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Week 5 Newsletter


Coming up This Week:

– Wheels day – Competent bike riders, who can navigate the dirt track can bring their bikes
– Mrs Nuthall & Mrs Cleave are away Wednesday afternoon – relievers on
– Fire Drill – please advise your child/ren that this is happening.

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Message from Staff

Kia ora RCS community,This week is another important week for building educational partnerships between home and school as we have our first set of Learning Conferences for the year.

Throughout the year you have four formal opportunities to understand your child’s learning at school – two Learning Conferences and two written reports.  We do encourage you to take up informal opportunities too though through conversations with your child or their teachers, or taking some time to look through their work books or profile sheets.

These Learning Conferences are largely about you, your child and their teacher getting onto the same page regarding the important aspects of your child’s learning at school. We believe that the children themselves have a crucial role to play in their own learning, hence they are an important part of the Learning Conferences. If you have questions or concerns you would like to discuss with a staff member without your child present you are welcome to arrange an alternative meeting to do this.

Much of the learning a child does at school is around what we call the ‘Graduate Attributes’.  All the students in Te Pihinga (the older end of the school) have worked through a self-reflection process to decide upon two goals related to the ‘Peace Attributes’.  These are things such as resolving conflict positively, working collaboratively with others, or self-regulating their emotions.  The children will be discussing these goals with you this week and we hope you will find ways you can support them in reaching their goals in this area.

The children and teachers will also share with you an academic goal for the next six months.  In Te Kakano (the junior school) this will be related to writing as this is the priority area for all students in Years 1 and 2.  If your child is a specific target student this year in a particular area the kohanga teacher will inform you of this at the Learning Conference.  Please make sure you understand from your child and their teacher what support they need from you at home to help them achieve their goals.

We look forward to seeing you all throughout the week,


Exploring the Values at Home

This week we will be looking at the emotion of Disgust!

When we see things we don’t like or understand we may feel disgusted, but Jesus models to us that we should love everyone. Jesus was constantly criticized by the religious leaders of the day, the wealthy and important in society because he loved people that others refused to.  He accepted people as they were and treated them with love and respect.

We will also be looking at how disgust can be a good thing. Feeling disgusted about certain things can lead us to have courage to bring change. Jesus was not afraid to go into people’s houses & lives and show love and compassion, to offer them healing, help, wholeness and provision.Questions:
1. What types of things disgust different people in your family?
2. Can you think about a time that each of you were disgusted by something that wasn’t helpful? eg. broccoli?
3. Can you think about a time that the adults in your family were disgusted by something and that led to you doing something positive/brought light to a situation?
4. What are some different things your family feels disgusted by at the moment? How could you make a positive difference in these situations?


Learning Conferences – THIS WEEK
Your first formal opportunity to discuss your child’s learning will be in Week 5.  Please book your time slots here: Password: tk69u. You are booking a meeting with your Kohanga teacher.Carpark and Pedestrian Lane
As we get busier, vehicles & pedestrians alike, please note:
* Use pedestrian lanes when navigating our carparks
* Our carpark is a ONE-WAY system so please follow the arrows around when entering our carpark.
If we can all follow this then we will avoid potential accidents. We appreciate your compliance on this. 

School Donations:
Thank you to those people that have responded quickly to the Donations Invoices that were sent last week. A reminder that paying these before March 31 allows you to claim back 33% of the payment in April.

Late Procedure
If your child arrives later than 9am, please come into the office and see Heather, so we can mark you on the roll.

Koha Box
We have a Koha Box available for those children that don’t have enough lunch or may have forgotten their lunch boxes. We welcome donation of non-perishable goods, please drop this off to the office.

* LunchOnline – Wednesday & Fridays
* Wheels Day – Wednesday
* Uniform Sale Hours – Thursday 8.30am – 3.30pm – pls make an appointment

* Devotional Assembly – Friday 9am
* Whanau Groups – Friday Afternoons

What’s Coming Up

Kapa Haka Performance – THIS Sunday 5th March 
We will be performing our Kapa Haka at the SPN Children’s Day Event, Sunday 5th March 2017 at 12noon. Please send us an email to if you child will/won’t be attending. We are required at site from 11am for a performance at 12noon. Children to wear school uniform for the performance part only.Swimming – Wednesday 7th March Wk6

Swimming lessons start in Week 6 on Wednesday and Friday afternoons starting Wednesday 7th March (note date change from Friday 10 March)and then twice weekly from the next week, 14 and 16 March (Wednesday and Friday) until the end of term (not counting Good Friday). There will be 10 lessons in total. Cost for swimming lesson is $30 per child. We walk down to Selwyn Aquatic Centre, 71 Broadlands Drive for this. We have been asked by the Aquatic Center for all participants to fill in a RCS Swimming Survey. (This helps with placement of students into groups).
Please Note: 
* If your child has been unwell with diarrhoea & vomitting they are not allowed to swim for 48 hours from the last episode.
* The only reason your child will be exempted from swimming is for medical reasons.
* The times are 12:30 – 1:30pm for Te Kakano and 1:30 – 2:30pm for Te Pihinga.
* If your child is NOT going to be having lessons when the school goes to the Selwyn Aquatic Centre, can you please email: Mrs Gabby Nuthall with his/her name and Kohanga group, or see her before or after school.Yr 1/2 Fundamental Movement Spectacular – Thursday 23rd March 
The Selwyn Sports Trust has teamed up with Lincoln University to implement a Yr 1/2 Fundamental Movement Spectacular. Similar to last years (and this year’s) sports spectacular, only catering for a different year group. The objective of this day, is to give children the opportunity to develop their fundamental movement skills essential to competently and confidently participate in a wide variety of physical activities, sports, and recreational pursuits. Research has shown that children who develop FMS are more likely to engage in sport and physical activity throughout adolescence and adulthood, leading to a healthier lifestyle. Fundamental movement skills are the basic building blocks for more complex and specialised movement skills and patterns. This event is targeted purely at year 1-2 students, this is due to the fact that year 1-2 students do not often get a chance to attend a sporting opportunities outside of school.

From the PCG

Parent Community Group

Your 2017 Leaders:
Chair – Jacqueline Pieterse
Secretary – Michelle Kidson
Treasurer – Tana Reynolds
Curriculum Support – Amy Stevens
Pastoral Care – POSITION OPEN
Community Building – Chantelle Van der Merwe
Fundraising – Nina Green & Julia van Dyk

Food Forest Working Bee
The middle mound in our Food Forest is ready to be weed whacked to about ankle height. Looking for helpers please from 9-12 noon on Saturday 11th March.

SPN Children’s Day Bake Sale – 5 March 2017 (12pm-3pm)
Just a reminder to all parents who can assist with baking for the Children’s Day Bake Sale, we put posters up next to the main door if you could please take the time to add your baking items on there we would really appreciate it. All baking can be delivered during school hours on Friday 3rd March correctly labelled. If you are able to assist us on the day please let us know!
Thank you for your assistance in making this day a success.
Regards  PCG

Community Notices

Rolleston Rugby Club
Registrations open now! – click the links below
Junior (U6-U18)Senior (U21, Div2, Div1)
Come and join the fastest growing club in NZ!

Edendale Gala Community Event
West Melton Sunday 19th March – 10am till 5pm

Friday Morning Basketball see here for more information

Cello Lessons – see here for information

SPN Children’s Day – Sunday 5th March 2017 – see poster here

Rolleston Netball Club – see here for more information

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