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Week 4 Newsletter


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Week 4 Must Knows:

– Library Bus – Te Pihinga

– As part of LIGHTS RCS will be doing an Immersion Day with Matt from EnviroSchools. Please return completed Mihi forms by Monday (form were sent with your child during the week)

– Senior Sports

Week 5 Must Know:

– Teachers Only Day

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Message from Staff

Hello everyone

This week it is my turn to add a few thoughts to the newsletter.

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is loveâ€. 1 Corinthians 13:13

Over the last two weeks, and continuing this week, Te Pihinga has been looking at the bicultural aspect of life in New Zealand. I have been working with the students on the different values that are important to the MÄori people of Taumutu (and, I am sure, throughout New Zealand).

It is interesting to note that Love – Aroha – is first on the list of these values. Because it is also one of our school values, the children quickly understood why it is so important. Love is a foundation stone for relationships in our school culture and also in the culture of those who have lived in this area before us.

In 1 Corinthians 13, Paul wrote about love. No doubt many of you have substituted your name in place of “love†in this passage and (if you’re like me) found yourself wanting. But what a marvellous goal to aspire to. Certainly, I have seen love displayed regularly in our school. Students looking after each other, older family members looking out for younger ones, parents and children caring for their friends and family, staff towards students and also students towards staff. As Mandy Cleave mentioned a couple of weeks ago in her newsletter blurb, a school culture doesn’t just happen, it takes time to grow and evolve. It is wonderful to be part of the growing culture of Love – Aroha that is part of Rolleston Christian School and to see it working with Hope, Excellence and Peace to grow our children and strengthen our community. I am proud to be a part of this journey we are on.


Gabby Nuthall

RCS Community Consultation 2017

FINAL WEEK- Don’t miss out in having your say

For the past three years the Board and Staff at Rolleston Christian School have been focussed on the establishment phase of the school. The Board is satisfied it is now time to move into the next phase of the school’s life, so will be having a retreat in June to set the vision and strategic goals for the next five years. The Board is keen to hear your views about this next phase and where the priorities should lay. We appreciate you taking the time to prayerfully answer the following questions. Please uphold the Board in prayer as they work together to bring glory to God in this school.

Click here to FILL OUT SURVEY

Winter School Uniform

RCS Winter School Uniform: (Term 2 & 3)
Polar Fleece, Polo Shirt, Shorts/Skort or Pants, Black Socks, Black Shoes.
Children can wear black thermal tops under their polo shirts, black stockings/black winter woollen socks and black rain jackets.

UPDATE: there has been a delay in production of our Winter Pants, our uniform provider can not provide a delivery time as yet. We will keep you posted when we hear anything. In the meantime, if you think you may want to order some, please email Cristene your order.

FREE Dental Care for Children 


One of our Community Dental Service preventive mobiles will be visiting your school soon.

We will be aiming to see that all school age children enrolled with the Community Dental Service have their dental check-up in the dental mobile while it is there. To do this we will be asking the school to provide your child’s name, address and your contact information.

The dental therapist will not only be checking the children’s teeth but will also Xray, clean, and apply protective treatments fluoride and or Fissure sealants (coating put on teeth to prevent decay) if required. If your child requires further dental care such as fillings they will bring home a ‘Care Plan’ which will explain what dental care and appointment times are required. When you receive the ‘Care Plan’ please contact our Call Centre as soon as possible as you will need to arrange a time to bring your child to one of our Community Clinics for this dental care

Please let us know ASAP if you do not wish your child to have any of this care, you can talk to the staff in the mobile or phone/email our Call Centre

If you wish to be present at your child’s check up this will need to take place at our community clinic so please phone/email our Call Centre to make an appointment. Please contact our Call Centre if you want further information on the Community Dental Service, to enrol your child or if you have any specific questions about your child’s dental care (a dental therapist will call you back) To contact our Call Centre: phone 0800 846 983 / email

Winter Sport Year 7 & 8

Held at Clearview Primary School commencing by 1.30pm. Cancellation will be made before 11am on the day. We require some parent help with supervision during the time they are away. If you can help with this, please email or see Mr Marshall.

Teachers’ Only Day

As published on our school website, we have a Teacher Only Day coming up on the Friday 2nd June before Queen’s Birthday Weekend.  Papa Jacks will be onsite all day for those of you who need supervision for your children.  Please see Beth after school to arrange this. The teachers will be working together to enhance our LIGHTS programme through the further development of assessment practices in this area.

Road Construction Around RCS 

Please be mindful and alert on your way to and from school and around the Aquatic Centre and Foster Park.

There is road widening on Springston Rolleston Road to Dynes along with a right turn bay into Dynes.  While the widening is happening on the opposite side of the road to our school, our side of Springston Rolleston between our entrance and Dynes may be used to store irrigation piping. This work is programmed to start in 2-3 weeks and should take around 6 weeks to complete.

Please note that there is also the Selwyn Aquatic Centre Carpark extension and Foster Park Carpark works starting next week with a 4 week construction period.  This will mean an increase in heavy vehicle movements around Broadlands Drive and the surrounding area.


School Attendance Roll
Please advise the office if your child will be absent for the day, or if you are taking them out early, or if they arrive late to school; so that they are marked correctly in our school roll.

Facebook Page 
Reminder to follow our Rolleston Christian School Facebook page and join the Rolleston Christian School – Parent & Staff group for parent communication.

LunchOnline – Wednesday & Fridays

* Monday – Library Bus (fortnightly)

* Wednesday – Wheels Day

* Thursday – Kapa Haka
* Friday – 9am Devotional Assembly -11.45am Whanau Group Time -1.30pm Senior Sports-starts Week 3

What’s Coming Up

Information Session – New Zealand Education System 8th June 6pm
This is a session for families new to the NZ education system. Please mark it in your diary!Parent Literacy Session  8 June 7pm
Learn to teach your children how to appreciate books and develop general literacy skills.

Discipleship Explored – starts 16th May 9.30-10.30am
DE is an 8 week Bible study of Philippians focussing on the great love God has for us. I am running it with a small group focus, beginning on Tuesday 16th May starting at 9.30-10.30am and meeting at the same time each week for 8 weeks. During each session we will watch a 10-15min DVD clip then have discussion around a few questions. It fits nicely within an hour. Please talk to me if you would like more details or would like to join in – Amy 0212254653 Discipleship Explored is part of Christianity Explored Ministries 

Alison Mooney – Pressing the Right Buttons – 16th June 7-8pm – FREE EVENT – Limited Tickets
Are you being driven nuts by someone who can’t make up their mind? Or exasperated by someone’s need to get it perfect, every time! Perhaps you have a “Show Pony” in your life, that keeps horsing around, even before they talk! Or are you feeling short changed when the most “outspoken” person gets what they want every time. But in reality, those “weird’ people that you want to sort out, are the very same people who want to sort you out.  Perhaps they’re not ‘weird’, but just ‘wired’ in a certain way.

Alison will share with you:

  • The 4 personality types of people that you know.
  • The importance of understanding and respecting each others differences.
  • Alison’s talk “Pressing The Right Buttons† will make you laugh as you learn more about yourself, your friends, your family and your work mates.

Tickets available in RCS school office. 

From the PCG

Entertainment Books
The PCG will be selling The Entertainment Book again this year.  The link below allows you to buy the book all around the country, so please share it with friends and family. The school receives $13 for each book sold. There is a example book in the office foyer.PCG Box
There is a wooden box in the office foyer for anyone to place any anonymous prayer request, messages, suggestions, questions or information on people in need of meals. Please take advantage of this.

RCS Tree Raiser

Over the past year work has been done to begin a Food Forest at our school. The idea behind a food forest is that every plant has a purpose – some to feed the soil, some the wildlife, and others to feed us. We desire that as a Christian School, we will be able to use this space and its produce to show God’s love to others.

This is an opportunity to be a part of something that will leave a legacy – impacting many generations of students at RCS and the wider community. Our children will learn to grow their own food, to use it, and to give it away! This resource will be a great support for the curriculum and the gospel – very tangible learning experience in both areas – Jesus often used agrarian parables to bring to life his teaching.
We are currently looking for sponsors to help us by either providing money for a plant, or by donating a plant you have grown or purchased yourself.

A web page has been set up at where you can choose from a list of items what you might like to contribute.
Examples of values are fruit trees (apples, apricots, plums etc) $30, fruit bushes/vines (feijoa, grape, gooseberry etc) $20, compost, nz cranberries and stakes $5, seed mix $13, tree guards $2.

Please contact me if you would like more information or a hard copy of the list – Amy 0212254653


Community Notices

ASB School Banking
Encouraging children to save is still really important to ASB and myself.  Whilst we move more into a digital world it is still very important children understand positive savings behaviours and how money gets to their account.Kylie Rochford
School Account Manager

021 270 3583 mobile

RCS provides our school children this opportunity. Enquire in the office for more information.  Click here for Term 2 Savings tips

Selwyn Youth Choir
Calling all young singers aged 10 years and over: The Selwyn Youth Choir is starting up in Rolleston on Monday 15 May.  Rehearsals will run from 6-7 pm weekly on Monday nights. Cost is $50 per term, with a discount if you enrol with a friend!  Please email for details.


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