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Week 8 Newsletter


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Week 8 Must Knows
Monday – PCG meeting, Staff Room – 7-9pm, All Welcome
Wednesday – Swimming Lesson 4
Thursday – Fundamental Movement Spectacular, Foster Park, Y0-2 – please bring sports shoes
Friday – Swimming Lesson 5

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Message from Staff

Dear Parents,

I hope this email finds you well after the weekend, and ready for whatever your week might bring.

The children are well underway with their LIGHTS projects now. They have ‘L’ooked at their current situation, have ‘I’nvestigated alternatives and are currently ‘G’oing for it with their projects.  Once they have finished their projects they will spend some time reflecting on ‘H’ow things have changed and ‘S’o what have I learnt.

What I really love about the LIGHTS process is that it can be done on a big scale or a small scale, and that lots of us are going about this process each and every moment of our lives.

There are so many little ways that we do these things.  Recently a number of the teachers have been making ‘bliss balls’.  This has come as a response to ‘Looking at the current situation’ and realising that the snacks we eat are often highly processed and full of sugar, and that consuming too much sugar is not good for our health. Through ‘Investigating the alternatives’ they have decided they can reduce their intake of processed foods through making bliss balls.  In the ‘Go for it’ phase I know a number of people that are making their own bliss ball recipes based on the learning they have done about the nutritional content of different foods – learning new things is an important aspect of the ‘Go for it’ phase. The difference though is we are learning something for a very specific and authentic reason. In the next step ‘How have things changed’ the teachers would look at whether their bliss ball creating has actually reduced the amount of processed food and sugar they are consuming. In this particular little project my personal favourite part was the ‘Time to share’ – the sharing of bliss balls in the staffroom!

A LIGHTS project in our lives might be something small like making bliss balls or it could be the big process we are currently in of looking at what our next building will be like.

I encourage you, next time you have a challenge or an opportunity take some time to go through the LIGHTS process yourself.  Share what you have done with your children so they can learn and grow from your role modelling.

To know more about the LIGHTS process please feel free to ask any of our staff.

Many blessings,


Exploring the Values at Home


  • How do you know you are feeling the emotion of fear?
  • When is a time that you have felt fear?
  • How did you deal with that feeling?

Family Challenge:
Try an activity that is a little bit scary. 


Thank you to all who gave their feedback and participated in our Facebook poll regarding the winter school pants. At this stage we are investigating other options before we make a decision on our Winter School Uniform.

Enrolment 2018

Do you have any pre-schoolers turning 5 in 2018?Please let us know as we need to include these in our 2018 roll projection to avoid disappointments.


It is with sadness that Morgan, Ethan, Jaxon and I advise of Ethan’s transfer to Lemonwood Grove. We wish to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone in the RCS community for making us feel so very welcomed over the past few years, we are extremely blessed to have been a part of this family. Take care and please feel free to look me up via Facebook if you would like to keep in touch.Kara
On behalf of The Hunt Family


Facebook Page 
Reminder to follow our Rolleston Christian School Facebook page and join the Rolleston Christian School – Parent & Staff group for parent communication.LunchOnline – Wednesday & Fridays
Sydenham Bakery can not deliver early so do not order until swimming has completed. Pita Pit and Subway are ok, so these will be delivered early at 11.30am

* Monday – Library Bus (fortnightly)
* Wednesday – Wheels Day/Swimming Lessons

* Thursday – 8.30am – 3.30pm – Uniform Sales Hours – pls make an appointment
* Friday 9am – Devotional Assembly
* Friday Afternoons – Swimming Lessons/Whanau Groups

What’s Coming Up

Swimming – Wednesday & Friday 
Have you made payment in the office of $30 per child?Yr 1/2 Fundamental Movement Spectacular – Thursday 23rd March 
Please ensure your child has appropriate footwear and feel free to come along and watch.

From the PCG

RCS – Spellathon 2017!
Just a reminder to keep practicing your spelling! Sponsor cards are to be completed and returned to your Kohanga Teacher by Thursday 16th March, all children will be tested on the 20th March 2017! (Words spelt correctly will be verified on the sponsorship form) – All sponsorship cards and money must then be returned by 28th March 2017.1ST KOHANGA TO RETURN THEIR SPONSORSHIP FORMS AND MONEY WIN A FISH AND CHIP LUNCH PROVIDED BY THE PCG!

Good Luck!

PCG Meeting
Everyone welcome Monday 20th March 2017 at 7pm-9pm

Please mark your calendar 7th April 2017 (note previously advertised for 24th March) Time TBC at RCS. Come and join us for a fun night of dancing with your child/ren. This is a community event so we encourage your child/ren to invite friends from outside the school, this is a FREE event.


Community Notices

Active After School Programme
An initiative that provides primary school children with access to sport and other structured physical activity programs in the after-school time slot from 3.30pm. More info click here

Kids Camp April 19th – 23rd at Woodend Christian Camp

CDN Trust Kids Camp is a 5 day Holiday Camp for Intermediate students.  If you want to be a part of it then return your registration form with $30 rego fee ASAP!

For more information click here and click here for Registration Form

Summer Skate Jam – FREE EVENT
Wednesday 22 March 4pm-6pmRolleston Skate Park.

An awesome afternoon for children and young people to get outside skating with friends and family. Cheapskates Skate Skool will be there providing free gear hire, coaching tips and will run a competition for all ages with some great prizes! DJ Rookjay will also be playing some tunes and getting everyone to have a good time!

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