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Middle Hub – Week 7 and 8

Middle Hub Blog

Hello and welcome to my Middle Hub Blog, my name is Amos Pilgrim and I’m the Middle Hub Team Leader here at Rolleston Christian School. The purpose of this blog is to inform children, parents and the community of what we are learning about and how we can encourage and challenge children at home.  I hope you enjoy reading my blog. Thanks – Amos.

Term 3 Week 7-8

Learning Behaviours – What are they and how are they helpful?

You may have heard your child talk about learning behaviours or learning styles recently, if not please ask them about this. In the middle hub we are looking at ‘learning to learn.’ One of the benefits of understanding more about how you learn is that you know how you learn and therefor should take more responsibility for this process. You can find out how you learn by completing a survey which is what  all middle hub children have done recently. All children have completed a V.A.K survey, this survey identifies what your learning style is. V= Visual, A = Audio, K = Kinesthetic. From this we can vary how we teach to meet the needs of our students and learners can best equip themselves for optimal learning. Another we learning styles test we have planned is Gardner’s Intelligences – stay tuned for this.

Another aspect of learning styles is purposefully making choices about learning. Practically this might mean…

* Sitting closer to the speaker

* Looking at your timetable BEFORE the school day starts.

* Getting all equipment ready BEFORE you need it.

* Learning in the most suitable place (sitting at a small table, lying on the floor, or standing at a tall table etc)

* Learning with the most suitable people (asking for help from a peer or teacher, working in a team, working by yourself)

The above skills are all transferable to not only all the curriculum areas but are necessary for life long learning. As adults we subconsciously make these decisions regularly, however when teaching children we need to be explicit about both teaching and modelling these skills to our children.

In Living Christianly we are…

Living Christianly – At school. We are looking at being kaitiaki (guardians) of money. We will learn about effective use of this God given resource and how we can best utilise it.

Living Christianly – At home. Talk about budgeting and how you as a family use your money.

I hope you’ve found this blog beneficial. My next blog post will be in two weeks time so in the mean time please don’t hesitate to contact either Dennis Marshall or myself regarding teaching and learning in the Middle Hub.

Amos Pilgrim