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Message from Staff

Effective communication is a topic that I ponder often. As a school it is exceptionally important to us that you have a good understanding of not only what we are doing with your children at school, but why.  In designing our newsletter, and other systems of communication, that was my key hope.

You may have noticed last week that I have started a blog. This is a new activity for me, and one that I hope will be beneficial to us all. My intention for writing the blog is that you will have an insight into what goes on in our classes and why we do things the way we do them. I also hope that it will be an encouragement to you as you journey with us in the education of your children. Please take the time to read it and pop in for a chat if you have any questions or queries.

Research has shown that the partnership between school and home is an important aspect of a positive education. At the heart of a partnership there needs to be trust. In our newsletters you will hear from a different member of staff each week. They will write about topics that reveal their desire to follow God’s will, their heart for children and the passion they have for education. We hope this will give you an insight into each of our staff members that builds trust and respect. We invite you to come and share your own heart with us too.

We will also feature the ongoing learning adventures of your children in our newsletters. Keep looking out for what your children have been up to in their classes.

Our website is designed to be a key component of our communication. The links at the top of our newsletter will take you to key aspects of our website that are most relevant that week, but keep your eye on other parts of the website too, as they might be helpful.

Many blessings,

Liz Horn

What’s Happening

Exploring our school culture
The students in the Middle Hub have been looking at the values that underpin our expectations for behaviour here at RCS. In groups, they have looked at each of the values and unpacked what this looks like here at school. They have created some wonderful displays that can be seen in the central space of the classroom block.
As you will have hopefully seen, these values are also the basis of our homework this term. These values are allowing us to set high expectations of behaviour for the students and a common language to discuss any behaviour that is not reflective of these values.




Whanau Group Learning
On a Friday afternoon we are doing our learning in Whanau Groups. These groups are a mixture of ages, and children from the same family are placed in the same group. Your child will remain in the same WhÄnau Group for the duration of their time at RCS. The project for Whanau learning this term is to decide on a name for their Whanau Group. The students are exploring the characteristics they would like their group to be known by, then are choosing a native plant or animal that reflects those qualities. We will then be creating wall displays that let others in the school community know something about the name they have chosen for their group and why.

What’s Coming Up

RCS Community Group Meeting at 7.30pm tonight!

Amos Pilgrim will join our teaching staff next Monday. We are looking forward to his arrival and trust everyone will make him feel very welcome.


  • You are welcome to join us for Full School Devotions first thing on a Monday morning, and our School Learning Celebration on a Friday at 12pm.
  • Prayer meetings will be held at 9am every Friday morning. Feel free to join us in prayer, or let us know if you have any prayer requests.
  • The Learning at Home Programme is up on our website (link above). Please explore this with your children.
  • The Partnership Handbook (link above) has lots of helpful information for you as parents.

Community Notices

  • This year the Burnham Chevaliers will be fielding an Under 6 team in the local Canterbury Rugby League Competition. Children must be born in 2009 or later. Trainings will be conducted in Burnham and Rolleston. Fee $30
    POC Tim Tuatini 021924736

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