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Middle Hub Blog – Week 5 and 6

Middle Hub Blog

Hello and welcome to my Middle Hub Blog, my name is Amos Pilgrim and I’m the Middle Hub Team Leader here at Rolleston Christian School. The purpose of this bog is to inform children, parents and the community of what we are learning about and how we can encourage and challenge children at home.  I hope you enjoy reading my blog. Thanks – Amos.

Term 3 Week 5-6

Literacy – At school. We will be learning about writing narratives. The basic structure of a narrative is to describe characters and settings have an exciting plot (opening, problem, resolution and ending) and to edit accurately for spelling and punctuation. 

Literacy – At home. As well as writing narratives (of course) another great way to improve is by reading narratives. After reading a chapter ask your child “What did the author do there to make that chapter / paragraph so interesting?”

Numeracy – At school. We will be moving from position and orientation onto using percentages and decimals. Knowledge being developed will be of percentages, decimals, addition and subtraction. We will also teach various strategies that can be applied to solve these equations. 

Numeracy – At home. Look at real life examples of decimals and percentages such as money (decimals) and percentages (discounts). For example “Would you rather have 20% off $20 or 50% off $100?” 

Living Christianly – At school. We are looking at being kaitiaki (guardians) of money. We will learn about effective use of this God given resource and how we can best utilise it. 

Living Christianly – At home. Talk about budgeting and how you as a family use your money.

I hope you’ve found this blog beneficial. My next blog post will be in two weeks time so in the mean time please don’t hesitate to contact either Dennis Marshall or myself regarding teaching and learning in the Middle Hub.

Amos Pilgrim