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Week 5 Newsletter

Coming up this Week:

Week 5

Te Pihinga – Kelly Sports Day (Please wear whanau coloured sports clothes)

Te Kakano – Kelly Sports Day (Please wear whanau coloured sports clothes)

Active Kids Session with Rolleston College

Next Week Must Knows

Week 6

Library Bus – Te Kakano

2pm – School Closed early due to Teacher meeting – see notice below

Informative Afternoon Tea with Miss Horn 2-3pm

Watch out for A&P Show Permission and Volunteer Forms – these will be coming home on this day.

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Message from Staff

Dear Parents,

What a busy week we have had here at RCS!  Our Bee/planting day last Monday was a lot of fun, very informative, and nicely productive.  The children learnt a lot from the experts that came in to share with them and the kids asked some excellent questions that showed curiosity and depth of thinking.  We also got approximately 50 fruit trees into the ground despite the rain!  Thank you to the PCG team for all the hard work that went into preparing for the planting of the Food Forest – what an exciting project to see coming into fruition!

Then cheese roll production day on Saturday.  Thank you to everyone that came along and helped to roll cheese rolls – it continues to be one of my favourite days in the RCS calendar. An amazing opportunity to connect with the school community. A very big thank you to the PCG for the planning and preparation that went into the day!

The money raised through the Spellathon and the Cheese Rolls will be going towards fitting out a new library space for the school that will be coming next year. We are looking forward to having a space where the joy of reading and books is promoted.

Thank you to those parents that have filled in the survey that came home last week.  Your voice is important for us to understand the question – ‘What is going on for our learners?’

As mentioned in my explanation two weeks ago, we are gathering information about the 7 Principles for Learning identified by the OECD. I thought it would be good for you to understand what international research says underpins good teaching and learning, so you are aware of where we are looking for ways to improve –
1. Learners at the Centre; The learning environment recognises the learners as its core participants, encourages their active engagement and develops in them an understanding of their own activity as learners.
2. The Social Nature of Learning; The learning environment is founded on the social nature of learning and actively encourages well-organised co-operative learning.
3. Emotions are Integral to Learning; The learning professionals within the learning environment are highly attuned to the learner’s motivations and role of emotions in achievement.
4. Recognising Individual Differences; The learning environment is sensitive to the individual differences of the learners in it, including their prior knowledge.
5. Stretching all Students; The learning environment devises programmes that demand hard work and challenge from all without excessive overload.
6. Assessment for Learning; The learning environment operates with clarity of expectations using assessment strategies consistent with these expectations; there is a strong emphasis on formative feedback to support learning.
7. Building Horizontal Connections; The learning environment strongly promotes ‘horizontal connectedness’ across knowledge and subjects, as well as to the community and the wider world.

When you look at this list of the things teachers are thinking about while implementing their teaching and learning programmes, along with being a stable, loving and caring adult in a child’s life and building strong partnerships with each of you as parents, you can begin to see why teaching is a demanding profession that requires the support and respect of our communities!

We are looking forward to focussing our efforts towards the area we can make the biggest difference to our students, and we appreciate your support and constructive feedback along the way.

Many blessings,



Welcome to RCS
Katerina Blair

Happy Birthday
Jiao Jiao Li-Mchenry
Jakobi Reilly

Head Lice

It is going around in our school. Please be vigilant in checking your child’s head.

Head lice facts

Head lice are a common problem throughout the World. They are highly contagious and are easily picked up on contact with others that are infested or their personal belongings.
Head Lice…

  • Are small, flat insects about 2-3mm long (the size of a sesame seed)
  • Live on the human scalp
  • Breed all year round
  • Are normally grey/brown in colour
  • Cannot jump, fly or swim
  • Do not carry disease
  • Remain on the head after swimming or showering

What to look for

For school age children check for head lice once a week. You will not need to do this if you are using Nit-Enz Organic Shampoo twice a week, as recommended.
Check the whole scalp for insects and their eggs, especially:

  • Around the hair line and at the back of the neck
  • Behind the ears
  • On the crown of the head

Scratch marks or a rash can be a sign that head lice are present. Head lice may cause itching, but do not usually cause disease. Not all children complain of an itchy head. Occasionally scalp infections requiring treatment may develop.

Life cycle

Female lice lay about 7 – 10 eggs each night, close to the scalp. Eggs are glued firmly onto the hair shaft, no more than 1cm from the scalp. They are normally a grey/brown colour and are difficult to see (prior to shampooing with Nit-Enz). Eggs hatch every 7 – 10 days and a louse can live for 40 days.

For Treatment –  click this link,   it is an all natural product that you can buy at both of the Rolleston Pharmacies.

Early Finish 


Week 6 Monday 28th August – 2pm

We will be finishing at 2pm on the date above.  This early finish allows the staff to have extra long staff meeting on this day in order to do collaborative work on the enhancement of the teaching and learning programmes.

Papa Jacks will be available on the above dates, should you need their service. Contact them directly on 03-347 7384.

Coming up

On Wednesday, September the 6th from 4-6 pm we are holding an interactive Maths information evening at school. Come with your children who will be showing you what maths looks like at RCS!

Safe Travel Plan

As the school continues to grow bigger we need to develop a Safe Travel Plan for our students to get to and from school. In order to develop this plan it is important that we have the perspective of our school community.  Please fill in this short survey to help us build an understanding of your perspective.


RCS Timetable
7.15am – 8.30am   Papa Jacks
8.30am                  School Grounds Open
8.55am                  Formal Learning Starts
1pm                       Lunch
3pm                       School Finishes
3.15pm                  School Grounds Close
3pm – 6pm             Papa Jacks available

Please Note:
– If children arrive before 8.30am and are not picked by 3.15pm there will be no teachers available to supervise your children.
– If children arrive after 8.55am, they are considered Late therefore must head to the Office for staff to mark them in the roll.
– Please also advise the office if your child will be absent for the day, if you are taking them out early, so that they are marked correctly in our school roll.

A reminder if your child has been vomiting or had diarrhoea they are to stay at home until 48 hours have passed since their last episode.

Facebook Page 
Reminder to like & follow our Rolleston Christian School Facebook page and join the Rolleston Christian School – Parent & Staff group for parent communication.

Weekly Schedule
* Monday – Library Bus (fortnightly)

* Wednesday – Wheels Day; LunchOnline

* Thursday – Kapa Haka
* Friday – 9am Devotional Assembly -11.45am,  Whanau Group Time,  LunchOnline

From the PCG

Thank you for your support, we are blessed to have many talents that serve our school.

Community Event – $10 ticket Friday 15th September 7.30pm-9.30pm

Growing Great Kids – An Evening with Ian Grant, founder of The Parenting Place.

Television host, radio presenter, and bestselling author of “Growing Great Boys and Growing Great Girls Ian Grant will be giving great tips on growing strong families in today’s world no matter what parenting stage you’re at!

Ian Grant has been an outstanding advocate for youth and parenting in New Zealand for many years. In 1993 Ian and his wife Mary established Parenting with Confidence Inc. (now The Parenting Place) the first resource centre for parents in New Zealand. He has authored six best selling books, featured on both radio and television, and even acted as a consultant to the Danish Government on pre-teenage community youth programmes!  Ian is a highly sought after speaker who will challenge and inspire you to be the best parent you can be.

If you have kids anywhere between 0-18, then this is for you!


Community Notices

An evening with Nathan WallisSeptember 4th, 7pm, Rolleston College

Positive parenting – Practical strategies for parents to encourage a positive mindsetThe Developing Brain
How your brain grows and learns is obviously central to success and well-being, yet it is only in recent years that we have even begun to understand how it works. There are ways we can help our children to develop by simply having an understanding of the brain. Nathan makes this topic easy to understand and uses everyday language to explain the huge power of the early years, the changes happening in the teenage years – and the ways to get it functioning at its best as much as is possible the rest of the time!

Inspirational and charismatic, Nathan’s ability to translate neuroscience into everyday life engages all audiences.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to hear him speak!

Please see the office for your free Tickets – Limited numbers – Only 5 left

Selwyn Sports Trust Presents – Girls On Court

For girls 11-14 years all skill levels welcome.
For more information click here

Looking to Sell?

List with Cheryl in August ready for Spring and I will donate $500 to the school or charity of your choice, click here for more information

Selwyn Athletic Club – Registration and Open Day – Come and Have a Go

Sunday 3rd  September 2017,
Brookside Park, Rolleston

Everyone welcome
Juniors (Age 4yrs -14),Seniors and Masters.

Athletes and those keen to assist and coach.

If you would like to know more and/or are unable to make it to registration day and would like to receive an electronic registration form
please email
Registrations after 3rd September will be accepted.

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