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Message from Staff

Well, what an exciting first two weeks we have had. With great excitement, on the 4th February, we started Rolleston Christian School in the local Scout Hall. During these first few days in the hall we undertook a lot of ‘getting to know each other’ activities. There were lots of photos and video taken and we have a pretty good record of our first days of school. The opening day our new building on the Thursday the 12th of February was very special. We had arrived and we were all thrilled to be part of the history of Rolleston Christian School.

We’ve had a week in the new building now. It feels like we have been there for so much longer. We are all settled in and the routines are becoming established. As a staff we have been very grateful for all of your support. I was standing outside as everyone was arriving for school the other day. I had a sudden realisation of how blessed we were to have all of you as part of our RCS family. The success of the first two weeks is a result of the collaborative effort of: the Christian Schools Trust, the building team, the staff and all of you.  There is a real feeling of something special happening at our school. As a staff we really do appreciate your smiles, support and encouragement. We look forward to our partnership with you in helping shape your children into the great people they can be.

God bless all of you

Dennis Marshall
Deputy Principal

What’s Happening

The junior hub has got off to a fabulous start. Our time at the scout den meant we got a chance to get to know everybody in the school and form friendships. These friendships have carried over into school and I often spot our younger students seeking out the middle hub students in the playground for support. A nice example of whanaungatanga (connectedness, sense of family, belonging) at work.

Teaching and Learning began early on and this has helped we teachers begin to understand what levels of ability the children are at.  As in any learning environment we have a range and mix of abilities. The beauty of having 3 teachers looking out for all the students in the junior hub means we all put our heads together to come up with the best approaches to keeping our students challenged.

We are also loving meeting and greeting our parent community in the morning and afternoons. We appreciate this time to chat and hear your feedback. Thank you. Look out for ‘learning at home’ tasks next week. Please enjoy this time with your children. If it is not enjoyable, come and chat to us about that and together we’ll work out a way to make it so. I will leave you with something wonderful I heard recently: God often speaks to children and gives them a vision for the future. The key is not to let go of that vision as we get older and other things in our life get in the way!

Blessings from the junior hub team

What’s Coming Up

Prayer meetings – As a Christian school it is important to us that we are lifting our school and the school community up in prayer. We would like to invite anyone who is interested to join us on a Friday morning at 9am to pray.  If you have anything you would like this group to pray for, then please let us know.

RCS Community Group – The inaugural meeting of the RCS Community Group is to be held Monday March 2, 7.30pm at the school. The RCS Community Group will be a way for parents to be involved in the development of our school community. If you are interested in building a sense of community and assisting the school in our vision then please come along.


  • Please make sure all uniform items are labeled.
  • If you are able to help with book covering or organising then please pop in – we would love your help.
  • It might be a good idea to reinforce the buttons on your child’s poloshirt.

Community Notices

  • We have been approached by Linley Thomas, who is organising a large choir for the Anzac day parade. If you or your children are interested in being involved please see us for more details.
  • GEMS (Girls, Encouraging, Mentoring, Service) is a unique programme that seeks to help girls grow into young woman of character. For more information check out –

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