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Junior hub Panui

Lynda Siave junior Hub Leader

Kiaora te whanau! Well this is a bit exciting…my first blog! I hope to share with you some of the things that we are doing in the junior hub and my thoughts about education in general.

Firstly, I was fascinated that one of our Dad’s mentioned to me that his son never tells them anything about what has happened at school. I wasn’t exactly surprised by this because it has been almost 3 decades of teaching for me and that has been a common complaint from a lot of parents. In fact my own children never divulged much about their school day to me either! Hopefully this blog will give you a peak into what we have been up to in the junior hub.

Excited Junior Hub children reading their letters from Hillview Christian School.

Excited Junior Hub children reading their letters from Hillview Christian School.

This term we began with letter writing for writing as we received lovely cards from Hillview Christian school last term. Each child who had started with us at the beginning of the year received a card and letter from someone. So we began teaching how to write a letter a few weeks ago. It got me thinking that letter writing has really become a dying art. When was the last time I hand wrote a letter! I would suggest it was a long time ago. Emails have certainly filled that role and even texts are  modern letter writing perhaps? However, writing a letter (or card as it turned out to be) gave us an authentic opportunity to communicate with the Hillview children and practice the mechanics of writing as per usual. Here is a photo of the day that our children received their letters…

Writing is not an easy skill to learn and it takes a lot of practice to get it right. At home: How about getting your child to write the shopping list, leave a note for someone, write to a friend or family member who lives away from home, make birthday invitations or make thank you cards. For the real little ones just learning to form letters correctly can be a chore. Make it fun… write in the condensation on the windows, in sand, with water and a paint brush on the driveway, with giant chalk, make pikelets in the shape of letters, get magnetic letters and put simple messages on the fridge, use colourful pens to rainbow write words or letters and encourage a good pencil grip!

Writing letters to others also tied in nicely to our school value of ‘whanaunatanga’ (sense of belonging) and our living christianly focus which is  ‘love your neighbour’. By writing to and thanking the Hillview children for their cards we were practising loving others even though we don’t know them personally yet. I’m secretly hoping this liaison with Hillview will develop into eventually meeting up with our new friends… maybe even high tech communicating  by Skype!

Of course for writing on Friday we couldn’t go past making a card for our mums. I hope our mums enjoyed the cards their children made for them. A lot of thought and effort by the children went into this task and I was thrilled to see how enthusiastic everyone was to try and bless their mums by doing their best.

God’s blessings to you all,