Rolleston Christian School

Through our faith we HELP bring light to the world.

About Our School

Our Purpose

Rolleston’s state-integrated Christian School


Rolleston Christian School is an established state-integrated primary school for children in years one to eight, opened in February 2015. The current buildings will accommodate up to 300 children. A state-integrated school is a state school with a special character. The day to day running expenses of the school are paid for by the Ministry of Education and we are held to the same forms of accountability as a regular state school. We have also entitled to the specialist advisors and programmes the Ministry of Education provides. The Christian Schools Trust provides the land and buildings, and they are the guardians of the special character. The Christian Schools Trust is also the proprietor of Middleton Grange School, Aidanfield Christian School and Ashburton Christian School.

Mission Statement

“Rolleston Christian School assists families in the education of their children by providing a quality Christian environment in which the Biblical truths of Jesus Christ are taught and lived, developing each child’s character and God-given gifts and abilities to their full potential.”


Christ-like, creative, critical learners, bringing light to the world.

Our Values Statement

Through our faith, we HELP (Hope, Excellence, Love and Peace) bring light to our world.

Christ-like, creative, critical learners bringing light to the world

Educational Beliefs

Nurturing environments + shining lights

At Rolleston Christian School we know that children flourish when they are immersed in a loving and supportive environment. We also believe that children can be the bearers of hope and joy. We will employ staff who have a genuine love for children and a passion for seeing them develop as they take up the challenge of being channels of God’s love, experiencing His goodness and faithfulness as they do so.

Unique individuals + strong community

At Rolleston Christian School we firmly believe that each individual student is a precious gift from God, made uniquely in His image. We also believe that God designed humans to work and flourish in community. We will help your children develop as the unique and gifted individuals that God has created them to be. We will also foster the skills and attitudes within each child that enable them to work positively and collaboratively within a community.

New Zealand curriculum + special character

The New Zealand curriculum allows individual schools to reflect the values and interests of their particular community. When it is taught from a Christian perspective it not only equips children academically, but it also gives them God’s hope and truth, allowing them to flourish in every area of life.

Explicit teaching + authentic contexts

We know that children need explicit teaching for their individual needs, especially in the foundational subjects, but we also want to ensure that our graduates are equipped to succeed in today’s dynamic, changing world. Teachers working collaboratively will attend to each individual child’s learning needs, involve them in meaningful projects that boost literacy and numeracy, and help them develop a facility for collaboration, creativity, communication and critical thinking.

Involved families + dedicated professionals

Research shows that the relationship between family and school has a significant impact on a child’s educational outcomes. We will work with you to ensure that the hopes and dreams you have for your children can be accomplished through the strong foundation they gain at Rolleston Christian School.

Christ-like character + empowered children

We believe that God has created each and every person with strengths and talents that will allow them to make a unique contribution to the world, but we also believe that we are equipped to do this as we grow closer to Jesus, as our Lord and Saviour, and develop a strength of character that reflects His character. At Rolleston Christian School we will create an environment that allows children to explore the gifts and talents God has given them and empowers them to make their unique contribution from a young age.

Through our faith we HELP bring Light to the world


At Rolleston Christian School there is a strong focus on students developing the foundational skills for reading, writing, maths and thinking. We incorporate proven teaching practices and innovative approaches that enhance educational outcomes. We encourage the use of technology as a teaching and learning tool, and the school provides e-learning devices for students. We implement the wider curriculum in a manner that not only teaches students facts and figures, but also passes on the skills for learning, and for putting their learning into practice.

The School Curriculum Document is based on the New Zealand Curriculum and our Special Character.  The curriculum is designed to allow students to reach our vision for ‘Christ-like, creative, critical-learners bringing light to the world’, and is based on our four core values of;

  • Hope
  • Excellence
  • Love
  • Peace

Please take a look through our curriculum by clicking this link, in order to build an understanding of the teaching and learning programme at Rolleston Christian School.

Christ-like, creative, critical learners bringing light to the world

Educational Pathways

Rolleston Christian School has been established to serve the Rolleston community, so it is intended primarily for local children. We are a part of the education network in the Selwyn district and are also part of the Christian Education Network. If you choose to embrace Christian schooling for the entirety of your child’s education, we have an educational pathway to Middleton Grange School for our Year 8 students.  You will still need to apply to Middleton Grange School and meet their preference requirements to be accepted.

Through our faith we HELP bring Light to the world

Rolleston Christian School Board


Rolleston Christian School Board  2022-2025


Liz Coyle


Parent Representative:

Richard Reynolds (Presiding member)

Elena Blair

Christopher Gregg

Christine Trenuela-Chan


Proprietor Appointee:

Chris Hannen

Suzanne Tennant

Paul Saunders


Staff Representative:

Polu Luatua


Board Secretary:

Tracey Kennedy


Code of Conduct


Christ-like, creative, critical learners bringing light to the world

Through our faith we HELP bring Light to the world



Christ-like, creative, critical learners bringing light to the world



Our uniform is designed to be child-friendly, while still creating a sense of whanaungatanga (belonging), and can be purchased through the school office.

We are currently transitioning to a new style uniform, the photos will be loaded soon.

Please contact –  with any enquires and to make a uniform booking.


Items for sale are…

Polo Shirt – $35.00

Shorts (boys) – $35.00

Skort (girls) – $35.00

Jacket – $80.00

Hat – $22.00

PE Shirt – $40.00

Winter Pants (Unisex – Optional) – $70.00

Plain black shoes are to be worn with the set uniform items, along with plain black socks or stockings During winter a plain black thermal top can be worn underneath the polo shirt.



Through our faith we HELP bring Light to the world

Before and After School Care

We have an independent company, Kea Kids, who run before and after-school care on-site. Before school care is available from 7.15am and after-school care runs until 6pm. They provide an excellent service that is enjoyed by RCS students.

You can contact Kea Kids for further information on email

Christ-like, creative, critical learners bringing light to the world

Facility Hire

Our facilities are available for hire outside of regular school hours. It is important to realise though that we do not have a school hall. The photos below give you an insight into our flexible learning spaces with large open spaces and a large kitchen facility. If you are interested in hiring our facilities please contact the school office via email or phone (03) 550 2653.

IMG_0455 (Large)

IMG_0465 (Large) IMG_0497 (Large)