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Rolleston Christian School Newsletter  – Happy Easter Everyone!


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Message from Staff – Amos Pilgrim

Kia Ora Rolleston Christian School parents, supporters and children.

I can’t believe that this is our last newsletter of Term One! Upon reflection this term has been a busy one with moving from the Scout Den to our new learning environment, to seeing relationships forming between students, teachers and parents, and of course our children being engaged in their learning! 

As a staff we know that we are only at the start of an exciting journey here at RCS and look forward to continuing to build upon the solid foundation we’ve set in Term 1. We also know there is a lot of hard work ahead and thank you all in advance for your support. Similar to the work ahead at RCS we look at all the things that still need improvement in our own lives and look for a source of strength. As I often do in times of needing inspiration I turn to the Word and in particular Philippians 4. 11 – 13 ‘Christ gives me strength to face anything.’ 

With Easter fast approaching and being so commercial, we as Christians need to be role models to our local communities and remind secular society Easter is Christ’s resurrection. We must remember that hot cross buns and Easter eggs are merely symbols of Jesus’ new life and resurrection not the reason for celebrating Easter. In all the hustle and bustle of our own lives and preparing for the holidays it is important to put Jesus at centre.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your on going support of Rolleston Christian School and wish you all a Christ centred, relaxing holiday break. The RCS staff look forward to seeing you all again on Monday 28th April for what will be another exciting term!

Amos Pilgrim

Middle Hub Team Leader

What’s Happening

RCS Community Group Meeting – TONIGHT
We have our second meeting for the RCS Community Group Meeting tonight at 7.30pm.  This meeting will be in order to establish a vision for the group and form sub-groups in order to achieve this vision. 

Production at Emmanuel Christian School – This Wednesday
 Thank you to all the parents that have offered to provide transport for this event, if you could get to school around 11.40am and come to the office so we can see that you have a current Warrant of Fitness and Drivers License, that would be great.
Important information for the trip:

All children under 7 need to BRING A BOOSTER SEAT.

The cost of the production is $2 per child, if you could send $2 to school and ask your child to bring it to the office that would be great.

The children will eat their lunch at the venue and we should be back at school by 3pm.

Mufti Day for final day of term – Thursday
Thursday is the final day of term. We will finish at the usual time of 3pm and will have a mufti day. For Mufti Day please bring a gold coin donation for the children of Vanuatu. We will have a End of Term Assembly at 12pm to celebrate the term and the children’s achievements.

Living Christianly Focus this week – Easter
With this week being the lead up to Easter the junior hub are focussing on the Easter story with your children.
Today began with the easter story from the children’s bible. There was a lot of discussion and wonderful questions about the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection.
As there are some fairly difficult concepts for children in this topic you may find your child has more questions for you at home.
We are really impressed with the depth of questioning and thinking that our children are producing this time.

What’s Coming Up

RCS Board Elections –  Now that our school is up and running we need to move from an Establishment Board of Trustees to a parent elected board. We have four positions to fill through this election. If you are keen to be involved in the development of our school at a governance level then please look at the following information here. Being a trustee is a rewarding and extremely important role. We need people who are passionate about developing a highly effective Christian school, and are willing to bring the gifts, skills and passions they have to the role. Nominations will open April 10 and close April 24.



  • If your children are starting to feel a little cold at school they may wear a black thermal underneath their polo-shirt. The girls can also wear black woollen stockings and the boys can start to wear long black socks.
  • If your child is late or not coming into school for the day, please contact the office, or phone the school and leave a message on the absentee extension.
  • You are welcome to join us for Full School Devotions first thing on a Monday morning.
  • The Learning at Home Programme is up on our website (link above). Please explore this with your children.

Community Notices

F.A.B. Club – (Fun And Bible)  School Holiday Programme

Wednesday 8th April to Friday 10th April

9.30am until 11.30am

At the Rolleston Community Centre

For children aged 5 to 12 years old

Free programme

Register on the day

Any enquires please phone: Courtney Forrest on 022 126 4182 or Heather Agnew 347 7125

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