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What’s up in the Junior Hub?



Hello again!

It’s hard to believe yet another fortnight has passed since my last blog. The junior hub has continued to be very industrious. You might notice your  little ones being very tired at the end of the school day. If so, make time in the weekend to just chill out and relax.

Recent research says ‘Effective teachers provide students with opportunities to work both independently and collaboratively to make sense of ideas’. Some of the ways we’ve been doing this in the junior hub is…

  • pairing younger and older students to read together
  • pairing students to plan and then write a story together
  • grouping students with similar abilities in maths
  • providing time for working independently when the teacher works with other students

Ever heard the saying “let me teach you so I learn”? I recently came across a blog where the children had to teach a robot how to write. The class had great success when they had to think about how they were thinking! This approach seems to reinforce learning if we can justify our reasons for doing things the way we do. So how about trying this at home? Get your child to teach you what they’re learning. Ask: “How did you do that”?

In living Christianly we are continuing to look at how we all belong in God’s family and that he wants us to be His hands and feet on earth.  Last week we talked about our gifts and talents. At home, take the opportunity to talk about this with your child too. What do they think their gifts are and how can those gifts be used for the good of the kingdom?

Wishing you all a  great week ahead and hopefully an extra days rest on the Queen’s birthday!