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Middle Hub Blog – Week 3 and 4

Middle Hub Blog

Hello and welcome to my Middle Hub Blog, my name is Amos Pilgrim and I’m the Middle Hub Team Leader here at Rolleston Christian School. The purpose of this bog is to inform children, parents and the community of what we are learning about and how we can encourage and challenge children at home. Thanks – Amos.

Term 3 Week 3-4

Literacy – At school. We are developing the children’s skills of diary writing. To do this well they need to be be able to;

Use paragraphs

Use varied punctuation

Use time connectives

Make their story flow

Use interesting vocabulary

Literacy – At home. Put these skills to practice and write with your child. Keep a journal for the term or simply reflect on the day in a written format. Remember to write in chronological order and make it interesting to read.

Numeracy – At school. We are learning about the position and  orientation of shapes. Part of gaining an in depth understanding of these concepts is to be able to use the vocabulary accurately. 

Numeracy – At home. Discuss the meaning of tessellation, reflection, symmetry and transformation. After that do it! Can you see and copy patterns around us?

Living Christianly – At school. We are learning about being kaitiaki (guardian) with a focus on the environment. 

Living Christianly – At home. Talk to your child about practical ways to look after the world we live in. You could perhaps look at your own house, your community, country or a worldview. 

I hope you’ve found this blog beneficial. My next blog post will be in two weeks time so in the mean time please don’t hesitate to contact either Dennis Marshall or myself regarding teaching and learning in the Middle Hub.

Amos Pilgrim