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PB 2015 Term 1

Learning to think critically

Someone asked me recently what my favourite age to teach is. My experiences of teaching different age groups have been in quite different contexts, but my favourite teaching years were while I was teaching Year 3 and 4s.  My main reason for enjoying this was the development that occurs at that age in children’s ability to think […]

Quality Learning at Home

It happens more and more these days that I find myself having conversations in social settings about people’s own children. These conversations seem to range from questions like “Is this normal?” to “What is this report actually saying?”, but a conversation I’m quite fond of having with friends is “What should I be teaching my […]

Encouraging a Love of Reading

One of the top things a child can do to improve their reading is to spend time reading. Funny that! Unfortunately for many families the struggle to get children to read at home is a constant and frustrating one. There is some benefit in making reading a compulsary activity that children must do, and as […]

Clearing out the weeds

I spent the majority of my day attacking weeds. I would like to say it was gardening, but in reality the activity I was involved with lacked the beauty and art that I usually associate with gardening. This was just a plain attack on the weeds that were threatening to take over my back yard. […]

Honouring our Teachers

This week I have published our Staff Handbook on our website. Some part of me wonders if this is necessary, but as firm believer in transparency and communication I decided that having our Staff Handbook for all parents, along with any other person that may come across our website, to read and understand would be […]

Our Spaces

I often walk through our building and marvel at the design. I can take no credit for any of it really, but the first time I laid eyes on the plan I knew I would love to be an educator in that space. I love the cedar and the automatic LED lighting. I love the […]

Steps of Faith

  When a new school is being established there are so many people that need to take a step of faith. Some steps are small, and others are much bigger. The CST has taken a huge step of faith as they have built this beautiful school in Rolleston, trusting that God has a special plan […]

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