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Message from Staff

Kia ora RCS community,

As we arrive at the end of the term the teaching staff stop and assess ‘where to next’ for student learning.  Next term we are exploring Love and Excellence, with the over arching statement “God calls us to excel in Christ-like character through the way we love each other.”

As a staff we felt this was an excellent opportunity to explore ‘bullying’ with the students. as bullying does not have a place in the school culture we want to develop.  Bullying is a sensitive topic for many people, particularly if you were bullied as a child yourself. We have planned to explore bullying at three different levels, all of which the participation of families is essential.

Firstly, in Living Christianly we will be exploring the six of the ten commandments that relate to God’s expectations for how we treat others. We will be exploring these in relation to the life of King David in the Bible. This gives us the biblical foundation from which we understand God’s principles for positive relationships – honour your mother and father (and teachers!), be honest, don’t steal instead be generous, be a faithful friend, don’t be jealous of others and don’t harm others. We will inform you of which commandment we are covering each week so you can discuss these at home too.

Secondly, we will be exploring bullying through a health unit developed by the NZ Police called ‘Kia Kaha’. I encourage you to go onto the NZ Police website and explore the programme. You can go to the website by clicking here. This unit helps children to understand what bullying is, why bullying needs to be stopped, and what to do if bullying is happening. It also gives students the tools to set boundaries for positive relationships.

Thirdly, through our Circle Time Programme we will be working through the My Life Rulz programme.  This programme is designed to build emotional resilience in children, and give them the positive thinking patterns that help them to navigate life’s events. We strongly suggest that you purchase the family resource from the My Life Rulz Website and work through this as a family throughout the term with us – we will be doing one rule per week. If you wish to purchase one of these but are not in the financial position to do so please contact me directly so I can assist with this.

Lastly, we will be holding a parent evening early next term to discuss, as a community, the ways in which we all partner together to create a bully free, positive school environment.  This will be an excellent opportunity to discuss how the partnership between home and school can work effectively to achieve this as well. Keep an eye out for the date.

I am personally always thankful for the opportunity in the school holidays to stop and reflect, and then gather new momentum for the new term. Please pray for our staff as they take time to re-energise over the holidays.

I pray that you will all have the opportunity to make some lovely memories with your children over the school break, and I look forward to seeing you all next term.

Many blessings,

Liz Horn

Exploring the Values at Home

This week we are continuing to explore how forgiveness can bring hope. We are looking at the end of the Joseph story, where Joseph has to forgive his brothers for the things they did to him.


Has anyone in your family said sorry to another family member this week?
Is there something that has happened this week that you’d expect to hear sorry?
Who is the best person in your family at saying sorry?
What has been the best response you have received when you have said sorry to someone?

Family challenge of the week:
Apply for your Love or Hope award. Use the following questions to help guide your application:

  • What have you learnt about Hope this term?
  • In what ways have you grown in showing Hope this term?
  • How do you show Hope at school that demonstrates you have learnt about the meaning of Hope?
  • How do you show Hope at home?
  • How have others confirmed to you that you have demonstrated Hope? (certificates, class nominations etc)
  • Why do you think you should be awarded a Hope award?

What’s Happening

School Donations – Reminder
As a Board we budget on receiving  $50 donation from each child.  These donations allow for greater flexibility for us to purchase resources and hire personnel that enhance teaching and learning. The donation is also tax deductible – meaning you can claim one third of the amount back.  We would appreciate it if all those that are able could please give this donation.

Informative morning teas – Planning Topics for Next Term
Come along to enjoy a cup of tea and cookie, and share your ideas about what you would like to discuss at informative morning teas.

Hillview’s Christian Schools Junior Cross Country 
Thank you to all parents who have offered to transport students to the Hillview Cross Country tomorrow. If you child is competing and under 7 years of age please bring their car seat to school on Tuesday. 

Reports will be coming out for all Middle and Senior Hub students, and Junior Hub students that are in the middle or end of a 40 week cycle, at the end of this week. Please look out for these in your in-box.

Assembly this week
We will be having a full school Learning Celebration this Thursday morning at 9am. This will be instead of assembly. Please join us at 9am to celebrate the learning that has happened this term.

Assemblies next term – CHANGE OF TIME
We have made the decision to change our assembly time.  There will now just be the one Devotional Assembly on a Monday morning at 9am. School certificates will be given out at this time too now.  There will be a full school Learning Celebration at the end of the term for each hub to share their learning. We invite all parents to join us each week to share in this special time.

Whanau groups this week
Whanau groups will be having shared afternoon teas this Friday afternoon as a special treat to end the term together. If each family could please bring along a plate of food that is reasonably healthy and reflects your family’s culture that would be wonderful.

40 hour famine – All Money In By Friday Please
All money raised through the 40 hour famine can now be returned to the school office. Please make sure that all the money is in before the end of the term.

Health and Safety Check

Our Health and Safety Check with the students is around the way we move around the school.

I have reminded the children that we need to move around the school in different ways in order to keep ourselves and others safe.  It is important that inside we walk, while outside it is fine to run, skip and jump.  I have also reminded the children of the need to keep our learning spaces and the front of our school tidy and free of clutter, so we do not risk tripping over things.

Please encourage your child to make sensible choices when moving around the school grounds. I’m sure you have similar expectations in your homes too!

What’s Coming Up

Whanau Groups Next Term
Next term the whanau groups will be taking part in a lip sync competition.  If you have any skills in this area (costume design, dancing etc) then please see your child’s whanau group teacher to offer your help.

Library Bus
The Library Bus will now be coming to school every fortnight.  This will be on all the even weeks of the term. Please make sure your child has their card and library bag with them.

From the PCG

Second Hand Uniform Shop:

The Uniform Shop will be open to purchase or sell items, in the last week of term. Tuesday 5th July, from 9.15am till 10.45am. Please meet in the Foyer, in the Office.

Movie Night – Thank you!
Thanks to those that were able to make it to the movie night on Friday, it was wonderful to see so many people out.  A big thank you to Alan and Cristene for organising the event, and to Nicholas for providing the awesome sound gear.


SCHOOL UNIFORMS should we worn as prescribed in the Partnership Handbook – please send a note to school if this can not be achieved on a particular day.

  • If your child brings anything home that is not theirs please return it to school.
  • Please check your child’s head for lice regularly, and please make sure that long hair is tied up at school.

House Buying or Selling through our RCS community

I will contribute $500 to the school when any family or friends of RCS looking at buying or selling their homes use my services, resulting in a list and sell through me.
Contact me anytime to discuss your real estate needs.

Details as below,

Kind Regards


Community Notices

The Christchurch Brick Show 2016:
Saturday 16th July – Sunday 17th July, Horncastle Arena, Addington. $5 entry, kids under 2 free. The Christchurch Brick Show is back and is one of the biggest LEGO® events of its kind in NZ! The Exhibition will showcase fantastic LEGO® fan creations, and is aimed at LEGO® fans of all ages.

Singing and Instrumental Competition, Ashburton 27th August:
On behalf of the Ashburton Society of Performing Arts the competition is now open, entries close 22nd July. This competition is a great opportunity for performing artists and musicians ages 8 to 20+ years. For all entry forms and criteria, please see the office.

“Wide open spaces” – Parent Child Trip:
A tramp to encourage the relationship between parent and child, as well as your personal relationship with Christ!  This trip will include around 4 days along one of NZ’s beautiful tramping tracks, Bible studies and track talks facilitated by the guides, as well as lots of fun for everyone! Recommended for ages 10+. The cost includes, transport, gear and food. Ranging from $100 per person for 4 days to $150 for 6 days.
Contact Blair or Amy on 347 2241 or 


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