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Middle Hub Blog Week 9-10

Hello and welcome to my Middle Hub Blog, my name is Amos Pilgrim and I’m the Middle Hub Team Leader here at Rolleston Christian School. The purpose of this bog is to inform children, parents and the community of what we are learning about and how we can encourage and challenge children at home. Thanks – Amos.

Term 2 Week 9-10

Literacy – At school. For the next two weeks our focus shifts from non-fiction texts to fiction. We are reading and writing narratives and studying the conventions of this genre. Creative writing is an art and the middle hub will be writing in collaboration with the teachers and their peers. This type of writing is fantastic for instantly sharing feedback and building strong learning relationships.

Literacy – At home. Put these skills to practice and write with your child. One idea is to discuss and record a setting and some characters for you to both write about. One of you can then write the beginning of the story and the other the end. The middle is then co constructed intertwining both parts so it makes sense.

Numeracy – At school. Both maths groups are looking at multiplication and the opposite operation which is division. Children are grasping the fact that if they know one then they can work out the inverse. T

Numeracy – At home. o this end please ensure that your child knows their foundation tables (2,5, 10)  then work from there to fill int he gaps. There are plenty of fun ways to do this including online games, flash cards or recording the family of facts.

Living Christianly – At school. We are discovering the fruits of the spirit and relating them to our lives at school and home. In weeks 9 and 10 we are concentrating on peace, patience, faithfulness and self control.

Living Christianly – At home. Talk to your child about practical ways to exhibit these fruits before, during and after school. e.g.


Before school: Wait for little brother to eat breakfast before leaving the table.

During school: Patience to get a new skill (see times tables above!)

After school: Wait patiently for help /attention from mum and dad. 

I hope you’ve found this blog beneficial. My next blog post will be in two weeks time so in the mean time please don’t hesitate to contact either Dennis Marshall or myself regarding teaching and learning in the Middle Hub.

Amos Pilgrim