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Junior Hub Blog

Term 4 begins in the Junior hub…

Kiaora te whanau… here we go! Hold onto your hats, term 4 is here and it is going to be a fast and furious ride towards the end of our first ever year at RCS. What can you expect in the junior hub this term… 1. Swimming (weeks 1-5)! Name those clothes Provide healthy nutritious […]

Reading and writing in the Junior Hub

Every parent expects and hopes for success for their children in reading and writing. Reading and writing go together. The skills that are needed from both are complimentary. One thing for sure is that before a child learns to read and write they need to be able to speak and listen well. Here is a […]

Restorative practice in the Junior hub

Kiaora te whanau The Junior hub have been participating in ‘Circle Time’ once a week on a Friday morning. The purpose of Circle Time is to teach ‘restorative behaviour’. Restorative practice means to ‘restore relationships in a the wake of wrongdoing or conflict’. The role of Circle Time is to help build relationships that the children […]

Term 3 in the Junior Hub

Weeks 1 and 2: Junior Hub Kiaora te whanau The term started with some changes in the Junior Hub timetable. After an inspiring time at the Christian schools conference at the end of last term I decided to put in place something that has been on my heart for a while. Explore time is beginning […]

Mathematics in the Junior Hub

I love maths! I’m sad to hear the numeracy project coming under fire from the media this week. But if it helps our curriculum advisors to work out where we can improve as teachers, then so be it. I didn’t always love maths when I was a school pupil. But as a teacher I have […]

What’s up in the Junior Hub?

    Hello again! It’s hard to believe yet another fortnight has passed since my last blog. The junior hub has continued to be very industrious. You might notice your  little ones being very tired at the end of the school day. If so, make time in the weekend to just chill out and relax. […]

Junior hub Panui

Kiaora te whanau! Well this is a bit exciting…my first blog! I hope to share with you some of the things that we are doing in the junior hub and my thoughts about education in general. Firstly, I was fascinated that one of our Dad’s mentioned to me that his son never tells them anything […]