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Term 3 in the Junior Hub

Weeks 1 and 2: Junior Hub

Kiaora te whanau

The term started with some changes in the Junior Hub timetable. After an inspiring time at the Christian schools conference at the end of last term I decided to put in place something that has been on my heart for a while.

Explore time is beginning each day from 8:30am-9:15am. It is an opportunity for our children to have a gentle ease into the day with an opportunity to explore numeracy, literacy, thinking skills and fine motor skills before launching into the more formal part of the day.

A quote from NZ teacher: 2015 “ Want me to be a critical, creative and innovative thinker? Then let me play!”

“Play contributes positivity to a child’s sense of wellbeing … it enhances a child’s memory skills, develops their language skills, helps regulate their behaviour , advances their social skill and encourages academic learning to take place”.

The teachers get a chance to engage with the children in a relaxed atmosphere and connect with them before the day gets into its busy period. Some children find the separation from their parents difficult at the beginning of the day and this seems to ease the anxiety for them.

Please feel free to stay a little longer (even if it is just until the 9 o’clock bell) and play with the children.

If you’d like to view the timetable and the weeks collaborative plan have a look on the end of the green rooms cupboards.

Would you like to help at school?

If you think this is for you then let me know if you can help at either of the following times during the week:   

Kendra is currently making a timetable that will be on the window by the main entrance to the hubs. Sign your name in the available spaces if you’re keen:)

Thank you to everyone who attended the “3 way conferences” last week. What a blessing it is to share the progress of your children with you! Don’t be alarmed if you haven’t had one yet, we will catch up with the new children at their 20 week anniversary with a report and conference. Meanwhile remember you are always welcome to discuss your child’s learning casually after school or make an appointment for a more in-depth discussion.

One of the best things about our education system has to be the development of working in partnership. Parents and teacher working together to shape the lives of our children.

In Living christianly we are looking at our school value “Kaitiakitanga” being good guardians of our earth. Last week we looked at Louis Giglio’s video ‘indescribable’. If you want to be ‘wowed’ about how amazing our creator is then this is a must to watch! I noticed our year 2/3 boys were particularly into this!

‘Zero waste’ is our topic for Theme based learning.

How can you help at home? Talk about waste and how your family can make a difference at home.

A little gem: Play ‘Snakes and ladders’  with your children. Read this article below to find out the amazing skills that can be learned in this simple traditional game!

Blessings, Lynda:)


Thinking games


Collaboration between age levels

Learning to take turns and strategise at the same time.