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Week 3 Term 2 Newsletter


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Week 3 14/05/18 Must Knows

Monday – PCG Meeting – All Welcome 7-9pm RCS Staff Room

Tuesday – Drop in Hour with Liz – Reading Listening Training

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Week 4 21/05/18 Must Knows

Monday – Mobile Library Bus

Tuesday – Drop in Hour with Liz

Friday – School Cross Country

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Message from Staff

To our beautiful RCS mothers,

Happy Mother’s Day

Being a mother is a natural position that the Lord grants every woman. Whether you have birthed, fostered, adopted, mentored, or simply just loved a child, you have brought LIFE into this world. And isn’t mothering a glorious thing! You have the capacity to love each child with every fibre of your being. You willingly sacrifice your time, your energy, your resources, your bodies, your wants, your desires and your needs. All for the benefit of the children that God has placed in your life.

You lovely mothers that come to our school every day, I want to encourage you. We see. We see the beautiful lunches you have prepared, we see the book bags tucked in the back of the school bags, we see the washed uniforms, and the gelled and plaited hair styles. We see the kisses and cuddles, the sad hugs goodbye. We see the reminders to try their best, as you rush off to your next task. We see you trying to quieten your little ones during assembly so as to not distract those getting certificates – a near impossible task!  We see your service to the school, your dedication to prepare this place for the future generations. We also see the tasks you are trying to juggle, we see you trying your best, we see the weariness some of you carry. We see the heartbreak you feel when your child has made a wrong choice, we see the guilt, we see the feelings of not being ‘enough’, and the tears when life has got too much. We see YOU. And we think that you are amazing!

Mothers, God loves you! A simple but profound truth. He loves you in every moment, yes, even when you feel you haven’t mothered your best. Sometimes the call to mothering can feel too much. Yet when we turn to the scriptures, we see often David echoing the cries of our hearts. God has got a plan much bigger than our current circumstances.

So this mother’s day, we honour you and all you do for the children in your life. We lift you up in our prayers. We pray that Holy Spirit would anoint you as you continue on faithfully serving through sacrifice. We pray that you would find rest, not only naturally but spiritually too. That you would go to Jesus just as he calls in Matthew 11:28, and find rest in him. We pray that there would be a convincing knowing in your spirit that would remind you that YOU ARE ENOUGH. Those who you mother, could not survive without you being who you are. God has placed children in your life for His purpose. You ARE the right person to be guiding and loving them through this life.

Be blessed,

Kendra Liggett

(ps. I personally want to thank all of you who have mothered me over the years. The reminders, the challenges, the encouraging words, the cooked meals, the compliments, the corrections, the gifts, the prayers – you are a reminder of God’s love towards me) 

This Week’s Memory Verse


Happy Birthday!Mikayla Erskine

General Notices

Paid Union Meeting
There is another Paid Union Meeting for the staff on June 20 in the afternoon.  This meeting is a follow up to the previous Union Meeting regarding teacher and principal contracts.  It would be greatly appreciated if you could show your support for the teaching profession by picking your children up at lunchtime (1pm).  If this is not possible the school is still open, so please let us know by emailing the office that your child will be remaining at school so we can arrange for the appropriate number of staff to stay behind.

School Cross Country
Our annual school cross country will be held on Friday 25 May from 9-11.30am.  Everyone is welcome to come along and support the children.  As this is predominately a Whanau Group event could the children please wear Whanau Group colours. ( Pukeko – red, Kiwi – green, Toroa – yellow, Piwakawaka – blue)

For your convenience we have Lunchonline – an online ordering service for lunch orders. To register and order visit their website.
Monday – No Service, Tuesday – No Service – see notice, Wednesday – PitaPit, Thursday – Sushi Factory, Friday – Subway

Tuesday Lunch Service
After much thought and discussion we have decided that we will no longer continue with School Lunches (in its current format) due to it being very uneconomical for us as a business. Even if we combined Lemonwood and Rolleston Christian we would only get to about 25% of the numbers we need to make it viable. Therefore we will be ceasing this arrangement as of today.

However, I would like to table the option for a once a term (or as required) Fish and Chip Day as a possible fundraiser for the schools.

Cheers, Rick Irvine – Hooked Rolleston
55 Faringdon Boulevard, Rolleston

Community Dental Van
The mobile dental van will be visiting Rolleston Christian in the coming weeks. Only the children who currently require a check-up will be seen at this visit.  Please do not be concerned if your child is not called for a check-up this time as we will be back later in the year to see all enrolled children.
Your child may receive the following at their check-up; X-rays, Fissure sealants, Fluoride treatment, Scaling.
If you have any queries regarding the above, please call our Call Centre on 0800 846983.

Please remember that if your child is sick, particularly with a tummy bug, you give them a reasonable amount of time to recover before sending them back to school.  This helps to avoid the spread of sickness in the school.

Winter uniform is worn during Terms 2 & 3.  Thank you to Callie & Aiden Reynolds for modelling to us the appropriate winter gear for your reference.Boys: RCS Polo Shirt, RCS Shorts or RCS Winter Pants, RCS Polar Fleece, Black Thermal Top, Black Winter socks, Black Shoes
Girls: RCS Polo Shirt, RCS Skort or RCS Winter Pants, RCS Polar Fleece, Black Thermal Top, Black stockings/socks, Black Shoes


Uniform Shop Hours: Monday & Thursday 9-2pm or via email, for new or second hand uniforms. Ask about our layby option.

Health & Safety Notices 

Parking – Just a reminder, please do not park on the yellow lines and on the pedestrian lanes. Also be aware that there is parking in Foster Park and you can access school through a mowed footpath through the forest areas.

Gates – Please make sure that you do not let any other children out when leaving the school grounds with your own children.

Speed Changes – Please note that the speed limit has changed outside our school to 50k/h and surrounding areas.

Late/Sickness – If your child is late (bell rings at 8.55am) or sick, please advise the office, as soon as possible. If you are removing a child from class during the school day, please call in and advise the office.

2018 Important Dates 

2018 School Term Dates

Term 2 starts: Monday 30 April

Friday 25th May – Cross Country 9-11.30am

Queens Birthday: Monday 4 June – No School

Wednesday 20th June – Paid Union Meeting 1pm

Term 2 finishes: Friday 6 July

Term 3 starts: Monday 23 July

Term 3 finishes: Friday 28 September

Term 4 starts: Monday 15 October

Labour Day:  Monday 22 October- No School

Show Day: Friday 16 November – No School

Teacher Only Day: Monday 19 November – No School

Term 4 ends: Wednesday 19 December, 2pm

PCG Notices

PCG Meeting
Parent Community Group will be tonight 14th May 7pm-9pm at RCS Staff Room. You are welcome to attend. The PCG welcomes all your ideas, input and support!

Entertainment Books
2018/19 Entertainment books will be coming home on Tuesday with your child.  Please be sure to collect from their bag and take a look through, you will see plenty of great offers.  There will be information included explaining what you do if you wish to purchase or return.
Pre-order to support Rolleston Christian School
Give Mum an Entertainment Membership this Mother’s Day and she can enjoy more than 12 months of valuable dining, shopping and travel offers! Buy from us today and you’ll also be supporting New Playground. Hurry! It’s your last chance to get the bonus Early Bird Offers before they’re gone…
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Here are just a few of the many offers to enjoy with an Entertainment Membership:
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