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Week 9 Term 2 Newsletter


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Week 9  25/06/18

Monday – Te Mahuri Kelly Sports, please come in a sports uniform

Tuesday – Te Kakano Kelly Sports Day, please come in a sports uniform

Wednesday – Te Pihinga Kelly Sports Day, please come in a sports uniform

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Week 10  25/06/18

Monday – Library Bus

Friday – MUFTI DAY 
Bring a bottle (valued $2-$5, non-alcoholic and plastics only) or gold coin donation (this will go towards our end of year fundraising event at Rolleston Fireworks Night)​

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Message from Staff

Greetings RCS Family,

‘Let light shine out of darkness…’

June 21st was the shortest day here in the southern hemisphere. This terminology was something that always confused me as a child – how could any day possibly be shorter than any other? It was then explained to me that this day had the least amount of possible daylight but still lasted 24 hours. Being from England, the thought of the darkest day falling towards the end of the calendar year in December, never appeared as dark as it did. Especially when I could look forward to the various church celebrations of Christmas, singing hymns and being with loved ones to remember the birth of Jesus. To me, this day was one that only went to remind me that there were brighter days and better things ahead.

Now, living here in New Zealand, I have found it a challenge that this ‘short’, dark day comes with little promise ahead. Easter is now behind us, and Jesus’ celebration of birth is so far ahead. It is then that I remember- ‘I am now in New Zealand’. This dark day comes at a time of major celebration for Maori. Maori New Year, Matariki is represented by the arrival of a constellation of stars in the sky.  Little bright miracles that symbolise growth and beginning. Known as ‘Pleiades’ these are the stars of Matariki and a welcome symbol of the new days ahead.

I am reminded that there are new beginnings and brighter things on the horizons that we should give thanks to God for growth and new learning came last week in the form of professional development for us as teachers. First, we were humbled by the teaching of sign language from our deaf tutor, who helped us talk and listen in new ways. Then we were fortunate to have Barbara Brann, creator of the Casey Caterpillar handwriting process for developing letter formation, share her expertise. Again, we grew in our understanding and really listened to other professionals who were passionate about their craft.I have been taking a real interest in the practice of active listening and questioning how often I talk as opposed to listening. This has brought me to the act of prayer and questioning how often in my busy life as a teacher do I actually stop to listen. It became apparent that I offer my prayers to God with thanks and request, then dash away without actually stopping to listen. A conversation takes more than one, and I felt as though I had not stopped to listen to God. Once this happens, directions become challenging, decisions confused and hope soon diminishes. We are showing our RCS children the teachings of Noah. He did not question or demand from God, he listened and followed. I don’t need to build an Ark to feel closer to God (although with all the rain we have had recently I had been waiting for ‘the word’), I do however need to sit with God and listen. I am no poet, but I felt compelled to share my thoughts on my virtual bench sitting with my colleagues and did so during our devotion time. I thought it was something I could share with you all too.

Enjoy the listening time, the peace, and the restoration of bright days ahead.


Sitting on a bench with God


I sat on a bench today – against the wind

I spoke my words then moved away

No reply I heard that day

A withered heart and empty soul

A day of rush, and broken goal

I sat on a bench with God today – and felt the wind

I spoke and turned towards the sky

And listened for my Lords reply

I thought about where I need love

And wondered if I was enough

I felt the moment free of care

And listened to more than just the air

And as the words were softly spoke

Something in my heart awoke

I felt the breath that heals my thought

And answers questions I have brought

A listening being and open mind

In God’s word a voice you find

 I sat on a bench with the Lord today – and heard him.

By Gill Lowe

This Week’s Memory Verse


Happy Birthday!Abigail Roberts
Avril Cooper-Mundy
Steven Preou


General Notices

Mrs V’s Knitting & Crochet Club
Mrs V will be starting a knitting and crochet club on Monday, Wednesday & Friday lunchtime. Her club will need knitting needles, crochet hooks, wool; if you have any of these items you wish to donate, please send them to the office. Thanks in advance. If you are also a keen knitter/crocher and would love to pass on your knowledge to our children, we welcome you, please let Mrs V know.

For your convenience, we have Lunchonline – an online ordering service for lunch orders. To register and order visit their website.
Monday – No Service, Tuesday – No Service, Wednesday – PitaPit, Thursday – Sushi Factory, Friday – Subway

RCS is collecting donations for a 2nd Hand Uniform. If you happen to have any uniform items you would be willing to donate, we will gladly accept them! You can drop it off in the office or email me. Items need to be clean, in wearable condition. Thanks in advance!SCHOOL HOLIDAYS HOURS
Uniform Shop will be Open on Thursday 19th July 9am-11.30am.
Great time to purchase larger sizes, drop off the donated second-hand uniform, or look through our second-hand stock.

Uniform Shop Hours: Monday & Thursday 9-2pm or via email, for new or second-hand uniforms. Ask about our layby option.

2018 Important Dates 

2018 School Term Dates

Term 2 finishes: Friday 6 July

Term 3 starts: Monday 23 July

Term 3 finishes: Friday 28 September

Term 4 starts: Monday 15 October

Labour Day:  Monday 22 October- No School

Show Day: Friday 16 November – No School

Teacher Only Day: Monday 19 November – No School

Term 4 ends: Wednesday 19 December, 2pm

PCG Notices

Weekly Prayer Meetings
We invite you to join us in praying for our school community and each other.
Thursdays 9 am at RCS Staff Room.


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