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Message from Staff

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Term 2. A term where we focus on Peace and Love.

I was having a discussion with a good friend who teaches in Wellington over the holidays and she was sharing her personal philosophy on the two things every parent needs to focus on with their children.  Her view is that if children have good manners and a sense of empathy then other aspects of their lives will fall into place.

Empathy is such an important character trait.  I was watching the news late last term and saw a video of some awful bullying occurring at a high school.  It struck me as I watched this video that things can go very badly when children don’t develop a sense of empathy.

I am currently reading a leadership book that suggests that the root of most interpersonal conflict, both small and large, comes from people looking at another person as an object rather than as a person, just like them.  The book teaches that as leaders – whether in management, a teacher or a parent it is important that the people we lead know that we see them as people, not as objects.  I feel this is even more important in a Christian context as we don’t just need to see others as people but we need to see them as precious people of God’s creation.

This term as we explore Restorative Skills in our circle time programme I think it is important that parents understand that the reason we choose to follow a restorative approach is because the skills, attitudes and processes related to it result in children having a more matured sense of empathy.  The majority of ways people in general ‘misbehave’ results in someone being hurt.  As we develop a stronger sense of empathy we are less likely to make a choice that will hurt others, particularly as we develop a greater sense of awareness for the impact our own actions have on others.  Developing restorative skills and attitudes is not a quick fix type of approach – it takes time and effort for both the children and all the adults in their lives, but is very much worth the effort if we can develop children to become leaders, colleagues, parents etc that see others as people.  That would truly bring Light to our world!

A few years ago I felt I was being bullied unfairly by a co-worker. I felt like God reminded me of the scripture to pray for those who persecute you.  I had never particularly liked that scripture as I felt like I was supposed to ask God to pour out blessings on a person who was being mean – didn’t seem very fair to me!  What I felt God taught me though was that happy, content people don’t general feel the need to hurt others, so if someone is being unwarrantably mean there must be something going on for them that is causing that – so pray into that. God can heal and restore.

We look forward to working with you this term to develop empathy and restorative skills in your children.



Whanau Group Time Change 

This will now be 11.45am on Fridays. This term in Whanau Groups our children will be designing our Kapa Haka Uniforms.


RCS Winter School Uniform: (Term 2 & 3)
Polar Fleece, Polo Shirt, Shorts/Skort or Pants, black socks, black shoes.
Children can wear black thermal tops under their polo shirts, black stockings/black winter woolen socks and black rain jackets.

Enrolment 2018

Do you have any pre-schoolers turning 5 in 2018? Please let us know as we need to include these in our 2018 roll projection to avoid disappointments.


Welcome to RCS! 

New Entrants – Carly Green, Isabella Campbell, James Cavanagh, Moon Liu
Year 1 – Olivia Deighton
Year 2 – Trinity Nortje, Elice Prue
Year 4 – Emily Deighton

Farewell, you will be missed!
Sabrina Officer


Facebook Page 
Reminder to follow our Rolleston Christian School Facebook page and join the Rolleston Christian School – Parent & Staff group for parent communication.LunchOnline – Wednesday & Fridays

* Monday
– Library Bus (fortnightly)
* Wednesday
– Wheels Day

* Thursday
–  Uniform Sales Hours – 9-3pm please make an appointment
– Kapa Haka

* Friday
– 9am Devotional Assembly
– 11.45am Whanau Group Time
– 1.30pm Senior Sports

What’s Coming Up

Cultural Week Yr 3-8

As an introduction to our Cultural Based LIGHTS learning in Term 2, Years 3-8 will be having a Cultural Shared lunch this Thursday 4th May. Have a chat with your child about your culture and what food they can contribute that reflects this. If your child has a cultural outfit we would encourage them to bring this and wear it in our LIGHTS session (12noon) before lunch (1pm) on that day. We look forward to celebrating culture with your child.Welcome/Information Evening 18th May 7pm
A welcome and informative evening for new families will be held on 18 May, 7pm at RCS. Those who could not attend Term 1’s session, this is your opportunity to hear this. We highly encourage attendance for all families, kindly RSVP to

Information Session – New Zealand Education System 8th June 6pm
This is a session for families new to the NZ education system. Please mark it in your diary!

Parent Literacy Session  8 June 7pm
Learn to teach your children how to appreciate books and develop general literacy skills.

From the PCG

Entertainment Books
The PCG will be selling The Entertainment Book again this year.  The link below allows you to buy the book all around the country, so please share it with friends and family. The school receives $13 for each book sold. There is a example book in the office foyer.PCG Box
There is a wooden box in the office foyer for anyone to place any anonymous prayer request, messages, suggestions, questions or information on people in need of meals. Please take advantage of this.

Informative Afternoon Teas
Information sessions have begun again! We have moved to an afternoon slot to enable Liz Horn to be present and it will happen three times a term rather than every week. Our first one is happening on Tuesday 16th May, 2-3pm. The topic is  how to understand school reports.
These days school reports look a whole lot different from when we were at school. There are different words used, and graphs too! It is really helpful to have them explained a bit. Some children have just had their first report at the end of last term, and others will have them sent out at the end of this term. Please bring any questions you have,  and pre-schoolers are welcome.

Community Notices

Active After School Programme
An initiative that provides primary school children with access to sport and other structured physical activity programs in the after-school time slot.

Term 2 information: Tuesdays 2 May – 20 June; 3.30pm-4pm: 5-7yrs old; 4pm-4.30pm: 8-10yrs old; Cost: $20pp (8 sessions); Venue: Lemonwood Grove Primary Gym Parents or Caregivers must be present. More info click here

Gymnastics with Flips and Tumbles for 5-7 years old. For more information click here

ASB School Banking
Encouraging children to save is still really important to ASB and myself.  Whilst we move more into a digital world it is still very important children understand positive savings behaviours and how money gets to their account.

Kylie Rochford
School Account Manager

021 270 3583 mobile

RCS provides our school children this opportunity. Enquire in the office for more information.  Click here for Term 2 Savings tips

MHERC Workshops (in collaboration with the Selwyn Parenting Network)Springston: will be holding a workshop called Resilient Kids, Resilient Teens at the Springston Domain Pavilion on the 4th May 6.30-8.30pm. Presented by Paula Partingdon and aims to present information to parents which will enable them to develop increased understanding, and use skills which come from this with their children and adolescents to build resilience manage challenging behaviours, and resolve relational conflicts including bullying. The workshop is predominantly in a lecture format, but will also include discussion both in larger and potentially smaller groups. We will also be holding this course in Darfield in June/July. For more info click here

Rolleston College Information Eveningsclick here for more info


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