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Week 8 Newsletter

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Week 8 19/03/18

Monday – Cheeserolls money and forms due
Tuesday – 1pm Finish in support of Teacher’s Union Meeting
– Shave for a Cure – Asher Hoskins


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Week 9 26/03/18

Monday – Yr0-2 Selwyn Sports Spectacular
– Mobile Library Bus
Tuesday – 9-10am Drop in hour with Liz
Friday – No School, Good Friday

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Message from Staff

Dear Parents,

I was truly blessed to be brought by God to work as a member of the team at Rolleston Christian School. A school that is more than just a place of education, but one of worship and friendship combined. Arriving as a new team member I began to think about what belonging looks and feels like, and how this sense of belonging and the process in forming new friendships, is a skill that follows us throughout our lives. Joining Te KÄkano is a privelage as I become one of the first faces our new school entrants encounter as they embark on their educational journey. I am fortunate to have the best teachers to work collaboratively with, and our growing friendships are genuinly modelled for the children to observe as we share in their teaching day. Wise King Solomon noted, “Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their labour. For if they fall, one will lift up his companion. But woe to him who is alone when he falls, for he has no one to help him up. … Though one may be overpowered by another, two can withstand him. And a threefold cord is not quickly broken†(Ecclesiastes 4:9-10, 12). With four of us as part of the Te KÄkano team the children always see a fresh face and receive the best of our collaborative ideas. We take time to notice the real needs of our learners and use our combined strengths to provide the ideal learning experiences.

The school friendships I am observing go much deeper than just those of the children and teaching staff. Last weekend we were reminded of how special our friendships and relationships are. Our amazing school parents took time from their own weekends to prepare an area in our school grounds as a teacher’s garden. A place for us to sit in the peace of outdoors and rest our souls. As a staff we are thankful for your kindness and humbled by the investment of your precious time. The garden will be enjoyed for many years to come. Children and teachers will come and go, as the trees grow and offer welcomed shade. Many prayers will be made amongst the leaves and I am sure there will be tears of joy and laughter shared. Acts of such collaborative kindness drive us on in our passion and dedication as teachers at our special Christian School. During our recent professional development we were honoured to share time with Professor Michael Lindsay. He delivered his visions of Christian Education and the pathways travelled by some of the worlds top executives which delivered them to the pinnacles of their careers. It was no surprise to learn that a strong faith and a sense of moral strength when challenges presented themselves, would be the testament to the person they became. It was more than just their grasp on education itself, but what they gained from their education in terms of supporting others, relationships and friendships, being team players and growing through failure. Professor Lindsay reminded us that it was all about the ‘eulogy’ – what kinds of people we are and what we do with our talents, and not about our ‘grade point averages’, that we would be remembered by.

Friendships forged in our unique teaching environment helps grow individuals who will be resilient against the future and prepared for eventualities by using their passions and strengths to adapt to an ever changing world. This last week has been full of reflection for me following a bereavement – my father, and dearest friend. This is a time when we draw on our faith or question it in terms of our own future focus. As we immerse ourselves in the Christian Calendar celebrations of Easter, we are reminded of our own saviour’s departure from our world, and his resurrection to his place in heaven. We are all just borrowers of the time we spend here before we begin our eternal, true and perfect life in the kingdom of heaven. This is the future we can all look forward to, but on the way we learn how to lead a life full of values – hope, excellence, peace and love will guide us in a fruitful life. A life where we share friendships, learn to work collaboratively to bring out the strengths in others and nurture other unique individuals to achieve a valued life. If we truly live as God teaches us in His instruction manual, we will find that we will make more friends and that others will enjoy being in our company. We will be better equipped to be a good friend, and we will put ourselves in a position to earn the respect of others, who can also become our good friends! I am blessed at Rolleston Christian School to be a starting point in this journey of friendship with you, to observe with hope and pride our Christ-like citizens of tomorrow.

With humble blessings,

Gill Lowe


Olivia Deighton
Dante Cooper

WELCOME to RCSJones Family
Poissonnier Family

General Notices

Peanut Allergy Information
Further to the email sent last week, we would like to clarify a few things about the information sent.
It is only a Peanut allergy, other nuts like hazelnut and cashew nuts are ok. It is when peanut is the main ingredient that we ask our RCS whanau to be careful when packing in their child’s lunchboxes. Traces of nuts are ok. We thank you for your consideration.

Union Meeting – 20th March
The staff will be attending a Paid Union Meeting on March 20 at 1.30pm.  The purpose of this meeting is to look at the terms for the upcoming contract negotiations. We believe with the current climate in education these negotiations are of utmost importance for the good of our country’s education system, so our staff would like to attend.  If you can pick your children up at 1pm on March 20 that would be a wonderful way to show your support for teachers and the service they provide for the children of New Zealand.  We will have one or two members of staff remain at school for those children who have no way of being collected. Kindly RSVP to the office if you can’t pick your child up, this will allow us to allocate the number of staff on.Selwyn Sports Spectacular – Year 0-2
9.30am – 10.30am, Monday 26th March – Yr 0-2 Fundamental Skills, Foster Park.
Students need running shoes, sport clothes, sunhat, sunblock, drink bottle and a snack.Uniform Shop – Hours
Monday & Thursday 9-2pm or via email, for new or second hand uniforms. Ask about our layby option.

Important Dates Monday 19th March – Cheeserolls forms and money due – TODAY!

Tuesday 3rd April – No School. Easter Extra Long Weekend – please note that schools also have the Tuesday off.

Saturday 7th April – Cheeseroll production Day – Please allow for a 3 hour shift

Friday 13 April – End of Term 1

Monday 30 April – Start of Term 2

PCG Notices

Money in by Monday 19th March
Production Day: Saturday 7th April

Outdoor area for School StaffMany thank yous to the families who came down on Saturday to help with the working bee. Here’s the finished product!

General Notice

Alert! Alert! CRAZY HAIR DAY Coming up 20 March 2018

We are having a Crazy Hair Day to support people with leukaemia. There will be prizes for the craziest hair styles.  Colours..Gel.. Bows..Sparkles…Go crazy!!!! Mufti is OK but please stick to Orange or Black colours or school uniform is OK. Please bring coins to go on a Crazy Hair Coin Trail…. The more coins you bring the further it will go! and the more funds we can raise! Asher and Jonah are braving the Shave in the middle of the day, with a special guest coming along to shave them and help judge the hair styles. We might even get in the newspaper!

Asher Hoskins


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