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Message from Staff

Last week I talked about how God uses a number of ways to talk to us. Often we rely on Point 6 raised in that study – “hearing through circumstances”. I quoted an explanation of this point from the study…
“God is a Holy God, and often uses circumstances to get our attention. But He will usually confirm it in other ways.”

This week I want to take this a little further and want to share some points from the follow-up study I read on how to know God is speaking to us.

Mirror your circumstances with the truth of God’s Word.
God will never contradict Himself. He will never speak to us – even through our circumstances – in a way that will contradict His written word.  God uses people to confirm His voice.  Every time God has called me to something there have been others to confirm they are hearing the same calling. I seek out wisdom of others. Often God will give others a ‘word or message’ that confirms what others have told us. The person telling you may have no idea what the message means, but it will make sense to you and feel ‘right’ with the message you got from God previously.

Recognize that God operates from a plan.
Proverbs 16:9 says, “In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.” He uses life experiences to shape our futures. God knows how to use a past for His good.

Examine your circumstances in light of God’s overall plan.
When trying to hear from God through the circumstances of life, we should not try to make a decision on one event or set of circumstances. Circumstances may or may not be God speaking to us. We should look at our life over a span of months or years. Jeremiah 29:11 indicates that God has a definite plan… “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future,” but it may take the people 70 years to get there. (We often miss that part when celebrating that verse.) When we look at our life over time we will be able to see what God has been doing. When the circumstances of life consistently line up over time with God’s overall plan it is possible that God is trying to speak through those circumstances.

Don’t allow circumstances to keep you from hearing or obeying God. Sometimes our circumstances may look gloomy, but we haven’t heard the truth of our circumstances until we have heard from God. Fear is a great tool of the enemy. The devil can use circumstances also to lead us away from God. This is where the Scripture and other people you trust can help you discern.

Ask God to show you His perspective on the circumstances.
“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” (Jeremiah 29:13 NIV) As followers of God we will spend our whole life trying to discern the will of God for our life; listening for His voice. Hearing from God is not always easy. When life is coming at us we cannot seem to understand what is going on, we shouldn’t be afraid to ask for clarification. We should feel free to ask, “God, what did you mean by that?” We don’t always hear what we want when we ask God for his direction, but so long as we do listen, confirm and act on what He has told us, He has a better plan for us than we could ever imagine.

God bless you and your families in all you do.


Exploring the Values at Home

This week we continue our exploration of Love and Hope by continuing to explore the Joseph story. We will look at how Joseph was able to bring hope and love to Egypt and his own family through carefully executing a plan that God had given him. In circle time this week we are learning what it means to pro-actively solve problems.




  • Why is it good to put on all the different hats when you are thinking about a solution to a problem?

  • What hat do different people in your family “put on” the most naturally?

  • How can your family help each other to put on the different hats?

Family challenge of the week:
Use the six thinking hats to solve a problem in your house. 

What’s Happening

CHEESE ROLLS – Thank you!

A big thank you to everyone who came along to help on Saturday. It was wonderful to see so many people pitching in and helping the school.  A special thank you to Nina Green for organising such a successful event.

School Cross Country
It was wonderful to see so many parents come along for the cross country last Friday. The winning team was Pukeko – congratulations to them.  A big thank you to Mr Pilgrim for co-ordinating the event, and all the teachers for working together to create a positive running experience for the children.

Mufti Day – Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who donated money to the children of Syria through last week’s mufti day.  We raised $127.
Sabrina and Daniel.

Informative morning teas – National Standards and Reporting
Come along to enjoy a cup of tea and cookie, and hear about National Standards and reporting, and how to understand them and use them to help your child.

Carpark Safety:
Please remember to drive at a safe speed when entering and exiting the school carpark, especially now as it is getting busier. It is safer if you follow the arrows up to the gate then turn right, instead of turning hard right when you enter. Thank you.

Health and Safety Check

We are committed to improving the Health and Safety aspects of our school.

One new initiative we have begun is to do a Health and Safety Check-in with the students each week to remind them of the Health and Safety aspects they need to be aware of. Each week we will place the topic in the newsletter too, so you are able to reinforce this at home.

In the past couple of weeks we have covered carpark safety, including not going into the carpark without an adult and using the pedestrian crossings once they are in the carpark.  We have also covered the need to play in the front part of the playground where there are duty teachers in sight.

Review –
When incidents unfortunately occur we go through a process to review what needs to change in order that it doesn’t occur again.
Recently we have reviewed Thursday lunch breaks and what happens to students that go to the office looking for help when Heather finishes early. As a result we have asked Monica, our lovely Teacher Aide, to stay for an extra hour on a Thursday to ensure there is someone in the office if students are needing help.

What’s Coming Up

40 hour famine
All money raised through the 40 hour famine can now be returned to the school office. Please make sure that all the money is in before the end of the term.

From the PCG

Second Hand Uniform Shop:
The Uniform Shop will be open to purchase or sell items, in the last week of term. Tuesday 5th July, from 9.15am till 10.45am. Please meet in the Foyer, in the Office.

Entertainment Books

Please keep promoting these among friends and family.

School Mum’s Bible Study:

Please talk to Cristene Trenuela-Chan (, Jacqueline Pieterse or Amy Steven (0212254653, if you are keen to be a part of this.

Meeting – TONIGHT
Come along tonight to get involved with the PCG. Please see Cristene for a copy of the agenda.


  • Wheels Day is on a Wednesday – children may bring any type of ‘wheels’ they choose.
  • Now that it is getting cold, students may like to wear black thermal tops under their polo shirts. Girls may like to wear black woollen stockings. Please name all items of clothing.
  • If your child brings anything home that is not theirs please return it to school.
  • Please check your child’s head for lice regularly, and please make sure that long hair is tied up at school.

House Buying or Selling through our RCS community

I will contribute $500 to the school when any family or friends of RCS looking at buying or selling their homes use my services, resulting in a list and sell through me.
Contact me anytime to discuss your real estate needs.

Details as below,

Kind Regards


Community Notices

Learn to Skate Programme:
Held each Sunday (weather permitting) at Clearview School. Email: for more information.

Encraftment Market: Sunday 3rd July, 10am-3pm:
A Winter Market with local designers and handmade products, over 90 stalls. Jewellery, toys, clothing, food, art and much more.
Website: for more information.

“Give your Dog a Job” Training: School Holidays
What jobs can your child teach their dog? Find out during the July School Holidays.
Come either the first or second week. Limited spots.
More information on: or email:


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