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Week 5 Newsletter

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Week 5 13/11/17

Tuesday – Year 4-6 Parent Meeting 7pm
Wednesday – RCS Arts Celebration
Thursday – A&P Show School Trip
Friday – Canterbury Show Day (NO SCHOOL)

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Week 6

Monday – Teachers Only Day – NO SCHOOL 
Tuesday – Pastor Marty coming with Christmas puppet show

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Message from Staff

Dear Parents,

Welcome to an exciting week at RCS!  Today is the only ‘regular’ day for the RCS students this week, with our dress rehearsal for the Arts Celebration tomorrow, then the actual Arts Celebration on Wednesday, followed by the A&P show on Thursday and ending with a day off school on the Friday.  It should be a great week!

I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank the staff for all the hard work they are currently doing.  Kendra has been doing a wonderful job of organising the trip to the A&P show, Emma had the daunting job of organising the senior camp with Dennis taken out of action with his injury, Emily and Gabby are leading the way with the organisation of the arts celebration, and Mandy has managed to get a Nature Group up and running, so we are seeing the introduction of no-wrap-vember and lunchtime gardening occuring, and the leadership team are busy preparing for next year. The staff are also currently writing reports and trying to ensure that the bee related projects are all a success.  It is a busy time of year!  Please remember that your prayers and words of encouragement make a huge difference to the lives of our staff, and in-turn the lives of your children.

Last week I had the joy of spending some time out at the Senior Camp.  What I enjoyed most was seeing the growth that has taken place in many of the children.  Things that may have once caused arguments were dealt with through conversation and negotiation, and situations that could have resulted in an emotional melt-down were avoided through the encouragement and support of the other children.  We did one team challenge that I have seen many a group dissolve into frustration over, but I was incredibly impressed by the communication skills, negotiation skills, lack of blame and genuine encouragement that the children demonstrated.  Seeing growth is probably the part of education I enjoy most, so the two days away brought genuine encouragement to me.

I think seeing this was also particularly encouraging when I think about how disappointed I have been feeling when reading the comments people have been making on social media about politics recently.  It has made me really question how the people in our country deal with differing opinions.  As a result I have been thinking carefully about how we teach and model to children ways to deal with differences.

In my family growing up we were taught to ‘own our statements’. We were not allowed to say “Broccoli is gross”, instead we had to say “I think Broccoli is gross”.  Having grown up with this very strict expectation I am particularly sensitive to noticing when people express a strong opinion that they don’t own. My mother will still tell me off for not owning a statement!  Another thing I have learnt is to be curious about where a person is coming from. Get curious not furious.  So when someone expresses their opinion, instead of getting angry and making assumptions about where the person is coming from get curious “What is it that you don’t like about broccoli?”  Another important lesson I have learnt from a leadership mentor is to avoid ‘global language’.  These are generalised words that have quite large meanings and could be interpreted differently by different people, for example respect is a word that might mean quite different things to different people.  For me another important one is to discuss the issue and not the person – this is something that we get taught as teachers.

Judging from the many comments on social media over the election season, it seems that we really need to be coaching our children and modelling to them how to work through a difference of opinion in a way that keeps everyone’s mana upheld and allows thinking and idealogy to be discussed in a way that means good things are able to come from working together to move forward.

I’m glad that our Living Christianly, Circle Time and LIGHTS programmes all allow for the children to explore these types of skills in genuine situations.  I pray that like our seniors, all our students would grow in these skills so we can see a generation of people stand up that have the skills to grapple with differences in a positive way in order to see great things happen.

Have a wonderful extra long weekend with your families. I pray God will bless this time richly!


Liz Horn

Meeting for Year 4-6 Parents

Tomorrow – 14 November, 7pm @ RCS  

The Christian Schools Trust, in partnership with the school, will be holding a meeting for the parents of students in Years 4-6.  The purpose of this meeting is to build a collaborative vision for developing our Years 7-8 programme, and potentially beyond, as we grow bigger.  We will also be looking at the pathways through the Christian Education Network and how these can work for your family.  If you have a child in Years 4-6 we would appreciate you making the effort to attend this meeting.

RSVP to the office by emailing (click here) before 10th November 2017.

RCS Arts Celebration

This Wednesday 15th November (week 5) RCS is going to be having a Whanau group Arts Celebration and all family and friends are invited to attend. It will be from 12:30 until 2:30, with the children’s lunch break in the middle from 1:15-1:45. Over the past one and a half terms each Whanau group has been working on putting together an item that involves acting, dancing, singing and music. The children have all been practising very hard and are excited to share the finished product with you. It will be held in the main assembly space and we look forward to seeing you there.

The times are as follows (estimated time for performances):
12:30- Start
12:40- Piwakawaka’s performance
1:00- Toroa’s performance
1:15- 1:45- Children’s lunch time
1:55- Pukeko’s performance
2:15- Kiwi’s performance
2:30- Finish

A & P Show Trip

Please ensure your child is adequately prepared for the A&P Show this Thursday. It is important that children are on time to school, after having a substantial breakfast. Please see the attached notice to remind yourselves about what will be happening on the day.

Please also note that the office will be closed from 11am on Thursday. Please contact our school cellphone for emergencies: 020 4550 265.

Week 6 – 20/11/17

Monday 20th November 2017 is Teacher’s Only Day. Therefore there will be no school day for your children.

RCS Scholastic Book Fair

HELP – Can you help man our Shop?

If you think you can bless our school community with some time to do this, please let me know by emailing Cristene or see our notice on the Facebook Parent page notice.


After only a few days of No-wrap-vember TOROA has amazed the Nature Group with how little rubbish they have in their lunch. Well done Toroa! There are still plenty of days left to reduce lunch box rubbish, so keep up the great work!  We are doing this for the whole of November and hopefully beyond.

Term 4 Home Learning

See previous newsletters for this term’s Home Learning

School Uniform

2018 Planning

Please mark in your calendars – Monday 29th January 2018 – 9am-12noon our Uniform Shop will be open for 2018 uniform purchases. However if you are wanting to purchase between now and then, please get in touch with Cristene via email.

Dates to Mark on your Diary

16th November 2017 – RCS A&P Show – School outing
20th November 2017 – Teacher Only Day (No School, Papa Jacks available)

12th December 2017 – End of Year Assembly 5.30pm-7.30pm at Rolleston College
19th December 2017 – Last day of School (Papa Jacks available from 20th December)

29th January 2018 – School Uniform Shop Open 9am -12noon
31st January 2018 – First day of School for 2018

Health & Safety 

Car Park Safety
Our Year 6-8 Students head out to Lincoln for technology on Wednesdays. You would notice that there is a bus parked outside the office, waiting for our learners. We ask you please to be courteous & patient of the driver as he parks the bus and collects our children.

Papa Jacks Before & After School Care 

Dates to Note:  Term 4 on the 19th we will start at 2.00pm | Pre Christmas – Wednesday 20th to Fri 22nd Dec | Jan Holidays Mon 8th  Jan  to Tuesday 30th Jan 2018

From the PCG

What is the PCG all about?
The Parent Community Group’s Role
The Parent Community Group are an entity of the school, and therefore under the authority of the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees is the governing body of the school, setting the strategic direction of the school and keeping the leadership of the school accountable for the day-to-day management of the school as it heads towards the strategic goals.

The PCG is intended as a group in which parents and other school community group members, eg. grandparents, can be actively involved in supporting the Board and School Leadership to meet the strategic goals, thereby enhancing the educational experience for all members of the school community, but primarily the children attending RCS.Mission Statement
As a group we are here to bring glory to God as together we grow a school community that equips, encourages and supports each other to be a blessing to the community.  We meet twice a term on a Monday evening in the school office, not everybody can make every meeting and that’s ok.

We need you!

PCG Pastoral Care

Please if you know about anyone in need of meals or any kind of pastoral care matter, please send us an email to or use the PCG Box in the office foyer.

5 Minutes with Tana from the PCG

What do you enjoy most about being a member of the PCG?
I have found that being in the PCG is a great way to build relationships with other families within the school as well as with the teachers and staff of RCS. Working alongside all of the volunteers has given me a greater sense of engagement with the school. I feel more like a partner in my children’s education rather than just a consumer.

Tell us a little bit about your family and what a fun day in your house looks like?
My family consists of my husband Richard and our two children – our daughter Callie is in year 5 and our son Aiden is in year 2. We moved to Rolleston from Atlanta, Georgia, USA just over a year ago. My kids are very artistic and crafty so most of their fun involves shreds of paper and pieces of tape scattered about the house. 🙂

Please tell us more about your role as Treasurer in the PCG?
As treasurer, I act as the liaison between the PCG and the Office Manager, Heather. Together, we ensure that the funds in the PCG bank account are properly deposited and accounted for. I maintain records of income and expenses for each initiative and fundraising event and ensure the budgets for each area are upheld. I am a geek, by nature, so I truly enjoy detail-oriented paperwork.

What is your favourite dessert?
My all-time favourite dessert is Sogno di Cioccolata from Carabba’s restaurant (in the US). That’s Italian for “Chocolate Dream†and what a dream!  It’s a fudge brownie with chocolate mousse, cream and chocolate sauce. Since it is not available locally, my second favourite is anything that contains raspberries.



Community Notices

Active Kids Holiday Programmes

Registrations now open for January School Holidays– book online!

Week 1 – Mon 15th – Fri 19th *LINCOLN *WESTBURN *PAPANUI
Week 2 – Mon 22nd– Fri 26th *CHCH BOYS HIGH * ROLLESTON

  • Join us for a week of action packed fun and adventure
  • Delivered by enthusiastic, fully trained staff
  • OSCAR approved; WINZ subsidies apply
  • 8am starts and single day bookings available

P 03 373 50 60

Here is an opportunity for some of your Triathlon students to have a test run before participating in the Canterbury Primary School Triathlon:

The Pak’nSave Triathlon is being held on the Sunday before the Primary & Intermediate Schools Triathlon. The course is more or less the same as the schools race with just the run being the opposite direction. It is the ideal opportunity for the children to have a test run over the course and get another race under the belts. More information and entry is available at

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