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PB 2015 Term 3

Working positively with teachers

I went to a course early last term and a phrase was said that continues to stick in my mind – “Don’t get furious, get curious”.  I have been in two further workshops with the same presenter and she often refers to this phrase. The reason the phrase sits so strongly in my mind is […]

Help your child learn to read

As a young teacher I taught Year 7 students at a large intermediate in Auckland. The majority of our students were well below the expected level of achievement for their age, particularly in reading. I recall asking one parent “Do you read to your son?” and I don’t think I will ever forget her response; […]

Learning at Home Projects

‘Homework’ is always a fascinating point of debate in primary schools. The way the New Zealand system is set up relies on quality learning happening both at school and at home. The types of learning that occur in these places need to be different but complimentary, making the most of the unique contexts and the specialised […]