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Week 7 Newsletter


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Week 7 Must Knows

Monday – Library Bus
Wednesday – Swimming Lesson 2
– Spellathon Sponsor cards to be returned
– Walking School Bus Meeting at RCS
Staff Room 7-8.30pm
Friday – Swimming Lesson 3

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Message from Staff

Kia ora te whanau,

Welcome to week 7. There’s another busy week ahead of us with swimming on Wednesday and Friday this week. Hopefully we’ve had the rain for the week over the weekend so that we can continue to walk to the pool. However, please ensure your child is prepared for wet weather with a waterproof coat and sturdy shoes. Thanks to those who were able to help get us to and from the pool successfully last week.

Last week the staff had the privilege of going to Clarkeville school in North Canterbury to see how they run their school. It was a joy to see other little people so similar to our own doing school much like we do and even though they have had to adapt old buildings into modern learning buildings they have certainly created a lovely environment to work from. It reminded me how blessed we are to have our purpose built space and modern features that make learning so comfortable. As Clarkeville have been on their innovative learning journey for 9 years there were also lots of great ideas for us to observe and we certainly saw innovations that we could put into place at RCS. One of the nicest things about teaching is being able to share our ideas with each other, not only with our own teachers but teachers from other schools.

Te Pihinga thoroughly enjoyed their sports morning with the Kelly Sports coaches on Tuesday morning. I was so proud of the way they all adapted to playing the games indoors and showed respect and responsibility for one another as they enjoyed the very physical morning. The juniors get an opportunity to have a sports extravaganza on the the 23rd of March (more below). I get the feeling with all this extra exercise we’re going to go into Easter feeling fit and deserving some chocolate!

We continue to explore ‘The Beatitudes’ in Living Christianly with the memory verse: Matthew 5:8 “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God” or the children’s interpretation: ‘Blessed are those who rely on God’s help. Heaven is theirs’. The children will be learning that a pure heart is one that is focused on God, and not filled up with the thoughts and desires of the world. People tend to judge others on how they look, what they do, how they act, and what they say. But God doesn’t judge us based on what we do or what we look like on the outside. God goes much deeper in his relationship than that. He goes right into our hearts. God knows us better than we know ourselves. The Bible says in 1 Chronicles 28:9, “the Lord searches every heart and understands every desire and every thought.â€

Nga mihi atu

Lynda Siave

Exploring the Values at Home

Life is full of emotions, and not all of them are good. When we walk with Jesus, however, we find that God works all things out for our good. Jesus will take our anger, sadness, disgust, and fear and transform them into joy.


  1. How have you experienced God taking a negative emotion and transforming it into joy?
  2. In what ways do other people help to take negative emotions and transform them into joy?
  3. How does joy feel?
  4. How is joy different from happiness?
  5. How can we hold onto joy?

Family challenge:
Keep a gratitude diary this week as a family.


Zone Swimming
Congratulations to Amber Collishaw, Mitchell Redmayne and Annabelle Brewer-Ward for representing RCS at the recent Lincoln Zones Swimming Sport. Well done, you did a great job representing RCS!


Facebook Page 
Reminder to follow our Rolleston Christian School Facebook page and join the Rolleston Christian School – Parent & Staff group for parent communication.Carpark and Pedestrian Lane
As we get busier, vehicles & pedestrians alike, please note:
* Use pedestrian lanes when navigating our carparks
* Our carpark is a ONE-WAY system so please follow the arrows around when entering our carpark.
If we can all follow this then we will avoid potential accidents. We appreciate your compliance on this. 

LunchOnline – Wednesday & Fridays
Sydenham Bakery can not deliver early so do not order until swimming has completed.
Pita Pit and Subway are ok, so these will be delivered early at 11.30am

* Wheels Day – Wednesday
* Uniform Sale Hours – Thursday 8.30am – 3.30pm – pls make an appointment
* Devotional Assembly – Friday 9am
* Whanau Groups – Friday Afternoons

What’s Coming Up

Swimming – Wednesday & Friday 
Have you made payment in the office $30 per child.Yr 1/2 Fundamental Movement Spectacular – Thursday 23rd March 

From the PCG

RCS – Spellathon 2017!
Just a reminder to keep practicing your spelling! Sponsor cards are to be completed and returned to your Kohanga Teacher by Thursday 16th March, all children will be tested on the 20th March 2017! (Words spelt correctly will be verified on the sponsorship form) – All sponsorship cards and monies must then be returned by 28th March 2017.1ST KOHANGA TO RETURN THEIR SPONSORSHIP FORMS AND MONIES WIN A FISH AND CHIP LUNCH PROVIDED BY THE PCG!

Good Luck!

PCG Meeting
Everyone welcome Monday 20th March 2017 at 7pm-9pm

Please mark your calendar 7th April 2017 (note previously advertised for 24th March) Time TBC at RCS. Come and join us for a fun night of dancing with your child/ren. This is a community event so we encourage your child/ren invite friends from outside the school, this is a FREE event.


Community Notices

Edendale Gala Community Event
West Melton Sunday 19th March – 10am till 5pm

Rolleston Warriors Rugby League

Friday Morning Basketball see here for more information

Cello Lessons – see here for information

Rolleston Netball Club – see here for more information

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