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Week 4 Newsletter

Coming up this Week:

Week 4 6/11/17

Monday – Library Bus

Thursday & Friday  – Year 6-8 Overnight School Camp

Next Week Must Knows

Week 5 13/11/17
Tuesday – Year 4-6 Parent Meeting
Wednesday – RCS Arts Celebration
Thursday – A&P Show School Trip
Friday – Canterbury Show Day (No School)

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Message from Staff

Kia ora koutou,

As week 4 approaches, I could not help but reflect on the excitement this term brings. Both myself and my year 6-8s are eagerly anticipating school camp next week,  particularly after practicing putting up our tents yesterday. Much to the amusement of myself and my colleagues, I was given the responsibility of helping co-ordinate this endeavour. The closest I had ever come to putting up a tent was holding up a pole for someone else, so it was anyone’s guess as to how it would all turn out. However with the perseverance of the children (backed by some wonderful parent support at home and at school), the morning was a success; the great outdoors here we come!

In many ways, camping works as a great analogy for one of the concepts we have been looking at during Circle Time this week. We have been reflecting how we cannot always change what happens to us, but how we can still choose our reaction. No matter how much your prepare for a relaxing camping trip, you cannot guarantee that there will be fine weather. Your dream holiday sitting reading a book in the sun as food is cooked on the barbeque, may be quickly disrupted by gale force winds or torrential rain. And yet, with the right mind-set, there is still opportunity to find relaxation amidst the storm.

This time of year sees my senior students preparing themselves for change; year eights look forward to new experiences at high schools, year sevens step up to the leadership roles their peers have left behind, and year sixes move into intermediate. The mind-set which these students choose to take as they venture into the unknown will be pivotal to their growth and success in these new environments. Reflecting on what they control, and putting their trust in God in areas they cannot, helps remove insecurity and frustration, and instead places them in a position of strength and opportunity. They can begin to build resilience in times of trial, seek guidance about how best to address circumstances and be reassured in the freedom knowing that the Lord’s “constant love [which] fills the earth†(Psalm 33: 5) is ever present.

Whatever stage your child is at school, I encourage you this week to reflect with your children about what it means to view the world through a sense of opportunity.  When we turn our fearfulness into a praise of thankfulness for the light which remains, we transform a self-centred worry into an empowered energy; an energy  which can then be used to serve the most constructive outcome. Remind your child there is seven weeks of learning during which they can achieve or make progress towards their academic and social goals. Of if they have not already, why not set some goals? There is nothing better for children then to know that their parents and teachers are working prayerfully behind them about a goal which is personal to them.

Many blessings for the week ahead!


CelebrationsHappy Birthday to:
Jayden Salisbury

Newsletter – Printed Form

We will be doing a trial for 3 weeks, to see whether there is an up take on a printed form of our newsletters. These will be pinned on the community noticeboard (located by main learning building by main door), everyone welcome to take one.

Week 6 – 20/11/17

Monday 20th November 2017 is Teacher’s Only Day. Therefore there will be no school day for your children.

Meeting for Year 4-6 Parents

14 November, 7pm @ RCS  

Please remember to RSVP this week. 

The Christian Schools Trust, in partnership with the school, will be holding a meeting for the parents of students in Years 4-6.  The purpose of this meeting is to build a collaborative vision for developing our Years 7-8 programme, and potentially beyond, as we grow bigger.  We will also be looking at the pathways through the Christian Education Network and how these can work for your family.  If you have a child in Years 4-6 we would appreciate you making the effort to attend this meeting.

RSVP to the office by emailing (click here) before 10th November 2017.

RCS Arts Celebration

On Wednesday 15th November (week 5) RCS is going to be having a Whanau group Arts Celebration and all family and friends are invited to attend. It will be from 12:30 until 2:30, with the children’s lunch break in the middle from 1:15-1:45. Over the past one and a half terms each Whanau group has been working on putting together an item that involves acting, dancing, singing and music. The children have all been practising very hard and are excited to share the finished product with you. It will be held in the main assembly space and we look forward to seeing you there.

The times are as follows (estimated time for performances):
12:30- Start
12:40- Piwakawaka’s performance
1:00- Toroa’s performance
1:15- 1:45- Children’s lunch time
1:55- Pukeko’s performance
2:15- Kiwi’s performance
2:30- Finish

RCS Scholastic Book Fair

HELP – Can you help man our Shop?

Our School Scholastic Book Fair is coming up on Monday 27th Nov – 1st December. We are looking for volunteers to man our ‘shop’. See above schedule for times.

Task Description:

Open – opens the shop, counts the float and sets up eftpos machine, restocks shelves, sales  & record keeping

Close – sales & record keeping, counts the float, packs up shop, cover books, takes cash to Kendra’s Office for safekeeping, End of Day eftpos report (only afternoon shift), colour our target (afternoon shift only)

Gift wrapper – sales & record keeping, gift wraps books

If you think you can bless our school community with some time to do this, please let me know by emailing Cristene or see our Facebook Parent page notice.

A & P Show Trip

Tomorrow (Tuesday) all children will be given an equipment list notice for the A & P Show. Your child must bring/wear what is required in order to have a safe and successful day.


After only a few days of No-wrap-vember TOROA has amazed the Nature Group with how little rubbish they have in their lunch. Well done Toroa! There are still plenty of days left to reduce lunch box rubbish, so keep up the great work!  We are doing this for the whole of November and hopefully beyond.

Term 4 Home Learning

See previous newsletters for this term’s Home Learning

School Uniform

We are heading to hot sunny days therefore please ensure your child is wearing RCS Sunhat when outside. No sunhat = no outside play. Please make sure that these are labelled. If you are needing to purchase school uniform, please get in touch with Cristene via email.

Summer Uniform
RCS Sun Hat
RCS Short/Skort
RCS Polo
RCS Polar Fleece – on cold days
Black shoes/sandals

Sports Uniform

We have purchased our school sports shirt. This will become compulsory as of Term 1 2018, these will be worn during PE times and any sporting activities the kids may be doing ie. Kelly Sports

These will be available for purchase now in the office $27.50 per shirt or $25 if paid upon collection.

Sports Uniform will be:
– RCS Sports Shirt
– Plain Black Shorts
– Black Sports shoes and socks.

Dates to Mark on your Diary

20th November 2017 – Teacher Only Day (No School, Papa Jacks available)
16th November 2017 – RCS A&P Show – School outing
12th December 2017 – End of Year Assembly 5.30pm-7.30pm at Rolleston College
19th December 2017 – Last day of School (Papa Jacks available from 20th December)

31st January 2018 – First day of School for 2018

Papa Jacks Before & After School Care 

Dates to Note: 
Term 4 on the 19th we will start at 2.00pm
Pre Xmas – Wednesday 20th to Fri 22nd Dec
Jan Holidays Mon 8th  Jan  to Tuesday 30th Jan 2018

From the PCG

What is the PCG all about?
The Parent Community Group’s Role
The Parent Community Group are an entity of the school, and therefore under the authority of the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees is the governing body of the school, setting the strategic direction of the school and keeping the leadership of the school accountable for the day-to-day management of the school as it heads towards the strategic goals.

The PCG is intended as a group in which parents and other school community group members, eg. grandparents, can be actively involved in supporting the Board and School Leadership to meet the strategic goals, thereby enhancing the educational experience for all members of the school community, but primarily the children attending RCS.Mission Statement
As a group we are here to bring glory to God as together we grow a school community that equips, encourages and supports each other to be a blessing to the community.  We meet twice a term on a Monday evening in the school office, not everybody can make every meeting and that’s ok.

We need you!

PCG Pastoral Care

Please if you know about anyone in need of meals or any kind of pastoral care matter, please send us an email to or use the PCG Box in the office foyer.

5 Minutes with Amy from the PCG

What do you enjoy most about being a member of the PCG?
I enjoy the opportunity to support the teachers in their classroom curriculum by offering ideas and taking on ideas that they come up with. Unfortunately I’m limited as to time and ability with some of them, and could do with a few more hands to see them through to completion! 

Tell us a little bit about your family and what a fun day in your house looks like?
My husband Blair, and I have four boys ranging from 1 to 7. We attend Rolleston Baptist Church and enjoy serving as a part of our community in a number of ways. I really love days at our house where we potter around doing everyday life and work on tasks together – involving our boys in what we do and talking with them as we go. I love seeing the boys learning about everyday things we just accept without question so often. Often on these days at home in summer, the sprinkler comes out and we end up with four very wet, very crazy boys running around the garden for hours!

Please tell us more about your role in Curriculum support in the PCG?
The idea is that when a need arises with the teachers, or an idea comes from parents, I explore the options and find out if the idea can work for both the school and the goal of the PCG. I then try to follow it through – this can be a small task or a much bigger one. The food forest is one of our very large and on-going tasks for the last few years. It will continue to grow and evolve as the years go by! 

What is your favourite dessert?
Wow, well I had a chocolate and peanut butter cup type thing from coffee culture a while ago that I really loved, does that count? 



Community Notices

Active Kids Holiday Programmes

Registrations now open for January School Holidays– book online!

Week 1 – Mon 15th – Fri 19th *LINCOLN *WESTBURN *PAPANUI
Week 2 – Mon 22nd– Fri 26th *CHCH BOYS HIGH * ROLLESTON

  • Join us for a week of action packed fun and adventure
  • Delivered by enthusiastic, fully trained staff
  • OSCAR approved; WINZ subsidies apply
  • 8am starts and single day bookings available

P 03 373 50 60

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