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Parent Information

Our Partnership Handbook

Our Partnership Handbook is the first point of call for parents and caregivers to understand how things work at RCS. Your concerns or complaints are very important to us, so we can ensure we are working with you as positively as possible. The process for raising a concern or complaint is found in this handbook.

School and Whanau Partnership Handbook 2016


As a state-integrated school we charge a compulsory attendance due in order to cover the costs of the property and buildings. There are scholarships available if you choose to apply. You are also welcome to make a voluntary donation, if you choose, as this will allow us greater flexibility when purchasing curriculum resources to provide a strong education for your children.

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School Term Dates

2017 School Term Dates

Term 1 starts: Tuesday 31 January

Term 1 finishes: Thursday 13 April

Term 2 starts: Monday 1 May

Teacher Only Day: Friday 2 June – No School

Queens Birthday: Monday 5 June – No School

Term 2 finishes: Friday 7 July

Term 3 starts: Monday 24 July

Term 3 finishes: Friday 29 September

Term 4 starts: Monday 16 October

Labour Day: Monday 23 October – No School

Show Day: Friday 17 November – No School

Teacher Only Day: Monday 20 November – No School

Term 4 ends: Tuesday 19 December, 2pm

Together we worship God with our lives.

Policies and Procedures

Staff Handbook. We have our Staff Handbook online because we believe it is important for parents to have an understanding of the expectations we, as a school, have of staff. This will help parents to develop a healthy educational partnership with school staff.

Staff Handbook – January 2016


Governance Handbook. We have our Governance Handbook online so that our full school community can see the expectations of our school Trustees, and also the Annual Plan for each year. We hold ourselves accountable to the goals, success indicators and actions outlined in our Annual Plan, as we continue to work hard to build the best school we can.

RCS_Board Governance Manual 2016 – Updated charter version

Christ-like, creative, critical thinkers


Ways To Get Involved

Rolleston Christian School Parent Community Group

We have a Parent Community Group that supports the school community in a number of ways.  If you are keen to be involved with this group contact the Staff Rep, Kendra Liggett, on, or touch base with our Chairperson, Alan Whitmore.

PCG Mission Statement:

As a group we are here to bring glory to God as together we grow a school community that equips, encourages and supports each other to be a blessing to the community.


This year the PCG will be running a community building event each term – look out for the fun events advertised in the school newsletter and come along to connect with other members of our school community. If you are keen to be involved in the organisation of these events please see Alan Whitmore.

The PCG will be running termly fundraisers.  In Term 1 we will be selling The Entertainment Book – so start promoting this amongst friends and family now. After the great success we had with cheese rolls last year we will be holding one production day this year in Term 2, which we need everyone to help with. We also need people to collect as many orders as possible.

We will also be running the Mystery Bottle stand at the Rolleston Fireworks again. Your support with providing bottles throughout the year is much appreciated – watch out for the Bottle Bringing Mufti Days! If you have other fundraising ideas or would like to be a part of the fundraising team, get in touch with Nina Green.

The group will also support the school with initiatives such as the 40 hour famine, the development of the food forest and the Scholastic Book Fair.

Prayer Group

We have a prayer group the gets together every Wednesday morning. We believe that prayer is a vital part in creating a God-honouring learning community and are eager to have as many people as possible involved. See Rebekah Wain for details.

Food Forest

During 2016 the students developed the idea of having a food forest at our school, and then the parent community worked together with the children to see this become a reality.  This year we need volunteers to see this space continue to develop.  The children will work on the space during their whanau group learning times on a Friday afternoon and it would be fantastic if those of you with ‘green fingers’, and some time on your hands, could come along and help out. There are other jobs that can be done outside of school time, so please come and see us if this interests you. The children also have dreams of having a gazebo and a little bridge, so if you have building skills these would also be great!


Reading Mileage

Reading Mileage is a wonderful way to contribute to the school if you have 30 minutes a week or so you can donate to helping out our students.  Reading Mileage is simply listening to students read one-to-one.  For many of our children, this extra session of reading with an adult can really help to boost their reading achievement.  Please come and see us at the Office if this interests you.

Classroom Assistance

We always love to have parents come along and help out in classes as this enhances the education of all our students.  Please see your child’s teacher if  you would like to volunteer.


Helping to put books away or organising teaching resources helps to relieve teachers of certain pressures, allowing them to spend more time focussing on the planning and preparation of teaching and learning. If you are happy to spend some time during the week helping out in this way then please see Cristene in the office.


Christ-like, creative, critical thinkers



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Together we worship God with our lives.