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RCS Newsletter  – Love and Peace – Week 9


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Message from Staff

Dear families,

The end of the year is coming around very quickly and we have been busily preparing for 2017.  The staff have been meeting to discuss the needs of the students, and making decisions about the learning foci for next year, while the Leadership Team have been meeting to discuss the numbers for next year and the impact this has on the way the school is structured.  We are really excited about what 2017 holds!

Our big focus for school improvement next year will be the implementation of our action-base inquiry model, LIGHTS, keep an eye out over the course of the year to develop a deeper understanding of what this means.  We will have parent evenings to help you build a better understanding and also how this has an impact on Home Learning.

As a staff we have decided that Peace will be our values focus for next year.  When we looked at the Graduate Attributes that we want for our children we felt that the attributes around Peace were the ones in most need of development by our current students.  These attributes are around self-regulation, restorative skills and attitudes, collaborative skills, and the mind-set for growing on the inside.  We will begin the year looking at what it means to be at peace within ourselves through understanding and regulating our emotions. We have the Life Ed bus with Harold the Giraffe, coming in Week 2 to help launch us into this learning.

In terms of the school structure next year the school will be slightly different.

Our Junior end of the school will only have Years 0-2 next year, but will still be taught collaboratively by three teachers.  Lynda Siave and Kendra Liggett will continue to teach in this space, and we are currently in the appointments process for a final member of this team.  Please keep this in your prayers.  Each teacher will have a ‘Kohanga’ (nest) group within the team.  Your child’s Kohanga teacher will be your primary point of contact.  Once we have finalised the last teacher for this team we will inform you of your child’s Kohanga teacher.  Meeting the children’s academic and social needs will continue to be a collaborative process for the three teachers.

The Upper end of the school will have students from years 3 – 8, and will be taught collaboratively by four teachers.  This means that all our current Year 2 children will also be moving into the Upper end of the school.  This team will also have kohanga groups.  These will be divided according to ages – Year 3, Year 4 & 5, and Years 6-8.  Dennis Marshall will be part of the teaching team but at this stage will not have a kohanga responsibility so he can focus on full school aspects. Mandy Cleave will be moving with the Junior Hub children to the Upper end of the school to provide consistency and relationship for those children. She will be the Kohanga teacher for the Year 3 students.  We have a new teacher, Mrs Gabby Nuthall, that will be joining us next year in this team.  She is a highly experienced teacher and has already begun to contribute to the school positively. She will be the kohanga teacher for the Year 4-5 group. We are extremely excited about her joining us in 2017!

Unfortunately, last week Amos Pilgrim was offered and has accepted a more senior position at Medbury School.  We are therefore looking for a replacement teacher and leader for the Year 6 – 8 kohanga. Please keep this in your prayers.  We will be sorry to see Amos leave but we are appreciative of all he has contributed to the school over the past two years and also the privilege of being part of his growth as an Educator and Leader.

We are excited about the increasing opportunities to collaboratively meet the needs of children across the school as we have seen real academic and social gains for students this year.

If you have any questions about these plans, please do not hesitate to ask.

Many blessings,
Liz Horn


Exploring the Values at Home

This term we are exploring Love and Peace.  We are looking at the skills and attitudes needed to restore relationships when they are broken through intentional and unintentional hurts. This week we are looking at ‘blaming and fixing’.  The children will explore what it means to fix a problem rather than blame others or themselves for a problem.


  • Why is it ok or even good to make mistakes?
  • How do you best learn from a mistake?
  • Why is it important not to blame others for problems and instead focus on solutions?
  • What does it mean to ‘fix’ a problem?

What’s Happening 

Book Fair – A BIG Thank you!!
A very big thank you to all those that helped with the Book Fair last week.  A percentage of all sales go towards the school so we now have $500 we are able to spend on resources for the children’s learning. Again – THANK YOU!

Junior Hub – Christmas Grotto and Margaret Mahy Playground visit
JH trip to the grotto and Margaret Mahy playground, Tuesday the 6th of December

  • All children must be in full RCS uniform including school hats and a warm jacket in case it turns cold
  • Have a large cut lunch and water bottle 
  • NO money, toys or devices to come (for the children)
  • We will be leaving school at 10:15am, arriving at SWBC Grotto at 11:00am. Leaving at 11:35am for MM playground. Leaving playground by 2:00pm at the latest. (times are approximate)
  • If you need to make contact with the group please ring Heather in the office and she will ring Mrs Siave to get a message through
  • Today the parent volunteers will receive a hard copy and email of the RAMS and Safety form, and their responsibilities for the day

Thanks to everyone for your support and help with the trip.

Middle and Senior Hub Camp
The children will be heading off to camp tomorrow. Please make sure you have thoroughly checked the gear list to ensure your child has everything they need.

Monday – A regular day at school.
Tuesday – Gardening Day – please send your children to school in gardening clothes, including suitable footwear.  If you are not working on Tuesday and would like to help out, you would be welcomed with open arms!
Wednesday – Picnic Day – we will be having a fun day in whanau groups.  Children can wear their regular uniform.  Bring shared food for a picnic with the whanau group.  All parents are welcome to attend and enjoy the day together.  Keep an eye out on Facebook in case of cancellation due to weather.
Thursday – Regular day during the day.  Prizegiving is on in the evening.  Please come along for a time of fellowship and a shared meal provided by the PCG at 5.45pm, then a special assembly at 6.30pm.
Friday – We finish school at 2pm on Friday.  We will be having a mufti day and Shenaye Rowe is organising to donate Christmas presents to children in need as part of her home learning.  Please bring a small present as your mufti payment.

Uniform – Donating second hand uniform 
The BOT and PCG would like to find ways to support families that need assistance with school related costs.  If you have any uniform items that you would like to donate to the school the PCG will sell these and all the money will go back towards supporting these families.

End of Year Clean up 
The end of year is coming up quickly and there are lots of jobs needing to be done.  If you have some spare time and would like to help with some organising and tidying then please see one of the staff.

Junior Reading Books – PLEASE RETURN
Please have a thorough look through your homes to make sure there are no Reading Books in your home. Each little reading book costs approximately $12, so it is important we take good care of these.  There will be no more reading books coming home this year, as we need to do an inventory of the books.  If you are able to help us with the inventory please see one of the junior teachers

“Feel Good Hampers for the people of Kaikoura” 
The Year 8 children at Middleton Grange are spending a day making Hampers for the people of Kaikoura. If you would like to help with this, there is a box in the office to donate items, such as:

  • Treats: chocolates, jams, lollies, crackers, chips, Christmas tarts, candy canes etc.
  • Small toys
  • Vouchers: petrol, supermarket, Warehouse
  • Scented candles or similar
  • These items need to be collected by 13th December. Thank you, Leigh

Health and Safety Check

Hayfever season

This Hayfever season is particularly bad due to lots of rain. If your child suffers from Hayfever, please make sure they have their medication in the mornings, and if they need to, please bring their medication to the office so they can take this when required.  Thank you.

What’s Coming Up

Beginning of 2017

  • The Office will be open for uniform purchasing etc on Monday 23 January: please phone to make an appointment  (9.00am – 3.00pm).
  • Teachers will be contactable via email from Tuesday 24 January.
  • School begins January 31st 2017, at 9.00am.

Stationery for 2017

  • Stationery lists for 2017 will be in the newsletter next week.
  • The full pack can be purchased directly from the Warehouse Stationery website or the Hornby store. We have looked into the options thoroughly and think this is the best option for parents to help with reducing costs.
  • If you have any questions please see Kendra.

From the PCG

Second Hand Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop will be open, on Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th December, from 9.00am to 10.00am and then from 3.00pm till 4.00pm. This will be set up in the classroom hub. Or you can purchase new uniforms from the office, during school hours.

Baby Baskets

We are wanting to bless people in the school community with a Baby Basket.  The PCG has purchased some items for this but we would also like to have additional items to put in.  If you have items that you have surplus from your own baby, such as wraps or nappies, and would like to donate these please see Kara Hunt or Nina Green.


Library Bus
The Library Bus will now be coming to school every fortnight.  This Term it will be on all the ODD weeks of the term. Please make sure your child has their card and library bag with them. You can return these books to the Rolleston Library if you are not able to bring them in time for the Mobile Library Bus.

School Lunches Online – will keep running until the last day. 

Please go to Lunch Online to set up an account and place an order.

Community Notices

Rolleston Warriors Rugby League   

2017 registrations now open. Become the founding players for the Rolleston Warriors and join now. Family discounts when registering more than one child and for those wishing to coach or manage a team. To register follow link on our website:  Find us on Facebook, Rolleston Rugby League-Selwyn District.

Selwyn Travel – Community Support Programme   

“Turn other people’s holidays into rewards for your school. RCS will benefit from staff, friends, neighbours and families of the school when they book their holidays through Elaine and Fiona at Selwyn Travel, a proud member of the Air New Zealand Travel Brokers Group. Once targets are achieved, Travel Vouchers will be provided and can be used in a variety of ways for RCS. Those booking the holidays will receive our personalised service, our full attention at all times, fast and friendly service – if they live local we will even personally deliver their travel documents to them. No need to leave home!”  Elaine Casey and Fiona Rowan – 347 4697, 021 757 486 or 

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