely long weekend and enjoyed the little bit of extra time with friends and family.

Over the holidays there was an interesting study published, which you might have seen in the newspaper, saying parents want social and life skills to be taught in schools.  There was then a couple of responses through blog posts that I saw from educators saying that social and life skills were the responsibility of parents, and teachers have their hands full teaching reading, writing, maths and all the other subjects.

The feeling I got from the tone of the original article and then the responses from educators was that of ‘sides’, which unfortunately becomes a blame game if a child has not learnt to regulate their emotions, use good manners or make good friends. This online debate left me thinking deeply about the partnership between home and school.  The saying ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ came to mind, and in a village, or a community, everyone has a part to play and everyone’s part is important.

My thought processes led me to the thinking that parents have the God-given responsibility of raising a child to become the adult they want to see, and that those of us you choose to bring into your community, for example your church, the education facilities your children attend throughout their life, your friends etc, are all part of the support systems you have to raise your child in a village.

Last year John Parsons came to speak to the Rolleston School parents about internet safety.  Unfortunately there was a reasonably low turn out at his event, because I felt like I came away from it with an amazing lesson on the strong, intentional love parents need to show their children in the form of supportive discipline and proactive teaching of values.  His message was very much about the importance of parents instilling their family values into their children so they are able to demonstrate these values when they are not with their parents, eg. ‘at’ the internet.

So what part do schools and teachers play in this process?

I happened to overhear a conversation between a teacher and a parent last week that I think epitomises this idea of us being a support to you as you raise your child.  The parent said “It’s very important to me that my children learn to show empathy.”  Then the parent and teacher had a collaborative discussion about how they would approach this at home and school, drawing on their combined understanding of the child and developing empathy, to build steps towards what they are hoping to see.

I have a lot of respect for parents that are very intentional about developing the character qualities they want to see in their children.  It is an honour to work with these people and play a role in this growth and development, and I have found that when teachers and parents work together on the same social and emotional goals a greater level of growth and development is seen.

I encourage you to think – What are the social, emotional and life skills you are currently wanting to build in your child/ren? Is there something your child’s kohanga teacher can work with you on to see this happen?

I pray for God’s blessing over you as you undertake the beautiful and important job of raising your children to grow into the adults you hope for.



CelebrationsHappy Birthday
Shelvish Nand
Sam Wain

Term 4 Home Learning

This term we are making our Home Learning options a little more simple, but as with every term you are still welcome to choose from the previous terms’ Matrix.

This term:
Pick a local or national organisation that brings Hope and/or Peace to the world.  Find a way that you can support this organisation to help bring this Hope and Peace. Keep a record of why you chose this organisation and how you supported them.  The amount of time you spend helping the organisation contributes to the number of points you earn.  1 hour = 1 point.

Some ideas for organisations to support (but not limited to):
Sunshine Boxes for Christmas
DOC – Conservation Week
The Salvation Army
Your local church
Kids Can

School Uniform

We are heading to hot sunny days therefore please ensure your child is wearing RCS Sunhat when outside. No sunhat = no outside play. Please make sure that these are labelled. If you are needing to purchase school uniform, please get in touch with Cristene via email

Summer Uniform
RCS Sun Hat
RCS Short/Skort
RCS Polo
RCS Polar Fleece – on cold days
Black shoes/sandals

Sports Uniform

We have purchased our school sports shirt. This will become compulsory as of Term 1 2018, these will be worn during PE times and any sporting activities the kids may be doing ie. Kelly Sports

These will be available for purchase now in the office $27.50 per shirt or $25 if paid upon collection.

Sports Uniform will be:
– RCS Sports Shirt
– Plain Black Shorts
– Black Sports shoes and socks.

Dates to Mark on your Diary

20th November 2017 – Teacher Only Day (No School, Papa Jacks available)
16th November 2017 – RCS A&P Show – School outing
12th December 2017 – End of Year Assembly 5.30pm-7.30pm at Rolleston College
19th December 2017 – Last day of School (Papa Jacks available from 20th December)

31st January 2018 – First day of School for 2018


Sushi Factory is now coming onboard with LunchOnLine. You can now order sushi for a Thursday delivery with their first delivery on Thursday 26th November. For more information find them on

Parent Handbook 

The start of the term is a fantastic time to remind yourself of the information found in our Parent Handbook.  Having a full understanding of this handbook helps us to have an effective partnership when educating your child/ren.  Please ensure you are familiar with the content and feel free to ask us any questions that come to mind from this.

Concerns Procedure

We have a concerns procedure in our Parent Handbook that follows the principles of Matthew 18.  We believe that following this procedure, when you have an issue that is concerning you, creates a safe place where issues are able to be explored and resolved in a way that protects and empowers all the parties involved. We ask please that you follow this procedure and approach staff with a ‘curious not furious’ attitude.

Vodafone Emails 

Vodafone email accounts are about to close, if you have a NEW email address, please let the office know.


RCS Timetable
7.15am – 8.30am   Papa Jacks
8.30am                  School Grounds Open
8.55am                  Formal Learning Starts
1pm                       Lunch
3pm                       School Finishes
3.15pm                  School Grounds Close
3pm – 6pm             Papa Jacks available

Please Note:
– If children arrive before 8.30am and are not picked by 3.15pm there will be no teachers available to actively supervise your children.
– If children arrive after 8.55am, they are considered Late therefore must head to the Office for staff to mark them on the roll.
– Please also advise the office if your child will be absent for the day and/or if you are taking them out early, so that they are marked correctly on our school roll. 

A reminder if your child has been vomiting or had diarrhoea they are to stay at home until 48 hours have passed since their last episode.

Facebook Page 
Reminder to like & follow our Rolleston Christian School Facebook page and join the Rolleston Christian School – Parent & Staff group for parent communication.

Weekly Schedule
* Monday – Library Bus (fortnightly)

* Wednesday – Wheels Day; LunchOnline

* Thursday – Kapa Haka, LunchOnline
* Friday – 9am Devotional Assembly -11.45am,  Whanau Group Time,  LunchOnline

Community Notices

Gut Health Talks
Gut issues contribute to a wide range of problems so if you, your children or family members suffer from any of the below – This talk is a must

Constipation, IBS, Chronic fatigue, Autism, Skin Issues, Brain Fog, Depression, Low energy, Eczema, Behavioural Issues, Hormone Issues, Immunity Issues.

Piko Wholefoods
229 Kilmore Road

October 27th 6pm – 8pm
October 29th 1pm -3pm
Tickets $10
Bookings Essential email to secure your space

For More information

Lincoln Light Party (a positive alternative to Halloween) is happening on Tuesday October 31st 5:30-7;30pm @ Lincoln Baptist Church 530 Birchs Road Lincoln $2 entry fee (adults free) or $5 per family food, games, entertainment, horse rides, face painting, balloon animals and crafts



Please bring a bag or two of clothing you no longer need, want or fit and exchange them for “new” second hand items. The more bags you bring the more bags you can take home. Ladies, Mens, Kids and Babies clothing welcome.



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