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Week 7 Newsletter


Coming up This Week:

Week 7 Must Knows

Monday – RCS Cross Country

Tuesday – Miss Horn & Mrs Nuthall away on a course

Friday – Alison Mooney – Pushing the Buttons talk, Rolleston College

Week 8 Must Knows

– Library Bus
– PCG Meeting 7-9pm

Sunday – What Now Live Audience

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Message from Staff

Kia ora,

In Te KÄkano, as part of our LIGHTS program, we are looking at MÄori culture. As part of this we have been exploring the different cultures in our school and what makes them special and unique. The children have really enjoyed exploring this subject. It is wonderful that we have so many different cultures in our school and the children get a chance to share their culture with their peers.

Coming up, for our Go For It stage, we will be celebrating Matariki. It is the MÄori new year and this year it is on Sunday 25 June. Matariki is the MÄori name given to the cluster of seven stars also known as the Pleiades star cluster or the seven sisters. Traditionally, Matariki was thought to determine the new seasons crop depending on the visibility of the stars. It was a time for families to get together and reflect on the past and the future. It was also a time for feasting, singing and dancing. We will be celebrating Matariki in week 9.

In Living Christianly we have been exploring the topic of forgiveness. In the last four weeks our focus has been on “Jesus offers us a way to put things right when we have wronged him.†We have talked about how we need to ask for forgiveness when we have done wrong and how we can put things right. This is a big, important topic for us in Te KÄkano. It is something that does not come easily to us and I have been amazed with the effort our little children have put into this subject and are trying their best to make peaceful choices by asking for forgiveness and making things right when needed. You may like to explore this further at home by asking your children what they have learnt and encouraging them to apply that knowledge in their interactions with others.

Psalm 86:5 “You are forgiving and good, O Lord, abounding in love to all who call to You.â€


Emily Langridge


Welcome to RCS
Matthew CrumpBirthdays this Week

Rudi Vaessler
Amber Collishaw
Isabella Tait

Dental Van

The Dental Van has had some ‘problems’ and are running behind.  They are going to another school next week for 2 weeks, so all going well, they should be coming to RCS on 26th June.

Winter Pants

They are here! They will be ready for collection and payment from Thursday 15th June.


A reminder please that school donations are an important aspect of operations.  Although school donations aren’t compulsory they do allow for more flexibility in the budget, allowing us to provide more for your children.  School donations go to the BOT, while your Attendance Dues go directly to the Christian Schools Trust to cover the cost of the land and buildings. If you haven’t paid your donation yet we appreciate you carefully considering if you are able to.

Swimming Costs
There are a number of outstanding Swimming Costs.  Swimming lessons are subsidised through grants but these do not cover the cost entirely.  Swimming is part of the curriculum and we would never want a child to miss out on this due to money, but it is greatly appreciated when those that can afford to pay the $30 do pay. If you have not yet paid for your child’s swimming and you are in a position to do so we would appreciate your prompt action with this.

Getting to school on time
Please remember to arrive at school prior to 8.55am.  The children start their ‘formal learning time’ at this point, so are missing out on learning if they are not at school on time.  Both hubs have learning activities for the children to do from 8.30am so it is advised you make the most of this time too. Please also advise the office if your child will be absent for the day, if you are taking them out early, or if they arrive late to school; so that they are marked correctly in our school roll.

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Weekly Schedule
* Monday – Library Bus (fortnightly)

* Wednesday – Wheels Day; LunchOnline

* Thursday – Kapa Haka
* Friday – 9am Devotional Assembly -11.45am,  Whanau Group Time,  -1.30pm Senior Sports, LunchOnline


VisTab is an easy to use sign-in, sign-out tablet system used by many NZ and Australian organisations and we would like to have this service available at our office for Health and Safety reasons. There is a substantial set up cost and ongoing fee to have this system. We are wondering if you may know of a business who may like to sponsor this system, in return there will be an advertising opportunity for them. For more information of this product see

What’s Coming Up

THIS FRIDAY – STILL SOME TICKETS AVAILABLE IN THE OFFICEAlison Mooney – Pressing the Right Buttons – 16th June 7-8pm – FREE EVENT – Limited Tickets

Are you being driven nuts by someone who can’t make up their mind? Or exasperated by someone’s need to get it perfect, every time! Perhaps you have a “Show Pony” in your life, that keeps horsing around, even before they talk! Or are you feeling short changed when the most “outspoken” person gets what they want every time. But in reality, those “weird’ people that you want to sort out, are the very same people who want to sort you out.  Perhaps they’re not ‘weird’, but just ‘wired’ in a certain way.

Alison will share with you:

  • The 4 personality types of people that you know.
  • The importance of understanding and respecting each others differences.
  • Alison’s talk “Pressing The Right Buttons† will make you laugh as you learn more about yourself, your friends, your family and your work mates.

Tickets available in RCS school office. 

From the PCG

Entertainment Books
The PCG will be selling The Entertainment Book again this year.  The link below allows you to buy the book all around the country, so please share it with friends and family. The school receives $13 for each book sold. There is a example book in the office foyer.PCG Box
There is a wooden box in the office foyer for anyone to place any anonymous prayer request, messages, suggestions, questions or information on people in need of meals. Please take advantage of this.

Food Forest Community Event
Please keep 1st July open for a fun day with our RCS family. This day will be filled with fun games, activities and great prizes. More information closer to the time.

Community Notices

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