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Term 4 begins in the Junior hub…

Kiaora te whanau… here we go! Hold onto your hats, term 4 is here and it is going to be a fast and furious ride towards the end of our first ever year at RCS.

What can you expect in the junior hub this term…

1. Swimming (weeks 1-5)!

  • Name those clothes
  • Provide healthy nutritious food to keep energy levels up
  • Remember to dry togs and towels at the end of each swimming day
  • Remember to bring togs every day that swimming is on
  • REST and relax after school… your child will be extra tired

2. Home learning

  • Reading:  A poem or book will come home everyday. Read the reading books that come home with your child, practice sight words, talk about the stories being read
  • Writing: Spelling words or alphabet to learn will be in the notebooks or book bags
  • Maths: Look out for maths tasks for older  junior hub children. Keep talking about maths at home (see my previous blog).
  • Check out the home learning button on this website for extra

3. PE

  • Athletics ( run, jump and throw) training starts after swimming. An athletics day is planned for further down the track.

4. Health

  • Keeping ourselves safe is our Theme based learning this term. Look out for emails and meetings to do with this in the first few weeks of the term.

5. Maths

  • Geometry is the unit we will all be looking at geometry in our groups for the first two weeks of this term. Ask your children what they learned in maths today.

6.  Living Christianly

  • Focus: Rangatiratanga & Hauora …Making good choices for our physical, spiritual, mental and social well-being
  • We will be looking at the stories about Daniel to understand God’s perspective on the above theme.

Daniel 12:3 NIV “Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever”.

Hats and sunscreen:

  • Hats need to be worn outside now and it’s a good idea to pop some sunscreen on your children’s faces, arms and legs before school and provide some at school so it can be reapplied. Have those hats and sunscreen well named too:)

Welcome: Lexi-Bella and Aurora who join us this term.Welcome to the RCS family:)