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Week 3 Newsletter

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Week 3 12/2/18

Monday – PCG Elections
Tuesday – ‘Drop in Hour’ with Liz 9am-10am
Thursday – Parent information evening 3.30pm or 7pm, RSVP to the office.

Friday – Te Kakano & Te Pihinga Sports Uniform Day

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Week 4 19/2/18

Monday – PCG Meeting

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Message from Staff

Kia ora koutou,

Hope you all had a blessed holiday! One of my favourite things right now is my summer evening strolls around Hagley Park or the Gardens after work. These walks are such a great way to end my day in thanks as I enjoy the warm weather and beautiful flowers!

This year I am working alongside Dennis within Te Mahuri. We have a wonderful bunch of year 6-8s, and I am encouraged by their enthusiasm to step into their role as seniors. As a senior, students are invited to participate in a variety of new opportunities including lunch time clubs and leadership roles like peer mediation and leading school assemblies. These activities ask for time and commitment but provide a great platform for growth and development.

Recently I read Brené Brown’s book “Braving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone.†Brown examines the concept of human connection, and how connection is fundamental for how we understand ourselves, and the development of our relationship with others. She gives one example of a cinema full of people connected by the death of a main character in a film. All the patrons are connected through the collective sadness of the character’s passing; a point in time where this human connection is greater than any personal differences of belief and opinion found in the room.

By joining a club, a sport, or a leadership group, students have a chance to experience the collective human connection Brown expresses above. The dedication of aiming to get to the top of a sport’s table, or witnessing the joy which comes from the sound of orchestral instruments playing together, provides students with a chance to see their peers from a perspective different to within the classroom. By creating these moments of human connection, we develop a platform to listen more clearly to others. It is this human connection which Brown explains helps us to “deepen mutual understanding†with other people, even when they differ in opinion to ourselves.

I think one of the greatest things about Brown’s reflection on connection is that through Jesus, we have a wonderful example of what true connection looks like. Jesus taught us to love first. He connected with people without accepting the label society had given them, and he listened. He listened to where they had come from, their worries, their thankfulness; and in doing so, he created a connection which would not only transform their lives, but served as transformation for whole communities.

This week I encourage you to reflect on the relationships your child has – how can they further those connections, how can they build new connections and understanding? Are they reflecting Jesus through their words and actions?

Blessings for the week ahead!




A warm welcome to RCS!
Nathan Galloway

Callie Reynolds
Leon Stone

General Notices

Health Information & Permission Forms
Nice to see lots of these coming back to the office this morning. If you haven’t returned your forms please do this asap. This form provides us with important information and is a good time to update new information that we may not have.

Te KÄkano parents and caregivers
Kia ora, from this week on please pick up your Te KÄkano children from outside their labelled kohÄnga door that they use to enter and exit each day. If it is raining they will be waiting in the shared space (assembly area) and you can collect them from there at 3pm. Please wait outside until your children are released.

Blessings from the Te KÄkano team.

PE Shirts
This year we have introduced PE shirts to our uniform.  These are to be worn during PE sessions and for special events.  The Hubs have PE on the following days:

Te Kakano – Friday
Te Pihinga – Friday
Te Mahuri – Daily

Home Learning
The Home Learning Matrix is till being prepared, so this week the focus should be on setting up your regular Home Learning routines.  Children should be doing the following daily:

Te Kakano
– Read the day’s reading book aloud
– Learn any sight words or spelling words that come home
– Practise counting forwards and backwards in fun ways eg. board games, songs etc

Te Pihinga
– Read to Self for 10-15 minutes
– Learn any spelling words that come home
– Practise basic facts in a fun way eg. games, or online.

Te Mahuri
– Read to Self for 15-20 minutes
– Learn any spelling words that come home
– Practise basic facts in a fun way eg. games, or online.

Parent Help Required – Library Helpers
We are needing parent help in our Library.  Some of the tasks are:
1. Book covering
2. Library and book reader returns
3. Entering books in to our library system
4. Daily cleaning and tidying of the space
If you can help, please get in touch with Cristene via email or in person.Uniform Shop
For new or second hand uniforms.
Monday & Thursday 9-2pm or via email.

Important Dates Monday 12th February – PCG (Parent Community Group) meeting – (elections for committee team)

Thursday 15th February 3.30pm or 7pm – Start of Year Information Evening. Please RSVP to Office via email

Monday 19th February  PCG Planning Meeting.  All welcome, come along, be part of this amazing group and make your skills & input count in supporting our school community.

Teacher Only Day Monday 12 March.  Staff are attending a professional day with an international speaker at Middleton Grange School.

Tuesday 3rd April – No School. Easter Extra Long Weekend – please note that schools also have the Tuesday off.

Friday 13 April – End of Term 1

Monday 30 April – Start of Term 2

PCG Notices

PCG Elections – 7pm Tonight
The PCG are holding a special meeting tonight to elect the key roles in the group, prior to creating the 2018 plan.The key roles for the group are listed below:1. Chairperson
2. Secretary
3. Treasurer
4. Head of Pastoral Care
5. Head of Curriculum Support
6. Head of Fundraising
7. Head of Community EventsAll other members of the PCG have an important role in supporting these leaders, and potentially taking a lead role in an individual project.

It is important that people come to the meeting having thought through the level of commitment they are able to make, along with their personal gifts and passions they are able to bring.People must be nominated for a position prior to voting, so if you are interested in one of the positions or know someone you believe would be good for a role, please have these discussions prior to the meeting on Monday.

If you are unable to attend the meeting please send your nominations in via email and this will count as your vote.


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