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Middle Hub Blog Term 2 Weeks 6-8

Hello and welcome to my Middle Hub Blog, my name is Amos Pilgrim and I’m the Middle Hub Team Leader here at Rolleston Christian School. The purpose of this bog is to inform children, parents and the community of what we are learning about and how we can encourage and challenge children at home. Thanks – Amos.

Term 2 Week 6-8

Literacy – At school. Our students are half way through writing a report in preparation for submitting a playground proposal to the BOT. In addition to this report they will all have a Google Slides presentation to speak about and technical scale drawings.  

Literacy – At home. Ensure all writing whether formal or informal is ‘up levelled.’ This means looking at a piece of writing critically and editing to make improvements. We break these skills down into four categories. They are V.C.O.P which is an acronym for;

V = Vocabulary (the use of interesting words e.g. adjectives)

C = Connectives (words that connect ideas e.g. however)

O = Openers (the first words of a sentence (vary these to keep the text interesting)

P = Punctuation (try using an array of features e.g ,?!…)

Numeracy – At school. This week, depending on the maths group we are learning to multiply using different strategies and use fractions, proportions and ratios in real life situations. 

Numeracy – At home. Multiplication knowledge and strategies are so important in the year 4-6 curriculum so please reinforce the concepts of counting in multiples and doing so instantly. Engaging games include counting forwards (and backwards for the experts) in a certain multiple or having a kids vs parents timetable challenge. Additionally there are plenty of great maths apps and sites available, we highly recommend downloading Ultimate Maths Invaders while it’s still free.

Living Christianly – At school. We are looking at the concept of being God’s Hands and Feet here on earth. There was no better practical example of our children doing God’s work on earth than the way that they recently organised a fundraiser for the people of Nepal. This project was completely student driven and included talking to the juniors, making posters, writing in the newsletter, designing a coin trail and researching about the disaster and country. 

Living Christianly – At home. Discuss practical ways of using our gifts and talents…. then do it! This may be in our community, at school or at home. Could this be linked to a Home Learning Challenge?

I hope you’ve found this blog beneficial. My next blog post will be in two weeks time so in the mean time please don’t hesitate to contact either Dennis Marshall or myself regarding teaching and learning in the Middle Hub. 

Amos Pilgrim