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Week 5 Newsletter


Coming up this Week:

Week 5 26/02/18

Tuesday – 9am Drop in session with Liz

Cheeserolls form out this week


Coming up next week

Week 6 5/2/18

Tuesday – 9am Drop in Hour with Liz
3.15pm  Learning Conferences

Wednesday – EARLY Finish 2pm
2pm Learning Conferences

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Message from Staff

Amazing to believe that we have reached the middle of the term!

Recently I have been reflecting on how quickly busy activities consume our time and can distract us from spending precious time with our creator. I read somewhere that “God is jealous†for our time. He wakes us up with new breath each day, that we may spend our days with Him. How many of us are guilty of filling our days with so many activities that by the end of it, there is no energy left to read the Word or spend time in prayer.

Over the past three weeks, I have been involved in my church’s ‘21 Days of Prayer’. It happens at the same time every year, often colliding with events at the beginning of the busy school year. Year after year, I feel compelled to make the sacrifice of time and spend that hour with God and my fellow believers every night in prayer. It has been a privilege to spend this undistracted time with God. It has taken effort and organisation to ensure this time has been effective. Making sure tea is cooked, meetings are left on time and not scheduling social occasions to clash with that hour. I have held that time in high regard. By the end of the 21 Days, it had become my new ‘normal’. It lead to revelation about how if I treasure the hour in these 21 Days so much, what about the other 344 days?

Perhaps your ‘God time’ is something to ponder as we wave goodbye to Summer and brace ourselves for Autumn. I find seasonal changes are a good time to reflect on the season that God has got you in. We are two months through the year, and I have no doubt that the other ten will fly by. The word for 2018 that God has given me is “Expectantâ€. No, I’m not expecting a baby anytime soon (hahaha) but I do feel a renewed sense of faith rise up as I reflect on the word. What is it this year that you are wanting to see happen in your life? What dreams do you have? What are the promises that God has given you? Do you have goals – financial, family, ministry? In yesterday’s service, one of our youth pastors preached on the promises of God. He said that some of us have put our faith in the promise and not the promiser. Again, a reminder to continue to seek Him.

I was encouraged with Pastor Andre’s word at assembly last week, reminding us that God has a plan. I’ve been listening to the Bible in One Year plan. Currently I am listening about Jesus’ ‘loaves’ miracles and Moses’ ‘face to face’ with God encounters. Both are testament to how God had a plan. Jesus knew the disciples didn’t have enough food in the natural to feed the people, but he knew that His father had a plan and he believed in it. Moses had a mammoth task ahead of him, leading the people in keeping the 10 Commandments. Yet, he believed that God had a plan, so much so that he trekked up a mountain to listen to it. I want to encourage you, believe that God has got a plan for your 2018. Spend time with Him, listening, and have faith that this year is going to be your best yet!

Be blessed,
Kendra Liggett


A warm welcome to RCS!
Jalouq Family
Abby Downes-Diack

Xavier Moore
Regan Stone

General Notices

Learning Conferences

We have our Learning Conferences coming up in Week 6 (next week).  It is important that you take the time to come and meet with your child’s teacher to discuss their learning.  These Learning Conferences are intended to get everyone on the same page with a child’s learning – Child, Teacher and Parents, your input and the child’s input are highly valuable in this process.  Generally we have the children present at the Learning Conference.  If your child’s teacher feels that there would be benefit in meeting with you without the child there they will let you know so you can make separate time to meet.  Like-wise if there are specific things you would like to discuss without your child present please contact your child’s teacher.
To book please go to and use the code bnw3u.

Health Information & Permission Forms
If you haven’t returned your forms please do this asap. This form provides us with important emergency information and is a good time to update new information that we may not have.

Parent Help Required – Library Helpers
We are needing parent help in our Library.  Some of the tasks are:
1. Book covering
2. Daily cleaning and tidying of the space
If you can help, please get in touch with Cristene via email or in person.Uniform Shop – Hours
Monday & Thursday 9-2pm or via email, for new or second hand uniforms.

We are pleased to offer Layby Option as another payment option for your uniform needs. How it works:
1. Families come in and put uniform on layby.
2. We create an invoice with due date of 6months from date of layby.
3. Then start making payments from date of layby until due date.
4. You can collect items when it is paid in full.
5. We’ll follow up overdue layby after 6 months is up.
6. 10% discount does not apply to Layby option.

By giving this option, we hope that this may help families who may struggle in paying an upfront cost of a full set of uniform.

Important Dates 

Tuesday 6th & Wednesday 7th March – Learning Conference days. Please note Wednesday 7th March will be an early finish of 2pm due to learning conferences starting then.

Teacher Only Day Monday 12 March.  Staff are attending a professional day with an international speaker at Middleton Grange School.

Tuesday 3rd April – No School. Easter Extra Long Weekend – please note that schools also have the Tuesday off.

Saturday 7th April – Cheeseroll production Day

Friday 13 April – End of Term 1

Monday 30 April – Start of Term 2

PCG Notices

The PCG had an exciting planning meeting last week to develop the plan for 2018.  We are looking forward to achieving great things this year.As a group we have decided that we would like to support the CST with the development of the new building by fundraising for the outdoor aspects of the project, including a targeted 5-6 year old play area.  We will be looking to raise $30k over the next couple of years, so will need all hands on deck!

To raise this money we will be having our annual Cheese Roll fundraiser in early April.  We will need the full school community to get behind this through collecting orders and money prior to the production day (forms coming out soon) and then taking part on production day (April 7).  If each family are able to spend 3-4 hours helping out then we are able to make light work of the rolling!

We will also be holding a ‘Math-a-lon’ in Term 3.  This will involve getting sponsorship to learn basic facts. Our final fundraiser will be at the Rolleston Fireworks.  Keep your eyes open for ways you can help with this later in the year.

We are planning two community events, and possibly a third. There will be a school community disco and a school community Lego day.  Come along with the whole family to build connections with other school families.If you would like to get involved with the planning of any of these events then please let the office know.

Outdoor area for School Staff
The aim of the PCG’s next project is to provide a sheltered, more private outside area for all our staff to use when needed. It will be large enough to be used in other manners as well. This will be undertaken this term and will be situated out the front of the office building to make the most of sun available year round. It will consist of a hedge style layered planting, and some simple seating that can be moved easily around the grass area as needed. If you have any questions or are able to help at all with this project, can you please get in touch with Amy 0212254653.
The next PCG project will be a whole lot bigger – a Junior Playground so watch this space!


General Notice

The Incredible Years Parenting ProgrammeFREE to parents with 3-8 years olds
Monday mornings from 5th March 9.30-11.45am for 14 weeks
A fantastic opportunity to grow your parenting skills.
For More information contact
We have forms in the office if you are interested in participating.


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